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4Chan vs 8Chan: Must Read Before Use [2024]

4Chan vs 8Chan: Must Read Before Use [2024]

4Chan vs 8Chan: 4Chan and 8Chan are two popular platforms for media sharing and viewing, controversial and interesting topics, and many such interesting contents. They are filled with thousands and thousands of users from worldwide sharing the content they love.

However, some users say 4Chan is more controversial while others claim 8Chan was definitely not available for all age groups. Now, who to believe?

If you visited this page having the aforementioned question in mind, then fortunately, you are on the right page because, in this article, we are going to present an unbiased comparison between 4Chan vs 8Chan which will certainly help you understand the difference between both the platforms. 

What is 4Chan?

4Chan is a famous anonymous image board platform hosting boards dedicated to a huge variety of topics and groups. 

Whether you are interested in Anime or wish to know what happened in the latest chapter of your favorite Manga, along with that, people interested in weapons, television, literature, history, politics, sports, fitness, games, and more are all allowed to join the community – to share what you have, to view the content you prefer, and explore.

4Chan vs 8Chan

What is 8Chan?

8Chan — with its new name – 8kun was another popular image board website including user-created message boards. Every board had its distinct owner and the platform had minimal relations with moderators.

It was a similar platform to 4Chan, but while 4Chan focuses on a huge variety of communities and groups openly, sharing and viewing the type of content that can be viewed by all – 8Chan here was specifically famous for its dark and explicit media. 

But, even after its 2nd debut as 8kun, it's not currently up and working anymore, as of March 2024.

8Chan vs 4Chan

What’s the Difference Between 4Chan and 8Chan?

There are many similarities between 4Chan and 8Chan, but differences? We are going to present them right below!

Firstly, the main difference between the two should be that while for 4Chan is up and running, 8Chan is long gone due to several controversies regarding its content.

Secondly, 8Chan was less moderated because it was mostly filled with the creators of the boards and only selected moderators got to decide the global regulations of the platform.

Because of this, people who loved to post simultaneously, the content that must not be available for all age groups and people, chose 8Chan. 

On the other hand, 4Chan is now a platform filled with all types of people – where illegal and illicit content is allowed to some extent only. 

Next, 8Chan allowed every user to make their own boards. There was no limit to the number of boards you could create and that’s why users gave it a title – infinite-chan. Also, most of the boards were specific-oriented.

Along with all that, 4Chan was released in 2003, so it has more users than 8Chan – which was launched in 2013.

Moreover, since 8Chan was less moderated, the site had more explicit and illegal content compared to 4Chan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between 4Chan vs 8Chan?

The main difference between 4Chan and 8Chan is that 8Chan is no longer available, while 4Chan still has millions of users. Also, 8Chan allowed all users to create boards, while 4Chan here doesn’t offer any such privileges.