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6 Best KudoBoard Alternatives You’ll Love! [2024]

6 Best KudoBoard Alternatives You’ll Love! [2024]

KudoBoard Alternatives: Have you been using the Kudoboard website for online gifts and cards for a while but are not fully satisfied with its services? Or Maybe it is the Working of the website that you do not like?

About KudoBoard

KudoBoard  is one of the finest insider review team’s default websites for birthday surprises. It is a virtual bulletin board consisting of photos, messages and other things that share memories. 

Although KudoBoard  acts as an ultimate online shop for e-cards and virtual gifts, if you are still not satisfied with the services you can always search for better KudoBoard  alternatives.

Do you want to know which are the best KudoBoard  alternatives that also offer free services to some extent? Then you must read a list of the best sites like KudoBoard  mentioned in the below article.


KudoBoard Alternatives 

GroupTogether allows users to send virtual gifts and cards. You can create a collection within 2 minutes and invite your friends, family or colleagues through text, WhatsApp or email. It is one of the best KudoBoard  alternatives because it is easy to use and has a stable website.

You have to start by creating your group. You can then proceed to invite different people through various ways. The website offers multiple gifts and E-gift cards from well-known retail partners. 

H&M, the good plant co. Adore beauty, Betta home living, Angus and Coote diamond and watch specialist, edible blooms, the life of color, the beauty and spa gift card, bonds, forever new, Apple. 

French Connection, Amazon, Priceline, nine West, Witchery, isubscribe, Adrenaline, Country Road, Sephora, IKEA, Sheridan, Sunglass hut, barbecues Galore, Freedom, seed Heritage, Xbox, Ticketmaster and more brands are included in their partner’s list.

Key Highlights 

  • Their Website is user-friendly.
  • They offer a huge list of options for brands to choose gifts from.
  • The website offers assistance and guidance to help users choose the best gift for a special someone.

Pricing: The prices of the gift will be saved as their MRP in the market currently without additions or options. On top of that, you will have to pay for the taxes and shipping according to your location.


Sendwishonline KudoBoard Alternatives

Sendwishonline offers free group greeting cards and ecards. It is known as the No 1 platform for creating your free office group cards. You get to start group E cards for different occasions such as farewells, retirement, birthdays, etc.

It is one of the best KudoBoard  alternatives because it offers similar services and its website is easy to use and understand. You get to send virtual group greeting cards which are signed by multiple co-workers or by all the teammates.

Users can create free happy birthday GIF cards, funny birthday images, candle cakes and much more. They get to choose from a wide range of options. 

Toronto Pearson, Accenture, Amazon, cloudlex, Philips, ScotiaBank, Union Bank and Airbnb are a few of the brands Sendwishonline has collaborated with. 

Key Highlights

  • The app offers free Ecards along with advanced scheduling and music.
  • It is done as the perfect website for remote teams and corporate offices.
  • The website allows you to preview the demo card to help you understand how it works.
  • The brand is trusted by over 1 million users from across the world.
  • It offers over Rs.5000 e-cards for free.

Pricing: The website offers a good bunch of free stuff for all the users without any limits. But for the paid product, their cards start from $1.99 per card.

Group Greeting

Group Greeting KudoBoard Alternatives

Group Greeting is a website that offers group cards for offices. You can create group cards for office purposes which can be signed by multiple people, and insured by all the members of the group. You only require 60 seconds, one minute to create a group card.

It is one of the best KudoBoard  alternatives because you can invite others to sign, add photos, create different types of office birthday cards and do a good bunch of things within a few minutes. 

As office workers have other things to take care of, using this app will make the person feel special and your time will be saved too. You can skip a trip to the store.

Key Highlights

  • The website is easy to use.

Pricing: A single group card will cost you $4.99. However, if you wish to opt for different pricing and annual plans then below is the list of plans offered by the brand,

  1. Sprout – this plan will cost you $42 and is billed annually. It includes 10 cards.
  2. Sapling – this plan will cost you $93 and is billed annually. It includes 25 cards and four additional features.
  3. Grove – this plan will cost you $174 and is billed annually. It contains 50 cards and four additional features.
  4. Forest – this plan will cost you $299 and is billed annually. It contains a hundred cards and comes with four additional features.

If you have an idea for a custom plan, they also offer an option for requesting a custom plan.


Ellacard KudoBoard Alternatives

Ellacard is an internet-based shop that allows you to send cards and videos to employees. Otherwise, you can make use of the brand to add to reach to engage with your customers or donors. It is known as the best online shop for who knows, birthdays, thanks and more.

It is one of the best KudoBoard  alternatives because its website is super easy to handle. Users can customize groups and greeting cards. Ellacard is one of the best choices for those who wish to collaborate and create something special for their employees.

Key Highlights

  • They offer a huge variety of options to choose from.
  • You can opt for a sample before going for the real item.
  • They have greeting cards for anniversaries, babies, birthdays, condolences, congratulations, farewell, just because, get well, retirement, thank you, welcomes and weddings.

Pricing: you are allowed to send one card to a maximum of 25 recipients through text or email for free of charge. However, if the number of recipients increases, $1 per recipient will be charged.

Group Greets

Group Greets KudoBoard Alternatives

Group Greets allow you to send meaningful, multimedia and memorable we-cards. It helps you make the occasion extra special by dazzling the senses and warm hearts. With a few easy steps, you can create your record and send it to the special one.

It is one of the best Kodu board alternatives. You can start by choosing the occasional and adjusting the default designs. You get to customize and create a group card within only one minute.

Key Highlights

  • The website allows you to create 9-movie-like greeting experiences without additional effort.
  • They have all the ready-made projects which can save your time.
  • The app offers a good set of features from well-known video editing apps like Adobe after effects, iMovie, PowerPoint, etc.

Pricing: every group greeting card cost $4.99 excluding taxes. You also need to pay the delivery fees according to your location.


KudoBoard Alternatives

Open Me is an internet-based shop that helps users to create e-cards for email and Facebook. The brand has the best and e-cards available to send via email and Facebook. 

You can create or customize the ready-made e-card according to your preferences and send it to your friends, family, colleagues or anyone else.

Key Highlights

  • E-cards or free and group cards or paid.
  • You can select your card by different categories like upcoming holiday labour Day, nature, awesome birthday Ecards, food or funny.
  • The brand has been recognised by CNN, People, CBS, Us and a few other well-known brands.

Pricing: all the digital cards from the Open Me website are free to send to unlimited people.

Final Thoughts

Although the KudoBoard  website has a good variety of cards, is easy to use and offers services at reasonable rates, if you still do not feel satisfied you can always have a look at the KudoBoard  alternatives mentioned above.

All of them offer services at reasonable prices and free stuff too. They are trusted platforms with thousands of customers from different parts of the world.

We hope by reading our list of best KudoBoard  alternatives, you now have a vast sea of choices to choose the best from.

Frequently asked Questions 

What is similar to KudoBoard ?

Ellacard, Group Greets, Sendwishonline and Group Greeting are a few of the best card websites similar to KudoBoard . The majority of the aforementioned brands offer free cards and a huge list of options to choose the best from. They also offer customisable ecards and ready-made ones in case you do not have enough time to edit.

Which are the KudoBoard alternatives free?

Open Me is one of the best KudoBoard  alternatives if you are looking for free guards. While it offers a huge range of options to choose from, all the cars already made which can save your time and are free of cost. You can send ecards via emails or text messages to 1, 5 or a big group.