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Impulse App Review: Cost, Pros-Cons, is it Legit? [2024]

Impulse App Review: Cost, Pros-Cons, is it Legit? [2024]

Impulse App Review: Even if you have graduated and completed your studies, and are no longer interested in educating yourself more, your brain will continue to attract knowledge. It keeps on growing and for it to function well with everything, daily or frequent training is a must.

For the same reason, we have some interesting apps like the Impulse brain training app. It offers multiple ways to train your brain but, is it worth it? If you wish to know the answer, then dive into this article containing an unbiased Impulse app review and know everything you need to decide. 

What is the Impulse App?

The Impulse brain training app is here to offer you a good range of ways to perform mental training daily by playing amusing mind games. You will take on different challenges for quick brain workouts along with systematic physical workouts and diets.

The app believes in offering systematic diet and physical workouts to help you keep your brain clear and sharp – ready for daily life challenges. Along with the app's personal recommendations, you’ll also meet with its diversified custom routines for specific brain areas.

Impulse App review

Key Features 

  • Personalized workouts –

The app’s personalized training will focus on certain parts of your brain. For instance, different workouts will help you in problem-solving, creativity, concentration, attention, memory, etc. 

  • Change in regular life –

In case you are always attacked by bosses for being absent-minded, failing to keep up with your colleagues, getting embarrassed in classes for poor math skills, finding difficulty in remembering stuff, and sensing more such issues, then this app will help you overcome all of them. 

  • Easy approach to improvement on growing –

It helps you engage in learning and growing in fun and engaging manners. It offers a fair approach to improving and frequently staying active so that even if you’re feeling pressured at some point, you’ll pass the moment with ease.

Plans and Pricing

The Impulse app has a good set of subscription plans for weeks, months, years, and a lifetime plan, they are as follows:

  • Weekly subscription plan – $6.99
  • Monthly subscription plan – $14.99 
  • Yearly subscription plan – $28.99 
  • Lifetime special offer – $49.99



  1. It has a good range of games and every collection like problem-solving and attention has variety in it.
  2. It offers helpful tools like progress tracking and feedback to help you keep track of your advancement.
  3. You’ll receive custom-made training routines and programs according to your current mind and physical state and performance.


  1. Games are repetitive. You’ll see similar challenges repeating frequently if you continue to level up in speed.
  2. The type of games it offers can be too easy for some of you. In short, you'll probably find the starting games very easy and boring. 
  3. There's no approach of motivation to play games with no certain achievements and ends. Like, you’ll continue to play games only if you’re motivated enough to improve, that’s it. 

Is the Impulse App worth it?

For starters, the Impulse app has received a very positive response on the App Store with 4.7/5 ratings. 

Moving ahead, the games and challenges seem to be easier than expected for half of the audience. It also offers the IQ test but few users have stated that the test and scores are not 100% accurate. 

Additionally, few games are new and few are something you’d have expected so it’s a 50-50 thing. 

In conclusion, since it has multiple helpful tools and the games it offers actually help in keeping the mind active, it is worth a shot. Otherwise, you can always drop it if you don’t like it afterward or if it seems to be lacking anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does Impulse app cost?

The Impulse app has a good set of subscription plans starting from $6.99 and $9.99 per week

Is Impulse app free?

No, the Impulse app is not entirely free. It does offer a few free services, but if you want to upgrade and have a premium experience, then you’ll have to pay and the subscription plan starts from $6.99 per week. 

Is Impulse brain training on android?

No, the Impulse brain training app is exclusively available only on the App Store for iOS devices like iPhones and iPad. It is not available for Android as of February 2024. 

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