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How to Watch Top Boy Without Netflix? [2024]

How to Watch Top Boy Without Netflix? [2024]

How to Watch Top Boy Without Netflix?: Top Boy is a British crime drama series set in East London, focusing primarily on the drug trade and rival gangs. The series provides a comprehensive look into the lives of the characters as well as their ambitions. 

Top Boy explores the themes of family, and betrayal while also shedding light on the impact of criminal activity on the community. It also addresses issues of poverty and inequality. 

Given its compelling plot, Top Boy has received high ratings from fans worldwide across various platforms. However, it is exclusively available on Netflix, making it only accessible to those with an account. 

So, for those without an account, curious about How to Watch Top Boy Without Netflix? If yes, continue reading the article to find a solution. 

How to Watch Top Boy Without Netflix?

It is important to note that Netflix does not offer a free trial. Thus, there is no legal option available to watch Top Boy without a Netflix subscription. 

However, there are a few methods to watch Top Boy without the need to purchase a Netflix subscription. Explore the solutions listed below:


T-Mobile is a wireless network service provider operating in many parts of the United States. It is known for its “Netflix On Us” promotion, where it offers free 

Netflix subscription, based on the type of T-Mobile plan you have purchased. 

You can get Netflix’s basic subscription plan at no additional cost with T-Mobile’s single-line plans like Go5G and Go5G 55. As for the Netflix standard subscription plan, you can choose T-Mobile’s Go5G Plus and Go5G Plus 55. 

Borrow From Friends/Family 

If you have friends or family members with a Netflix subscription, you can consider asking them to share their account credentials with you. By using their login information on your device, you can get access to not only Top Boy but a variety of more shows! It is important to note that the account owner always has the option to change the password if needed. 

Try Other OTT Platforms

If the previous methods do not work for you, you can always explore Top Boy on other OTT platforms. Some of them are as follows:

  • Amazon Prime Video: The first two seasons of Top Boy, originally produced by Channel 4, can be purchased and streamed on Amazon Prime Video. 
  • YouTube: YouTube, the largest video-sharing platform, offers the first seasons of Top Boy available for rental and streaming.
  • Apple TV: You can purchase and watch Top Boy on Apple TV.
  • Google Play: You can also find the first two seasons of Top Boy available for purchase on Google Play.

However, it is important to note that the third and fourth seasons of Top Boy were produced by Netflix, resulting in the series being only available to watch on the streaming platform.

Final Words

Mentioned above are the only legal ways to watch Top Boy without a Netflix subscription plan. However, if you are looking for a cost-free option to watch the series then you may be able to find it on illegal streaming websites or download a pirated version of the series. 

However, we would strongly discourage the act of consuming copyrighted content on illegal websites, as this is a form of piracy and is illegal in many countries.