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No BS Active App Review: Pros & Cons, Is it Legit? [2024]

No BS Active App Review: Pros & Cons, Is it Legit? [2024]

No BS Active App Review: Among the several working out apps available on the net, it is extremely hard to pick one especially when you are required to pay for the services without getting the free trial in most cases.

On top of that, if you are a beginner you must be more careful since most of the working out apps don't give clear instructions to beginners although their working out sessions are for every level. In this case, if you were looking for a working-out app that adheres to all the aforementioned points then you must have crossed paths with the No BS active app.

So, is the No BS active app Legit? Is the No BS active app worth your time and money? And more questions might have invaded your mind. But, you don’t have to worry about these issues anymore as in the article below we have mentioned a detailed No BS active app review which will give you all the answers you need and help you decide if the app is worth a shot or not.

What’s No BS Active App?

No BS active app is a fitness and lifestyle program to enhance the shape and size of bodies by Jessica Powell and Whitney Thore. 

It does not matter if you are an experienced workout athlete or just a beginner who knows nothing about working out or becoming healthy, the workout videos available at the No BS active app can help you in any form and condition you are currently in.

At the No BS active app, in return for a few bucks as a monthly subscription, you will get 5 workout videos uploaded weekly. The videos will contain several modifications with clear-cut instructions for different levels of working out.

In simple words, with the No BS active app, you can celebrate the success of your body for increasing strength, confidence and stamina and improve every nook and corner of your body in every manner.

No BS Active App Review

Pricing and Plans

The monthly subscription plan of the No BS Active app will cost $19.99 per month or $199.99 per year and will include:

  • 5 new stretch sessions per month.
  • 10 new medications per month.
  • 25 new workout sessions per month.
  • 1 live hangout per month.
  • 1 live workout session per month.
  • Access to all the content (of stretch and exercise tutorials) released since the start of the No BS Active app included in an extensive library.

If you want to opt for the additional purchase, the package will include a mini confidence course, dance breaks with Todd and Whitney and more fresh content released monthly. 

How does No BS Active work?

You will have to start by creating an account on the app, logging into your account and then opting for the subscription plan. Once you have paid for the subscription plan, you will be given access to all the videos and the app’s library. 

Since the library can help you filter out the first-level videos for a beginner, you can start slowly and increase your stamina first, then strength and lastly, confidence. 

And based on your progress and the videos you have viewed, the app will start recommending videos per week and you can follow the plan and work out regularly according to it.

So, pull out some time from your daily routine, the morning time is highly recommended. All the videos are around 25 minutes and you can always take breaks in the middle whenever you want, stay hydrated and get back to working out. 

To conclude, using the No BS active app is not a big deal and after you become a paid member, all you have to do is get yourself some space to workout, at least half an hour of your day and that is it, you are all ready to get fit and fine.

Key Highlights

  • Fresh Content 

The app gets updated with new videos weekly. Every week the duo of Whitney and Jessica upload five videos compulsory focusing on different topics and enhancements to the body. Along with this, you will also get one bonus video which might contain the working out session or something different yet important in a workout. 

  • For All Levels

Even if it is your very first time doing a workout, the No BS Active app has enough sessions and clear instructions to guide you through the path and become an expert in working out regularly.

  • Access to a Big Library 

After you become a member of the No BS Active app, you’ll access to the complete fitness and lifestyle program of the app and all the content released from the debut of the app. You can view any video you want, repeat the same video or skip it accordingly. 

Pros and Cons


  • The stretch, exercise and other videos are categorised systematically which means you won’t be lost finding the video you want.
  • You can connect the Chromecast with the app and view the sessions on your TV for a better experience.
  • The bonus videos bring different things every week like it can have special stretch outs or simple exercises to be done for the face, fingers, and more delicate parts of the body.


  • The app requires updates frequently and might glitch or show bugs quite a few times. 

Is No BS Active App Legit? Does No BS Active App really work? 

Based on the customer reviews, the No BS Active app is 100% legit and it really works. As you might have assumed, working out needs dedication, motivation and effort along with a bit of time, No BS active app will definitely work if you are ready to involve yourself with the aforesaid aspects. And you will start noticing changes in your body soon.

In most of the customer reviews we have seen, users have highly pointed out the highlights like the clear instructions given by the app and the people in videos, the systematic schedule of 5 videos per week, all the other content released on time, the overall performance of the app and the real changes users have seen in their bodies. 

In the end, it is crystal clear that the No BS Active app works only for those who are determined to change the shape of their bodies along with their minds. 

Final Words 

The above-mentioned No BS active app review had all the information you needed to decide whether the app is actually helpful for you or is a mere waste of time. So, with this, we have completed our No BS active app review.

Frequently asked Questions 

Does No BS active have an app?

Yes. No BS active is actually an app that helps you get fit and fine by doing daily workouts with Whitney and Jessica, the instructors in the video sessions available at the No BS active app. 

How long are No BS active app workouts?

Almost all the work out videos available at No BS active app are around 25 minutes.

Is No BS active still in business? 

Yes, the No BS active app is still in business.