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How to Win Nike SNKRS Draw [Guide 2024]

How to Win Nike SNKRS Draw [Guide 2024]

How to Win Nike SNKRS Draw: Nike SNKRS is an app that allows you to win a draw and purchase your dream sneakers. You can explore, buy and unlock the best Nike and Jordan Brand sneakers with it.

SNKRS offers inside access to the hottest events, the latest launches, and exclusive releases that Nike and Jordan Brands offer.

Are you finding the step-by-step guide on how to win Nike SNKRS Draw? Don’t worry; here, we’ll show you straightforward detailed step-by-step instructions on Nike SNKRS Draw.

How to Win Nike SNKRS Draw: Step-by-Step-Guide

Step 1:

Download the Nike SNKRS app on Android and iOS. Create an account after the app is installed. Nike requires an account to buy sneakers on the SNKRS app.

To create an account, you must enter your address and other information. The product will be sent to the name and address that you have provided.

Step 2:

Once your account has been created, it is essential to set up your profile. Also, you need to turn on notifications before the draw begins.

Step 3:

Open the app, click on the product, and then you will see Join Draw at the bottom of the screen. Click on that, and it’s going to slide up.

Step 4:

On SNKRS, there are two different draws: DAN and LEO. Entering is the same for each drawing type.

It will notify for a Draw launch within 24 hours. However, notification usually takes place within 10-30 minutes.

The chances of winning the sneakers are the same for every user that enters within the 10-minute window.

Step 5:

It will ask you the size you want, shipping address, and payment method, and then select the submit button.

After that, it will ask, ‘Are you sure.’ Select Confirm, and then another screen pops up with a check mark that says join.

If you win the Draw, SNKRS will send you a push notification. You aren't charged if your entry is rejected.

The main rule for all Nike SNKRS drops is that your chances of winning a Draw increase the more accounts you have. Create many Nike accounts using proxies to increase your chances of obtaining limited footwear, possibly multiple pairs.


How does entering a draw on the SNKRS app work?

Draws are one of the ways sneaker brands have come up with combat bots. Joining a raffle means you are trying to get a chance to buy the sneaker, and if you win it, the app will automatically purchase the shoes.

How does Nike choose draw winners?

LEO releases are the most expected releases on the Nike SNKRS app. It's a mashup between FLOW and a raffle. Nike randomly picks from the first accounts that entered the draws – it depends on stock for the size you choose. LEO picks winners from the 2-minute entry line.