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Peanut App Review: Pros And Cons, Is it Legit? [2024]

Peanut App Review: Pros And Cons, Is it Legit? [2024]

Peanut App Review: Engaging over 2.5 million users across the world, the Peanut app has been connecting women from different countries and states to support each other throughout some important stages of life like pregnancy or motherhood.

And being one among the current mothers, we are assuming even you have heard about the Peanut app but are not sure if the app is really helpful or just a waste of time. 

If you are one of them, we have good news for you – we have presented a detailed Peanut App Review in the article below to give you a good idea of how the Peanut app works and whether it is actually helpful.

What is the Peanut App?

The Peanut app is a platform where moms can discover new things with women nearby who are living the similar stage of life as them. It is a community building for the next generation of socializing on certain principles like empathy, care and collectivism. 

So, joining the Peanut app community will help you meet people with similar interests who are ready to share awareness and receive your help. 

Moreover, it gives you access to its community members who are allowed to share information and offer their valuable advice through real-life experiences on topics such as motherhood, pregnancy, fertility and menopause.

Peanut App Review

How does the Peanut App Work?

To start with, download the app and create an account. Once you have logged in to your account, the Peanut app will ask for your children’s age and gender. The rest of the registration process requires your personal information which is easy.

In the next step, you’ll have to choose any three icons that speak the best about your personality as a mother. Few of the options you will get include – Dr. Google, Crafty, Strictly Organic, Mom Boss, Routine Queen, Hot Mess, and Fashion Killer. 

Step three will involve you creating a bio about yourself and your children along with uploading a few pictures on your profile. After you have successfully added your interests and preferences, your profile is completed. 

Next, the Peanut app will match you up with dozens of moms based on your geographical filters, similar interests and profiles. And with the usual swiping feature, you can swipe up and down and decide which mom to get in touch with.

Once you found a mom that suits your tastes, you can contact her through messages or video chat. Besides, you can also have a look at her profile and view the individual and group posts on her feed to know her more. 

Talking about different groups in the community, they vary according to diverse factors like phases of parenthood, such as TTC which stands for trying-to-conceive, post-pregnancy, moms of toddlers, twins, teens, common interests, hobbies, preschoolers, and pregnancy.

However, if you cannot find an answer to your question in the community or group you are in, then you can use the search feature in the app to look for a specific post, topic or answer regarding different parenting queries. Furthermore, you can also share your personal experiences and real-life stories to support and motivate other moms within the community.

Peanut App Pricing and Plans

The Peanut app is free to download and use but if you wish to try additional features like waves for pregnant women then you will have to pay for them accordingly.

What’s Good about the Peanut app?

  • Groups

If talking with individual moms is not your style, then you can join support groups and communities that share similar interests as you. You can always leave a community and re-join according to your liking. 

  • Share Real and Fresh Information 

If you are facing some issues with parenting, you can get in touch with a mom within a few minutes and ask for fresh advice from their real-life experiences. You can also share advice for various topics such as breastfeeding, getting pregnant, baby development, ovulation, parenting and many more.

  • Ease of Use

It does not require you to be entirely aware of how the new generation technology works. With basic information on how to run an app, you can navigate around the Peanut app, discover new things, engage with the community members and help out and receive help easily. 

  • Meet Moms of your Area

With the help of the app’s geographical location filter, you can connect with moms who live in your area and if you get along well with them online, then you can also think about meeting each other offline and share some quality moms’ time.

What’s Bad about the Peanut App?

  • Low Activeness

If you are living in an area where people are not using the Peanut app then you are going to find it extremely hard to find a mom in your area. You can get along with moms online but meeting them in real life when they are in different states or countries is merely impossible.

  • Several Bugs and Glitches

According to the reviews of some users, the Peanut app seems to glitch every once in a while and is filled with bugs that take days and months to be kicked out of the app. Although the working of the app is smooth mostly, because of these glitches and bugs, the maintenance of the app is poor. 

  • No-bullying Policy Lacking 

Not all but quite a good set of users have experienced bullying on the Peanut app. Even when the Peanut app has a Zero-bullying policy, based on the reviews of users, the policy seems to be lacking.

Is the Peanut App Legit?

Yes, the Peanut app is 100% legit. Based on the customer reviews and recognition of the app by some renowned names like VOGUE, Fortune, WWDC17, The New Your Times, and BBC – it is clear that the Peanut app is useful for moms who are living different emotional stages of parenting and pregnancy.

Final Words: Peanut App Review 

We hope our Peanut review was able to give you all the answers and helped you decided whether it is suitable for you or is a mere waste of time.

Frequently asked Questions 

Is the Peanut App Safe?

Yes, the Peanut app has received a majority of positive responses from users stating that it is a safe platform for moms to come together and support each other in important stages of parenting and pregnancy. But, they were a handful of users who faced bullying on the platform so you must still be aware. 

Is Peanut app only for mothers?

No. You can join the community if you are a pregnant woman or a woman with children or someone who is trying to conceive.

How much does the Peanut app cost?

The Peanut app is 100% free to download and use all the services. It does not cost a single penny to any user.