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Is Cinemark Movie Club Worth It? [Reviewed 2024]

Is Cinemark Movie Club Worth It? [Reviewed 2024]

Is Cinemark Movie Club Worth It?: If you have found yourself enjoying films only — or mostly, in theaters, then you’ll definitely be searching for some additional advantages and experiences to get a better experience at your favorite theater – and so, the Cinemark Movie Club is here for the same. 

As you might’ve already guessed, Cinemark Movie Club is by Cinemark theaters – and is a paid membership plan, a part of Cinemark movie rewards that offers you additional benefits. 

If you already know about Cinemark Movie Club, then you might be at least a bit interested in it, but, Is Cinemark Movie Club Worth It? Will you be able to enjoy all its benefits and have a satisfying experience? To know the answers to these questions, continue reading this article. 

What is Cinemark Movie Club?

Cinemark Movie Club is a popular paid monthly membership program. It is a part of Cinemark movie rewards that comes with guaranteed benefits available for movie fun members as well.

With Cinemark Movie Club, you can enhance your experience at Cinemark theaters, save with over 10% discounts, get a ticket that can roll over if unused, and also share benefits with family and friends.  

Is Cinemark Movie Club Worth It


The Cinemark Movie Club is a paid membership and will cost you $9.99 per month, exclusive of relevant taxes and fees. 

Before that, if you are not so sure about the membership, then you can also join the Cinemark Movie Club free trial, which includes one free movie and ticket credit every month. This opportunity is good for one adult in 2D format — irrespective of any movie at any time.

Also, unused credit will roll over and it will not have an expiry date if you become a member, and as long as you stay a member. 

Benefits of Cinemark Movie Club

Concession Deals

Cinemark Movie Club members are guaranteed to receive a 20% discount on all types of concessions with every visit, without fail.

One Ticket Per Month

The Cinemark Movie Club gives one ticket per month that can roll over if left unaccustomed – in case you weren’t able to visit theaters in that month. 

Share With Others

The ticket and other benefits of the Cinemark Movie Club can be shared with your friends and family without any issue.

Reduce Online Fees

We all are aware that online movie fees are also expensive, but with Cinemark Movie Club benefits, you can easily reduce the online fees – and can also ditch them at times. 

Are There Any Cinemark Movie Club Promo Codes?

Yes, the Cinemark Movie Club has monthly promo codes that help you save 20% on concessions, and you can also reduce the online fees – or can entirely ditch them on occasion. Overall, it is definitely a good way to save on tickets and concessions. 

Is Cinemark Movie Club Worth It?

According to the reviews we found on the Internet, they say that Cinemark Movie Club is worth it — as long as you are sure that you are going to hit the theaters at least twice or more in a month – because then only you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the club entirely. 

No extra rewards, but the rewards and benefits included with the Cinemark Movie Club membership is enough to satisfy a person who is looking for an advanced movie experience with Cinemark.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are points for in Cinemark Movie Club?

Cinemark Movie Club is a loyalty program where every member will get one point for one dollar spent at Cinemark theaters. These points can be redeemed for several rewards, including movie swag, concession deals, and movie tickets.