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F1 TV Error Code 117 [Fix 2024]

F1 TV Error Code 117 [Fix 2024]

F1 TV Error Code 117: F1 TV – also known as Formula 1, allows you to watch a variety of content, including live shows, tech talks, and documentaries, along with official F1 archives. It offers its services on a good list of platforms, including AppleTV, Google TV, apps, Web, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

The audience of F1 TV gets to explore many kinds of shows and events, including exclusive seasons and broadcasts. But since the last few days, many users have been facing a certain error code that isn’t allowing them to access F1 TV content, named F1 TV Error Code 117.

The same F1 TV Error Code 117 is locking several users out of their accounts, whether they are using the app, website, or the app on the TV. 

However, you don’t have to worry anymore because the article mentioned below has brought you a good list of troubleshooting solutions that are sure to solve your ‘F1 TV Error Code 117’ problem.

What is F1 TV Error Code 117?

The F1 TV Error Code 117 is locking many audiences out of the account even when they were initially logged in successfully. 

After being locked out of the account, if you are unable to log in with the same password and user ID – then that might mean that there is an issue with your password. 

If the password is not the problem, then there might be a technical issue in the F1 TV system servers. But if that’s not the issue either – there might be something wrong from either side with an unknown cause and solution.

F1 TV Error Code 117

How to Fix: F1 TV Error Code 117

Reset your Password

Since we are suspecting that your password is the main cause of the problem – you should first go for resetting your password right after facing the problem.

Remember – you can only change the password from the website, through the F1 TV official site because there is no resetting option for the password on apps. 

Check F1 TV Server Status

If resetting the password didn’t solve the problem – our next suspect should be the F1 TV platform. 

To check if there is an issue with F1 TV servers and that others from your area are also experiencing the same problem – you can try visiting some platforms like UpdownRadar to check reports and complaints by other users. 

Restart your Device 

If neither the password nor the system is the problem – then it’s safe to assume there is an issue from your side, maybe the device you are using is causing the error.

Therefore, restarting your device as simply restarting can kill many bugs automatically. For better results, you can also consider restarting twice instead of once. 

Delete Old Videos from F1 TV

If you have a ton of videos downloaded to your F1 TV account, then that content might be the sole reason why you are facing the error code continuously.

Therefore, we suggest you delete all the old videos in your F1 TV account or at least consider deleting more than half of it, about 70%. 

Clear Browser Cache

If you were using the browser and encountered the error on the F1T1 website – then you should definitely try clearing the cache and cookies of the browser in case they aren’t cleared recently. 

To help you with that, we have presented some simple guides below:

For Safari

  1. Open the Safari app.
  2. Go to the rectangle icon on the left-side corner, then —> History
  3. Choose the Clear option at the bottom.
  4. Select the first option — All Time.

For Chrome

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Go to More, then —> Choose MoreTools.
  3. Choose the Clear Browsing Data choice next.
  4. As for the time range — we recommend choosing All Time
  5. Lastly, put a tick on both the boxes — ‘Cookies and Other Site Data’ and ‘Cached images and Files’ and Confirm.

Clear F1 TV App Cache 

If you were encountering problems while using the F1 TV app, then it’s time you clear the app’s cache by following the simple guidelines mentioned below:

For Android Users:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Visit the page with all the installed apps. 
  3. Search for the F1 TV app and select it.
  4. Search for the Clear Cache option or any relevant option on the screen, and tap on it once found.
  5. Confirm (if the confirmation box pops up). 

For iPhone Users:

  1. Go to Settings and select the General option located on the left-hand side main menu. 
  2. Choose the iPhone storage option and search for the F1 TV app from the list of apps. 
  3. Select the Offload App option. 
  4. Reinstall the F1 TV app.

Re-launch the F1 TV App

Relaunching the application will do a good job of getting rid of minor bugs and glitches in the F1 TV app.

Therefore, we suggest you uninstall the F1 TV app, wait for some time, and install it back. Even if you are encountering the problem through the F1 TV app on your TV – use the relevant uninstalling and installing method for your TV and re-launch the app.

Check your Birthday Format

Indeed, checking your birthday doesn’t sound like a relevant solution, but if you have made a mistake in the format, then there are chances that the F1 TV servers have rejected it without informing you — automatically creating errors and problems.

Therefore, check your birthday format and correct it if you find any mistakes right away. 

Contact F1 TV Customer Care

Contacting F1TV customer care is the last option you have if none of the troubleshooting solutions mentioned above worked for you.

To contact F1 TV customer care, you can visit its contact us page on the official website and look for the relevant contact method to complain about the error.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to solve the F1 TV pro Error Code 117?

To solve the F1 TV pro Error Code 117, you should try resetting your password, clearing the browser cache if you are using the website, or the app cache if you are using the app, or simply contact F1 TV customer support and ask for guidance.