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How to Watch All of Us Are Dead Without Netflix? [2024]

How to Watch All of Us Are Dead Without Netflix? [2024]

How to Watch All of Us Are Dead Without Netflix?: All of Us Are Dead is a South Korean series set in a zombie apocalypse. The story takes place in a high school, where a mysterious zombie outbreak turns students into zombies.

The series digs deep into the complex relationships between the survivors which include students and a teacher. They find themselves in the middle of the chaos, trying to navigate a way out and uncover the origins of the infection. 

Taking note of its captivating plot, All of Us Are Dead quickly became a fan favourite upon its release. However, being a Netflix Original, it's exclusively available on the platform. 

So, for fans searching for ways to watch All of Us Are Dead without Netflix, continue reading. 

How to Watch All of Us Are Dead Without Netflix?

It is important to note that Netflix no longer offers a free trial, which leaves no other legitimate way to watch All of Us Are Dead without a Netflix subscription

However, there are a few alternatives that may help you watch All of Us Are Dead without the need for a Netflix subscription. The alternate methods are given below:

T-Mobile Subscription

T-Mobile is a renowned wireless network service provider operating mainly in the parts of the United States. It offers a “Netflix On Us” deal, through which it provides a free Netflix subscription, based on the specific T-Mobile plan you have chosen for as long as you are a T-Mobile customer. 

T-Mobile’s single-line plans like Go5G and Go5G 55 offer Netflix’s basic subscription while Go5G Plus and Go5G Plus 55 provide Netlfix's standard subscription plan. It also offers a Magenta Max plan if you’re on a multi-line.

Mobile or Internet Provider

Verizon Fios is a fiber-option network that provides super-fast internet speeds to millions. It uses fiber optics to deliver data at the speed of light. This internet provider is extremely reliable and works on multiple devices at once. 

Verizon offers a year of Netflix premium to its postpaid subscribers. You can get the Netflix premium plan for free with the purchase of a one-year subscription to MasterClass or Super Duolingo. 

Borrow From Friends/Family 

If you have friends or family members with a Netflix subscription, you can consider asking them to share their account credentials with you. By logging into their account on your device, you will easily gain access to All of Us Are Dead and watch it anytime you want! Keep in mind that the account owner can change the account password at their discretion. 

Final Words

Above, we have mentioned a list of legitimate ways to watch All of Us Are Dead without Netflix. However, if you are seeking cost-free options to watch the series then you may be able to find it on illegal streaming websites. Moreover, you may also choose to download pirated versions of the series. 

However, it is important to note that we are strongly against the act of consuming copyrighted material through illegal means, as this constitutes a form of piracy.