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Planet Fitness vs Blink Fitness: Which is Better Gym? [2024]

Planet Fitness vs Blink Fitness: Which is Better Gym? [2024]

Planet Fitness vs Blink Fitness: Blink fitness and planet fitness are two of the popular gym chains that offer affordable membership plans with a lot of similarities in case of amenities they offer, equipment, and other services.

Though both are amazing, which gym offers better value for money? And how do they work? What are their membership plans?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, bingo! In the article below, we have given a detailed Planet Fitness vs Blink Fitness comparison to help you decide which can be better for you. So, keep on reading!

Planet Fitness vs Blink Fitness: Overview

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is a fitness center that has around 2,400 clubs, thus making it one of the largest fitness club franchises by location and the number of members.

It is primarily known for its low-cost membership that gives access to a wide range of strength training and cardio equipment, including personal training, group fitness classes, and training services.

Planet Fitness is known as the ‘Judgment Free Zone’ that is targeted at the average user than the bodybuilder type of fitness enthusiast.

And there is one unique feature called ‘Lunk Alarm’ which is a loud siren that sounds when someone drops weights, grunts, or otherwise acts in a manner that is considered troublesome to others.

Planet Fitness vs Blink Fitness

Blink Fitness

Blink Fitness is another chain of fitness centers with over 100 locations and is known for its modern and colorful design aesthetics.

It offers a wide range of cardio and strength training equipment along with functional training areas with equipment like TRX bands, battle ropes, and kettlebells.

Blink is owned by Equinox, one of the finest high-end gyms across the world, but unlike its parent company, Blink has an affordable membership. And though Blink doesn’t offer a ton of amenities, it does offer a fun, motivating workout experience for its members.

Furthermore, it also offers wellness programs and resources like mental health and nutrition coaching support.

Blink Fitness vs Planet Fitness

How Do They Work?

Planet Fitness

To get started with Planet Fitness, all you need to do is to download the app and create an account. Then find out various on-demand workouts for all fitness levels and workout styles.

You can access all your membership details in one place and view how many members are at your club before you go. From no-equipment strength to treadmill workouts, their trainers will keep you motivated in the home or at gym.

Moreover, you’ll also find equipment and exercise tutorials to assist and guide you on proper form and technique. Or simply scan the QR code located on the machine for detailed instructions and videos.

Blink Fitness

Start your fitness journey with Blink Fitness by downloading the app on your device or simply create an account on the browser by providing your email address and other personal details.

Then, find a Blink near you by typing the address or zip code in the search bar and opt for any membership ranging from annual memberships to month-to-month memberships to become a member of Blink Fitness.

Once it is all done, you can access a wide variety of group fitness classes, including Pilates, strength training, yoga, and cycling. All these classes are led by verified instructors and are created to be motivating and challenging.


Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness offers Classic and PF Black Card memberships through which you can access the Judgement Free Zone and lots of strength and cardio equipment.

Classic Membership

  • Costs as low as $10 a month.
  • Get limitless access to the home club.
  • Free fitness training and free Wi-Fi.

PF Black Card Membership

  • Costs $24.99 a month.
  • Includes everything the Classic membership plan offers.
  • Get partner rewards and discounts.
  • You can use any planet fitness across the world.
  • Ability to bring a guest anytime.
  • Use of tanning, massage chairs, hydromassage, and total body enhancement.
  • Get 50% off on selected drinks.

Blink Fitness

Blink Fitness offers four different membership plans – Green, Blue, Gray, and Orange which have a maintenance fee and are billed annually.

Green Membership

  • You get unlimited access to one Blink Fitness location.
  • Over 80 and 50 plus pieces of cardio and strength equipment respectively.
  • Access a free 30-min start-up session.
  • Locker rooms, showers with body wash, and shampoo.
  • 40 pairs of dumbbells up to 90 lbs.
  • Get access to fully equipped functional and stretch areas.

Blue Membership

  • Costs $23 a month and annual maintenance fee of $54.
  • Includes everything that the Green Membership plan offers.
  • Access over 90+ locations with annual commitment.
  • You can bring a guest anytime.
  • Access a free Blink app that delivers wellness and daily fitness content, such as several video workouts.
  • Free personal training start-up session and free Wi-Fi.

Gray Membership

  • Costs $15 a month with a $54.99 annual maintenance fee.
  • Limitless access to one Blink Fitness location of your choice.
  • Free 30-min start-up session.
  • Fully equipped functional and stretch areas.  
  • Over 80 and 50 plus pieces of cardio and strength equipment respectively.
  • 40 pairs of dumbbells up to 90 lbs.

Orange Membership

  • Costs $10 monthly fee with a $54.99 annual maintenance fee.
  • Access one location of your choice with an annual commitment.
  • Over 80 and 50 plus pieces of cardio and strength equipment respectively.
  • Free personal training start-up session and free Wi-Fi.
  • Completely equipped functional and stretch areas.

Planet Fitness vs Blink Fitness: Differences


Planet Fitness Hours: It is open 24/7 at most locations so you can access the Planet Fitness location at any time.

