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Is Cole Sturgis Married? Who’s Cole Sturgis Wife? [2024]

Is Cole Sturgis Married? Who’s Cole Sturgis Wife? [2024]

Is Cole Sturgis Married? Life Below Zero is known for its daring cast members and their determination to endure the harsh Alaskan climate through innovative means. 

The latest season of Life Below Zero has introduced a new cast member, Cole Sturgis, whose personal life has been a matter of interest for many viewers. As viewers witness Sturgis alongside his daughters on the show, curiosity about his wife naturally arises. 

So, is Cole Sturgis married? Is there any evidence stating the same? Continue reading to gather all the details. 

Is Cole Sturgis Married?

As of September 2024, there is no information indicating that Cole Sturgis is married. He is, however, frequently seen on Life Below Zero with his two daughters which raises questions. 

Yet Sturgis has remained discreet about this matter. Moreover, the show has not featured his wife. Thus, it is very challenging to provide a definitive answer. 

Who is Cole Sturgis?

Cole Sturgis is the newest cast member of the compelling National Geographic reality TV show, Life Below Zero. He is a 23-year-old bush pilot, living in Thorne Bay, Alaska.

In the 23rd season, viewers capture Sturgis imparting vital survival skills to his daughters, preparing them to survive in the challenging weather conditions of Southeastern Alaska. 

Life Below Zero revolves around the lives of Alaskans who show their unwavering determination to survive in one of the world’s most extreme climates. 

Is Cole Sturgis Married