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Tsum Tsum Error Code 9 [How to Fix]

Tsum Tsum Error Code 9 [How to Fix]

Tsum Tsum Error Code 9: Tsum Tsum is a mobile puzzle game for Android and iOS devices, focusing on multiple characters from Pixar, Disney, and Star Wars. It is probably the most famous puzzle game from Disney with over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Overall, the game works swiftly with easy mechanics and fun gameplay. But, since every game is prone to glitching, the same is currently happening with Tsum Tsum, with the Tsum Tsum error code 9 appearing on screen for many players. 

So, what is this Tsum Tsum error code 9? How do you solve this code? If you want to know the answers to these questions, then we are glad to inform you they’re right below, in this article.

What is the Tsum Tsum Error Code 9?

The Tsum Tsum error code 9 seems like a general error problem with no proper cause and solution. It appears on the screen with the message — ‘Error occurred while sending data. Returning to Title Screen’. 

After you see this message and error code on the screen, there’s no way it’s allowing you to move ahead with the game. 

Tsum Tsum Error Code 9

How to Fix: Tsum Tsum Error Code 9

Check Tsum Tsum Server Status

After receiving the error, the very first thing you should’ve done is check the Tsum Tsum service status and make sure that the servers and the game are running.

To do so, you can have a look at some reliable sources like Gamebuzz and check here for any reports. If you find any, then all you can do is wait for sometime.

Check Your Internet Connection 

Although not the main reason, if your Internet connection is unstable or working poorly, then that might be the cause of this error issue.

That is why, you must now check your Internet connection, and if it is working poorly, then you have to swap with another Wi-Fi or data connection.

Clear Cache

If you haven’t cleaned the cache of your app in a while, including the Tsum Tsum game app, then that might be the sole reason why you are facing this error problem. So, we suggest you clear cache by following the simple guide mentioned below: 

For iOS, 

  1. Go to the Settings app and choose the General option.
  2. Select iPhone Storage, then scroll down till you see the Instagram app.
  3. Choose Offload App from the bottom.
  4. Lastly, Download the Tsum Tsum app from the App Store.

For Android, 

  1. Open Settings and go to the apps’ page.
  2. Search for the Tsum Tsum app.
  3. After you find it, tap on it, and choose the Clear Cache or any relevant option. 

Restart Your Device

There might be an issue like a bug or a glitch in your device, which can be easily solved by restarting the device.

Therefore, you can switch the device off, wait for some time, and switch it back on — or opt for rebooting directly.

Contact Tsum Tsum Customer Care

If none of the solutions mentioned above work for you, then your last option is to contact Tsum Tsum customer care services.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the official contact or support page for the game, but you can either have a look at the FAQ section from the Tsum Tsum Support page or complain to them on Twitter, on their official account – @LINE_tsumtsum_g 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tsum Tsum error code 9 Xbox?

To start with, you can’t play Tsum Tsum on Xbox, because it is exclusively available only on Android and iOS devices. But, if you tried, and are facing this error code, then that is simply because Xbox is not compatible with the game.