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How to Make Money From Temu? [2024]

How to Make Money From Temu? [2024]

How to Make Money From Temu?: Temu is a worldwide famous e-commerce title — offering you a good variety of benefits, including cheap products from a huge list of categories. Apart from this, one more benefit is gaining a lot of attention – the cash rewards on Temu.

Temu cash rewards are all legitimate ways to earn money and shop for free in its store. Anyone who's interested can join the program and shop for free without spending a single buck. But, How to Make Money From Temu? How do you earn these cash rewards on Temu?

There are thousands of users waiting to receive answers to the aforementioned questions, and if you’re one among them, then we are glad you stopped by because the article mentioned below contains the exact answer to your ‘How to Make Money From Temu?’ question.

How to Make Money From Temu?

Complete Surveys

By completing the surveys allotted to you, you can easily earn a good bunch of bucks, even more than that depending on the survey you have completed.

Temu refreshes the list of surveys frequently and you can choose to ignore it entirely or only do the ones you are interested in. 

However, the more surveys you participate in the more cash rewards you will be taking home, with the reward ranging from $5 to $50 for each survey.

Join Temu Affiliate Program

The Temu affiliate program is one of the popular ways to earn cash rewards. For starters, you can earn up to $5 on referred new users’ download of the Temu app. 

Moreover, influencers are commissioned gracefully — you can earn up to $5000 per month, depending on the purchase amount of the referred user. 

Join the Referral Program 

The Temu Referral program is another easy way to earn cash rewards. This program works like any other referral program where you have to refer the app to your friends and others and earn a commission whenever someone joins the platform with your code.

However, you don’t necessarily have to share the referral code with your family and friends or private groups in general, because you can easily share it on relevant forums and communities online, with your followers, who might be interested. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Temu cash reward Legit?

Yes, the Temu cash reward is 100% legitimate and you get to use the cash reward whenever and however you want while shopping in the Temu store.

How to make money on Temu?

To make money on Temu, you can join its referral program, complete all the surveys allotted to you, and for more income — join its affiliate program and become an influencer — the job which can get you about $5000 per month.