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Reveri App Review: Cost, Does It Really Work? [2024]

Reveri App Review: Cost, Does It Really Work? [2024]

Reveri App Review: Sleeping and Relaxation is a quite important aspect of a healthy human being. Sleep deprivation is not at all good for overall human health. Hence there are many apps which provide aid for sleep deprivation. 

Reveri App is one of the apps which provide aids to solve your insomnia up to an extent. Before Reveri App was free of cost to use, but now with the updated version Reveri App has paid version for remedies for insomnia. 

In this article, we are going to talk about Reveri Hypnosis App Review and what the app is, how it works, costing of the app with its key highlights to note down. By the end of the article, we will see if the Reveri App really works or not. 

What is the Reveri app?

Reveri App is one the self-hypnosis app which helps you control your body well. You can have access to many self-hypnosis sessions to cover a range of problems like stress, insomnia, focus, eating habits and much more. 

The app offers small sessions which help you build concentration and self-control. The app offers self-hypnosis sessions to quit smoking, eat well, enhance focus, improve sleep and much more. 

The app is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store to download. To know more about the app, check here

Reveri App Review

How does it work? 

The app has a homepage with quick navigation to start your self-hypnosis sessions. You will see the menu for quick relief where you will have access to the solutions such as focus and control, personal growth, mind and body, challenges, etc. 

It offers hypnosis audio sessions to sink your mind in. The app also has different tests so you can take the test, and answer according to your symptoms and it will show you how hypnotizable you are. 

The app is created and co-founded by Dr David Speigel who has a psychiatrist profession for over 45 years of clinical and research experience. Hence the app is power-packed with scientific tools and research to trust with. 

Riveri also supports activity feed, where you can check your progress and track your new healthier habits for eating, problem-solving etc. 

Cost of Reveri App

The cost of the Reveri App depends on the sessions you choose. The membership plan is divided among monthly, yearly and lifetime bases. The costings are different as per region, profession etc. 

In short, here we have divided different plans and prices according to month, year and lifetime base. 

Monthly Plans:

  • Monthly Plan 1- $14.99
  • Monthly Plan 2- $11.99

Yearly Plans:

  • Yearly Plan 1- $99.99
  • Yearly Plan 2- $49.99
  • Yearly Plan 3- $69.99

Lifetime Plans:

  • Lifetime Plan 1- $99.99
  • Lifetime Plan 2- $249.99
  • Lifetime Plan 3- $124.99
  • Lifetime Plan 4- $299.99 

To know about the pricing of the Reveri App, check here

Key Highlights 

  • The app works for self-hypnosis therapy to solve problems like insomnia, eating disorders, stress and much more. 
  • It offers small exercises to build strong concentration and build focus muscles. 
  • You can choose the hypnotic minute out of your day for daily practice. 
  • All the sessions available for you are guided by Dr Spiegle.
  • It is a safe app to use, with self-hypnosis it still keeps you in control with easy question-answering and podcast sessions. 
  • You can choose the sessions out of two options- Listening or Interacting.
  • You can track down your progress and build new habits with a calendar track within the app. 

Reveri App: Is it legit? 

According to Reddit Users, Reveri App is said to be a self-hypnosis app which helps you treat your challenges with small hypnotherapy sessions and exercises. 

As per the reviews given on Reddit, we can observe that the app is said to be too fast for giving instructions. Users are finding it difficult to match the speed pace of the podcasts and instructed exercises. 

The reviews were negative on the piercing listed. Users noted that there are plenty of free apps which offer the same services compared to the Reveri App. In short, Reveri is a legit app and safe app but a little pricey. 


Here, we come to an end to the article of Reveri Hypnosis App Review which reflects on what the app is, how it works, what are their key features etc. 

We saw how the app can help you reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia with self-hypnosis sessions. It is backed by science and hence it can be trusted. But the results can vary from person to person and depends on how you use it. 

Few users may observe changes in their key problems while using the app and others may not see any changes in their problems. Hence you should consult your doctor if your health problems are getting serious. 

Download Reveri App


Is the Reveri app free?

No. With the update in the Reveri App, it is no longer free and now comes with monthly, yearly and lifetime subscriptions. 

Who created the Reveri app?

Dr David Spiegel, M.D. created Reveri Hypnosis App. 

Are hypnotherapy Apps Safe?

Some of them are generally safe, but only trust the apps which are scientifically tested. 

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