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Is Legit? [Complete Review 2024]

Is Legit? [Complete Review 2024]

When it comes to booking tickets online, you just want to choose a good website to book tickets to all the shows you would like to attend in the future. So, do you know a good website? We do: Broadway!

But, then the questions arise: Is a reputable site? Is broadway a fake website? And the most important one, Is Legit?

To tell you the right answer for the same, we have presented you with an article covered by all the important highlights of below.

What is

Is Legit?

Broadway is the best destination for Broadway tickets, Broadway shows, and many more things. It allows you to book tickets, and It gives you a thorough look at each ticket, its position, the exact price which you will need to pay, and other details.

Broadway offers tickets for a wide range of events such as winter garden theatre, Opening night, and The music man tickets. Mr Saturday night, and more. 

And on its website, you get a list of rankings of the top Broadway shows to help you decide where you must spend your precious time.

Additionally, after you scroll down on their homepage, you get to view the news headlines containing the trending pieces in the industry. For booking the tickets, you can jump to their ticket section and look at the pricing through categories. Under the name of the event, the price range will also be added. 

How does it work?

Most of the time, the viewers are aware of the show they want to book tickets for. At times like these, all you have to do is visit the website and search for the event you are looking for through the search option or the homepage. 

Once you find it, tapping on the event will deliver you all the required details about the event.

The viewers have to pay attention to the main elements like show timings, the price range and the date alongside. Once you have decided on all three elements, you can opt to book the ticket.

Booking the tickets asks for you to go through three important parts,

  • Including reviewing the invoice. The reviewing of the invoice is important in case there can be a mistake in accuracy which can create problems in the future.
  • Submitting the payment. It is up to you if you wish to pay through cheque, credit card or money order. They have mentioned all the instructions for the aforementioned in the invoice you have received. 
  • Receiving the tickets. You are required to add the delivery option which is suitable for you from every aspect. You must make sure the delivery need does not change in the future or else, it will create a lot of hustle for you to get a pair of tickets.

Moreover, in case you have paid for your ticket and your friends want to join you afterwards, you can still try to get them alongside by calling it the Broadway stuff. If they have tickets available, they will get them for you along with a new invoice.

And once you booked the ticket, you have an option of Three-day delivery – where you will receive the delivery through Federal Express. Otherwise, you can also ask for them to be available for pickup at the nearest Broadway office in Times Square.

Is Legit?

Is Legit? Indeed, it is. Broadway is one of the best options you have when it comes to booking tickets for your favourite event. Unlike other ticket booking websites, at Broadway, everything goes on rather smoothly. In short, booking tickets at Broadway is a simple process. 

Now, because of how simple it is, many people wonder “Is legit?”, Yes, it is a 100% stable and reliable website. It is nowhere associated with any kind of illegal firm or brand. 

They have direct connections with the box office and work legally to get your favourite celebrity’s show ticket. Therefore, Broadway is a trustworthy website.

Key Features 

  • Simple-going business: 

The website hates to make it complicated for you. Thus, the deals you accept on the website go on swiftly and you are not required to follow difficult procedures and rules and regulations to get your tickets.

  • User Experience: 

You'll have a pleasant experience in surfing their website as it is made with simple elements.

And from the search bar, you can search the event by date, and the main menu contains roads to all the important services that has to offer.

  • Popular Shows: 

In case you are not sure which show you must opt for next, Broadway has a list of trending shows on its website available right after you land on its homepage. So, having a look at the list can help you decide which show is your next destination.

  • Trending Headlines: 

Apart from getting to book the tickets with simple steps, it has a part on its website which is covered with most of the hot headlines where it speaks about what is currently going on in your favourite industry. 

Pros and Cons


  • The website allows you to contact them right away when you want to book more tickets after you have paid for yours.
  • They do direct deals with the box office.
  • The brand is 100% legitimate and is nowhere near a scam or fraud. 


  • You won’t find it easy to cancel the tickets when a few of your friends are busy on the day of the show.


We hope all the points and highlights mentioned in the above context have proven to you the answer to your question: “Is Legit”. Besides, we would like to mention again that it is a legit and honest website.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is legit for tickets?

Yes. is a legitimate website.

Is a reputable site?

yes. is a reputable site.