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4 Top MoviePass Alternative & Apps like MoviePass [2024]

4 Top MoviePass Alternative & Apps like MoviePass [2024]

MoviePass Alternatives: MoviePass is an American-based subscription movie ticket retailer which allows its subscribers to buy a movie ticket per day in exchange for a monthly fee. You can choose any theater and watch movies throughout the month. 

MoviePass had a unique idea of offering 30/31 movie tickets at one monthly fee. However, since the arrival of new generation theater chains like AMC, Regal Cinemas, Cinemark, etc, MoviePass is certainly outdated. 

If you also feel the same and are currently searching for good MoviePass alternatives, then fortunately, we have a list of the 4 top MoviePass alternatives and apps like MoviePass mentioned in the article right below!

List of MoviePass Alternatives:

1. AMC Stubs A-List 

AMC Stubs A-List MoviePass Alternative

AMC Stubs A-List is a popular part of the AMC Theatres chain. As expected, it gives you some outstanding premium benefits in exchange for a flat monthly fee. 

With AMC Stubs A-List, there are no blackout dates and you can watch 3 movies every week. You can choose to watch your favorite actor's movie thrice in one day or visit the theater to watch it regularly for three days.

Also, it doesn’t matter if you love Dolby Cinema for its sound quality or IMAX for its 3D projector functions because — the premium benefits by AMC Stubs A-List allow you to watch the movie from any theater chain in any format, amazing, isn’t it?

Price: $19.95 per month, exclusive of taxes.


  • A-List Entourage — the A-List Entourage benefit makes it easiest to reserve tickets for yourself, as well as for other A-Listers. 
  • Choose any Format and Cinema — there is no limitation as to what format and cinema you have to watch the movie in. You could choose 2D Digital or Dolby Cinema, even PRIME and RealD 3D are options along with more.
  • Free reservations — you can reserve a ticket online or at the box office free of charge as soon as the tickets are out. Also, you can hold 3 reservations at once. 
  • Premium Perks — AMC has complementary advantages for all A-Listers where they can enjoy free-size upgrades on drinks and popcorn. Also, you get to be in the priority lane at the box office or concessions, and get 10% back on food purchases.

2. Cinemark Movie Club 

Cinemark Movie Club Apps like MoviePass

Cinemark Movie Club is a monthly membership program for all movie lovers. With this membership, you get one ticket per month along with a good set of premium benefits – all for a flat monthly fee.

Cinemark Movie Club has some really interesting benefits for users. You can watch any 2D movie with your Cinemark Movie Club membership pass while saying a big no to all the hefty taxes and convenience fees with online reservations.

Price: $9.99 per month, and applicable taxes that body according to billing ZIP Code.


  • 20% off on concessions — One of the top benefits of the Cinemark movie club for monthly subscribers is a 20% discount offer on all concessions.
  • Waived Online Fee — you’ll get rid of the online fees whenever buying a ticket for any format and at any Cinemark Cinema. 
  • Share benefits — you get to share certain benefits with friends, cousins, and family members and enjoy outstanding movie experiences in 2D. 

3. Regal Unlimited

Regal Unlimited

Regal Unlimited is a movie subscription service, an unlimited movie subscription pass enabling passionate movie fans to watch as many movies as they want – in exchange for a flat monthly fee or yearly fee. 

Regal Unlimited offers free subscription plans with a good amount of benefits. It offers monthly as well as yearly payments and the subscribers get to enter the Regal Crown Club.

Additionally, it gives you access to watch your favorite movies in hundreds of theaters across the US along with premium perks like a birthday bonus. Some free food and drinks also come along – and let’s not forget about its 10% discount offer on non-alcoholic drinks. 

Price: following or their subscription plans offered by Regal Unlimited:

  • Regal Unlimited – $18.99 per month or $227.88 per year
  • Regal Unlimited Plus – $21.99 per month or $263.88 per year
  • Regal Unlimited All Access – $23.99 per month or $287.88 per year


  • Over 400 theaters — Even if you take the first or second subscription plan, you’ll get to visit any theater from over 400 theaters in the US. Also, the number only increases to over 450 theaters if you go for the third plan. 
  • Low fees — this benefit is not only applicable when you're buying tickets online, but for all the other purchases you make with Regal Unlimited.
  • 10% discount offer — you get a compulsory 10% discount on all food items and non-alcoholic drink purchases, along with a free set of popcorn and soft drink. 
  • Birthday promotional offers — You get a birthday gift from Regal Unlimited – a small popcorn as a birthday bonus for as long as you’re a subscribed member. 

4. Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass

Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass
Try Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass

Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass is another good alternative to MoviePass where with one pass – you get to watch all the movies out there!

The Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass is an all-season pass where you’ll be paying for a monthly subscription plan to unlock some premium benefits with Alamo Drafthouse. 

Moreover, it offers a good bunch of benefits: where you get to watch unlimited movies — one movie per day, buy the tickets in advance — days prior to getting them before they’re all sold out, and more promotional offers and ticket discounts are unlocked. 

Price: Following are the subscription plans offered for Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass:

  • Big boat subscription plan – $16.99 per month
  • Bigger boat subscription plan – $19.99 per month
  • Biggest boat subscription plan – $29.99 per month

For updated and detailed information about its pricing and plans, you can visit its pricing and plan page here.


  • Ticket discounts – Every subscription plan comes with a ticket discount where you’ll get a discount on regular ticket purchases. For example, you get a $5 discount with the big goat subscription. 
  • Tickets available in advance – all the tickets will be available for you 7 days in advance so that you can buy the tickets for hyped movies before they’re sold out. 
  • Unlimited watch – you can watch unlimited movies whenever you want, using your pass once regularly. 
  • Purchase companion tickets – you can purchase additional tickets during checkout. 

Final Words 

MoviePass was indeed a good choice, but with the latest trends and needs – the above list of MoviePass alternatives is what you need to have a pleasurable movie experience.

Also, the above-mentioned list contains only top MoviePass alternatives, offering premium benefits. Like – imagine abandoning the online ticket taxes and fees for once and all – and getting cash backs and discount offers on food and beverages whenever you visit the cinema!

That is from our side, and we hope our article has helped you understand which of the above-mentioned MoviePass alternatives is a good choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there anything like MoviePass?

Cinemark Movie Club, AMC Studs A-List, Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass, and Regal Unlimited are the only good alternatives to MoviePass. 

Who were MoviePass competitors?

Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass, AMC Studs A-List, Cinemark Movie Club, and Regal Unlimited are the main MoviePass competitors.