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Is Imax 70mm Worth It? [Reviewed 2024]

Is Imax 70mm Worth It? [Reviewed 2024]

Is Imax 70mm Worth It?: When you are ready to hit the theater's first show for a first date for a guaranteed good movie, you also make sure that the theater you’re choosing is the best and the type of projection is also quite important to have a better experience.

Similarly, since the release of Oppenheimer starring the charming Christopher Nolan, people are more than just hype. For the same, many are considering the IMAX 70mm thinking if it’s worth the expensive ticket – even if they get the bad seats, like right in front of the screen or very close to the walls. 

So, are you also considering the same and Is Imax 70mm Worth It? If you’re confused, then don’t worry because this article contains a proper review of IMAX 70mm and if it's worth watching Oppenheimer in IMAX 70mm – even if you have a bad seat. 

What is Imax 70mm?

IMAX 70mm is an advanced and probably the most expensive film by IMAX that offers a larger 35 MM film. Instead of running vertically, like any other standard projection, the 70mm screen runs horizontally with the purpose of creating a bigger view for users sitting anywhere in the theater.

Moreover, one experiences an awe-inspiring resolution, supporting as much as 18,000 lines per picture height along with a tenfold boost compared to the usual 35 MM film. 


As you might have already known, the average price for an IMAX ticket will cost you an average of around $19 USD, which is clearly higher than the average price of other standard theatres, which cost around $9.5 USD. 

However, that’s legit not the spotlighted part because the prices for IMAX 70mm tickets are going way too high – purposely teasing the regular moviegoers.

For instance, for Oppenheimer, we saw an ad charging a ticket $175 on Twitter, and similar prices fluctuate depending on the days you are going and which theater you are choosing. 

Pros & Cons


  • You get about 8.3 times larger format than the usual standard format for not only IMAX but other theatres too.
  • Getting a ticket for IMAX 70mm is most important, irrespective of whether you got the seating.
  • The 70mm film gives a wider high-resolution meter for motion pictures – best shown in the 3-D format. 


  • The prices for tickets are tenfold, irrespective of when you go and which movie you choose. 
  • It’s quite hard to get a hold of IMAX 70mm tickets because they are instantly sold out in most cases, and only 30 IMAX theatres have 70mm films worldwide.

Is Imax 70mm Worth It?

An absolute yes to that! With all the experiences we came across, it’s certain that the IMAX 70mm is worth the price and the process you have to go through to buy tickets for a good seat before it’s all sold out. 

Since the projection is over 2x larger than the vertical projection, movies, including more action, fantasy, and such scenes are a complete success – including the great quality sound and other functions of the IMAX 70mm theatre overall. 

Should You Watch Oppenheimer in IMAX?

Yes, with all the reviews we have seen on the Internet about watching Oppenheimer in IMAX, especially IMAX 70mm, there was barely a review that stated negatively about the experience.

The highlight of the reviews was that – since the IMAX 70mm projector runs horizontally, the quality of the film, although in HD quality, was clearly enhanced and it certainly didn’t matter where you were seated. 

Apart from that, the experience at IMAX 70mm, with the successful and great movies like Oppenheimer, was only satisfying, with the most advantages to the ones seated in good seats, of course. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about IMAX 70mm?

The special highlight of IMAX 70mm is that the projector runs horizontally, which creates an area about 8.3 times larger than the usual 35 MM format. It’s about 3.4 times bigger than the 70mm film run vertically.

Do all IMAX theatres have 70mm?

No, unfortunately, only 30 IMAX locations across the globe hold the ability to play the 600-pound IMAX 70mm reel.