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How to Get Credit on Temu Without Inviting Friends [2024]

How to Get Credit on Temu Without Inviting Friends [2024]

How to Get Credit on Temu Without Inviting Friends: Temu is an online marketplace that where China-based sellers can sell and ship various products, ranging from clothing and jewelry to pet supplies and home appliances.

If you are someone who likes free credits, then Temu is for you. Temu Offers various benefits and offers where you can earn credits just for using the app.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how to get credit on Temu without inviting friends. So, keep on reading the article!

How to Get Credit on Temu Without Inviting Friends

Temu credit is a virtual currency that you can earn and use to buy products on the Temu app. Though Temu mainly offers credits through its referral program by inviting new users, there are a lot of other ways to get credit without inviting friends.

Below are some ways how to get credit on Temu without inviting friends:

Complete Tasks

Temu offers several varieties of tasks that you can complete for credit. These tasks include taking surveys, watching videos, and playing games.

You easily find a list of available tasks under the ‘Earn Credit’ section. These tasks usually take a few minutes to complete and can earn you anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars.

Contests and Giveaways

As Temu frequently hosts contests and giveaways that offer credits as prizes, you can easily find the list of upcoming contests and giveaways under the Contests & Giveaways section.

So, participate in these contests and get free credit without having to do anything.

  1. Download the Temu app on your device from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  2. Sign in and type dxc282 in the search bar.
  3. Now, enter the draw and get tickets. Though each draw can consume 100 tickets, you’ll get coupons or credits from each round.

Promotions & Deals

One of the best ways to earn credit on Temu is to take advantage of Temu’s promotions and deals. AS Temu offers several discounts and sales on its products, so you can save money and earn credits for future purchases.

Furthermore, by participating in Temu’s loyalty program, you can earn credit by receiving points for every purchase you make. You can redeem these points for credits.

Its other offers might include doing things like signing up for a newsletter or downloading an app.

Final Words:

We hope the above article has helped you know how to get credits on Temu without inviting friends.


How to easily get credit on Temu?

You can earn credits on Temu through the referral program by inviting new users to Temu. Or you can follow the methods mentioned above.

Is Temu invite friends legit?

Yes, Temu’s referral program and games like Fishland and other activities that offer gifts and credits are legitimate.

What is the Temu referral bonus?

You can earn about a $20 cash bonus when every two people you invite download the app and create a new account.