Blink Hours: Has standard gym hours from 5 am to 11 pm, Monday through Thursday, 5 am to 10 pm on Fridays, and 7 am to 7 pm on the weekends.

Contract Length

Planet Fitness: The Classic plan has month-to-month subscription whereas the PF Black Card membership needs an annual commitment.

Blink Fitness: While the Gray plan is month-to-month, all other plans like Blue, Green, and Orange plans have a minimum 1-year obligation associated which you can cancel at any time with 30-45 days’ notice.


Planet Fitness: You get a ton of cardio equipment and some strength training equipment. And it also has some preloaded barbells that go up to 100 lbs, but it has a limited number of free weights for which it has faced a lot of criticism.

Blink Fitness: Every Blink Fitness location has over 80 pieces of cardio equipment and 50 pieces of strength equipment. However, unlike Planet Fitness, it has hex and bumper, barbells, and dumbbells that go up to 90lbs each.   

Furthermore, it also has a functional training area with medicine balls, battle ropes, resistance bands, and more dumbbells.


Planet Fitness: There are no group fitness classes but they offer a course for newbies to learn how everything works and get started on a basic program.

Blink Fitness: Similar to Planet Fitness, there are no group fitness classes here as well. However, when you sign up, you get access to a 30-minute startup session to get familiar with the instruments.


Planet Fitness: Atmosphere is one of the many factors people consider when deciding between two gyms. When talking about Planet Fitness’s atmosphere, it is not what it claims to be.

For instance, when it says it is a Judgment Free Zone, it is totally wrong because bodybuilders, powerlifters, crossfitters and other people who can lift a lot of weight aren’t welcome here.

Furthermore, its infamous Lunk Alarm which sounds when someone drops weights or grunts is annoying because at some locations it either doesn’t ring at all or rings several times a day.

Blink Fitness: Unlike Planet Fitness, Blink Fitness has a fun, motivating, and energizing environment. And since it supports a large variety of training preferences, you’ll fit in whether you like strength training, cardio, or functional fitness.

Gym Policies

Planet Fitness: It doesn’t allow dropping weights, judging, grunting, showcasing and certain movements like the overhead press. And clothing with offensive messages or revealing clothing is also banned.

Nonetheless, it has a lenient guest policy. For example, if you are a black card member, you are allowed to bring guests every time you visit. 

And you can also cancel your membership online depending on your membership type and the location of your home club.

Blink Fitness: It has some restrictions related to powdered chalk as they won’t allow it, but you can use liquid chalk and you can lift without shoes if you have your socks on.

And unlike Planet Fitness, you can drop weight if you require to bail a lift, but remember that it is not encouraged after every single rep. 

Furthermore, users with Blue and Green plans can bring an unlimited number of guests completely free. But you are not allowed to transfer your membership to another person.

And if you want to cancel your membership, Blink needs a minimum of 45 to 60 days’ notice. However, with the Gray plan, you can cancel it any time.


Planet Fitness: All members can use the showers and locker rooms, but it doesn’t provide towels or toiletries and you cannot leave anything in the lockers overnight.

And though there aren’t basketball courts, pools, or childcare, things like red light therapy booths, smoothie bars, massage chairs, and tanning booths are available for Black Card members.

Blink Fitness: Unlike Planet Fitness, amenities at Blink Fitness are limited. It does have lockers and showers but there are no basketball courts, smoothie bars, tanning booths, etc.

Personal Training

Planet Fitness: Even though it has certified personal trainers, they are not available to guide you through every part of your workout and they won’t give you much one-on-one attention.

Blink Fitness: All Blink Fitness’s trainers are certified but most of them are new to the industry and don’t have a lot of experience. Also, a lot of clients have complained that their trainers are not attentive.


Planet Fitness: It has over 2,000 locations in Canada, the United States, Panama, Australia, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. And as a Black Card member, you can use your membership at any location in any country.

Blink Fitness: It is only available in about 90 locations, including New York, Florida, Virginia, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

Pros and Cons

Planet Fitness

Ability to go to any Planet Fitness location with a Black Card membershipHas a limited number of free weights
Offer a decent number of amenities for a low monthly priceDumbbells can only go up to 50 to 75 lbs
Available at a wide range of location across the countryNot following rules can cause the Lunk Alarm to ring
Easily connect to Wi-Fi for free 
It is open 24*7 

Blink Fitness

It has flexible hoursDoesn’t have in-person group classes
Has a free Wi-FiA few locations are not clean
Its memberships are affordable 

Is Blink Better Than Planet Fitness?

Though Blink Fitness has a wide selection of free weights and machines, Planet fitness focuses more on cardio equipment. And while Blink fitness is quite more expensive than Planet Fitness, it has a more modern feel with more colorful décor and offers group fitness classes.

On the other hand, Planet Fitness shines by being open all through the day and week, that is 24/7. And it offers a Judgement Free Zone policy to create a welcoming atmosphere for all members.

So, to decide whether Blink Fitness is better than Planet Fitness really depends on your preferences and what exactly you are looking for.

For instance, if you want a wide range of equipment and a good atmosphere to workout, Blink Fitness can be your choice. But, if you want a gym that focuses more on cardio and strength equipment, Planet Fitness can be a better choice.