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How To Get Cat Food In Battle Cats? [2024]

How To Get Cat Food In Battle Cats? [2024]

How To Get Cat Food In Battle Cats?: Today, we have a popular video game – The Battle Cats, wherein, you will experience a weird yet cute cat rampage all across the globe. Here, you will have to command your cats with a few controls in a fight through time and space. 

Indeed, the game has a unique gameplay and is quite interesting. Along with other interesting features, cat food is a vital currency in the game and you can do many things if you have it. Yet, many people find it extremely hard to save up cat food.

For the same, many want to know how to get cat food in Battle Cats, and if the ways are free, then it’s just better. So, do you also want to know how to get cat food in Battle Cats for free? If yes, then continue reading the article below. 

How To Get Cat Food In Battle Cats?


Whenever you find Gamatoto free, you can send him out and he will bring cat food, XP, and some more items according to the area he came back from. 

Complete Missions

Multiple missions offer you cat food, like the weekly missions and upgrade-level missions. 

Into The Future

Here, you have to clear timed scores from Into The Future and each one will give you 10 cat food. 

Claim the Free Gold Passes

You should claim all the free gold passes you have, and the very first gold pass you receive is free and will give you over 500 cat food. 

Cat Guide

The cat guide will give you a new cat, and for every new cat you have unlocked, you will get 5 cat food for each.

Zombie Outbreaks

For every level you complete in Zombie Outbreak, you will get 10 cat food, and +50 energy capacity after you beat all the outbreaks in the chapter.

Complete Maps in Legend Stages

Completing maps in legend stages will give you 30 cat food along with leadership for clearing every map for the first time. Also, if you clear them in higher crowns, then you will get 30 cat food once again.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you get free cat food on Battle Cats?

To get free cat food on Battle Cats, you can complete missions, send gamatoto for expeditions, claim all your free gold passes, and complete and claim your ranking dojo prizes. 

Can you buy cat food in Battle Cats?

Of course, you can buy cat food in Battle Cats through the cat food shop main menu accessed through the + icon available beside the Cat Food counter. 

Does Battle Cats quest give cat food?

Yes, fortunately, by playing “Go! Go! Pogo Cat” and “Battle Cats Quest”, and after completing some missions, you can get cat food along with rare tickets, and some power-ups.