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Fix: IRS Error Code 2004 [2024]

Fix: IRS Error Code 2004 [2024]

IRS Error Code 2004: IRS is the revenue service of the US that is responsible for collecting US federal taxes and administering the internal revenue code.

Just like any other platforms that offer online services, it also causes a few error codes, and error code 2004 is one of them which a lot of people have encountered.

If you are also facing the error code and wondering how you can fix it, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll show you how you can get rid of the IRS error 2004.

What is IRS Error Code 2004?

A lot of people have complained that they’ve encountered the error code 2004 on the IRS after they’ve verified their identity through

How to Fix: IRS Error Code 2004

Follow This Hack

One of the users on Reddit has mentioned that he was able to solve this problem by simply hitting the back button when the error code 2004 appeared on their screen.

Verifying Identity

There is a possibility that you might encounter this error when you are trying to login into the IRS after verifying your identity through

If this is the case, get in touch with the IRS to make an in-person appointment in order to verify your identity. You can easily make an in-person appointment by calling them at 844-545-5640.

Contact IRS

If none of the above solutions helped and the issue persists, all can do is get in touch with the IRS's customer service and tell them the issue you are currently facing.

Final Words

As there is no official information available regarding the error code 2004, we hope this article on IRS error code 2004 has helped you fix the issue.


What is the IRS error code 2004?

Error code 2004 on the IRS typically occurs when you try to login into the IRS after verifying your identity through

How do I fix error code 2004?

You can either simply press the back button or make an in-person appointment to verify your identity or get in touch with its customer support team.

How do I find my IRS rejection code?

Typically, the rejection text and code appear in the Details box.

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