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How to Get Price Adjustment on Temu? [2024]

How to Get Price Adjustment on Temu? [2024]

How to Get Price Adjustment on Temu: Temu is a massive internet retailer that has just about any good you can think of. From infant products to power tools, apparel, small appliances, outdoor furniture, and automobile accessories, everything is available.

Additionally, Temu offers a price adjustment guarantee to safeguard consumer interests. If the list price of the item you bought dropped, Temu's price adjustment policy will cover the difference.

So, if you are also interested to know the answer to the Question ”How to Get Price Adjustment on Temu”, then the article below contains how you could use to get a price adjustment on Temu.

What is Price Adjustment on Temu?

Price Adjustment on Temu is a policy that allows you to get back the difference in money if the price of an item you bought from their store goes down within 30 days.

It means that if you purchased something and later the same item (same size, color, etc.) becomes cheaper in the same country or region, Temu will give you back the extra money you paid.

It's important to note that this policy only applies to items that are still available and haven't been promotional, on clearance, or unavailable.

The process of applying for a price adjustment won't affect the delivery of your order, and any additional fees like shipping costs won't be considered in the refund calculation.

How to Get Price Adjustment on Temu

How to Get Price Adjustment on Temu?

To get a price adjustment on Temu:

Go to ‘Your Orders' and choose the right order.

Click the ‘Request a price adjustment' button.

Some items might not qualify (clearance, promos, etc.).

Temu decides the final policy details and can deny requests. They can change terms anytime.