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Luvly App Review: Is Luvly Effective? [2024]

Luvly App Review: Is Luvly Effective? [2024]

Luvly App Review: We have many sources to help us exercise regularly, and they also motivate us to be consistent. That way, you’ll definitely shape your body, but what about your face? If you have been searching for a good face yoga app, then you might have crossed ways with Luvly.

The Luvly app is here to help you feel confident about your face. It not only offers skincare routines but through healthy ways like yoga, massages, and a nutritional diet, you can also stay away from harmful medicines and technology.

But, even when it has thousands of downloads, there are still many who wish to know more about it before downloading it. So, if you are also one of them, then we are glad to inform you that the article mentioned below contains a thorough Luvly app review. 

What is the Luvly App?

The Luvly app is here to offer you a skincare routine which will only take 15 minutes to help you feel confident about your face. Along with being a face yoga app, it is also a beauty app that will help you look younger, relaxed, and genuinely happy about yourself.

In the daily routine, you will try different types of face yoga for different parts of your face, massage your face, and follow a healthy nutritional diet, while it also offers acne treatment along with other vital beauty rituals. 

Luvly App Review

How Does the Luvly App Work?

The working of the Luvly app is quite simple and all you need to do is motivate yourself to always come back to the app. Follow the 15-minute skincare routine, make sure to focus and follow proper guidelines – and that’s all, you are all set to look younger and better. 

Key Highlights 

Customized Face Yoga Program

You don’t come and follow a method that is for everyone, instead, the app will give you a personalized face yoga routine for all your problem areas, like a face workout for your eyes and forehead, exercises for double chin, and more. 

Access to Video Courses 

The app will give you complete access to all the video courses for a good variety of issues. Like facelifting, anti-aging, morning de-puffing face massages, relaxation, and more. Additionally, you will also get exclusive skincare courses curated by dermatologists.

Access to Meal Plans

Since a healthy and nutritional diet plays a big part in keeping your skin healthy, especially your face skin, the platform will give you access to a good collection of meal plans curated by expert nutritionists. 


Although the app is free to install and use, you will need to pay to get access to the original face fitness program along with other face yoga classes and courses. 

For face yoga and skincare, it only charges $5.99 per month. The quarterly premium exes will charge you $29.99 and the premium face yoga programme costs $19.99. 

Is Luvly Effective?

Yes, according to the reviews, the Luvly app is quite effective, as long as you are ready to stay consistent and motivated to open the app regularly and follow instructions properly.

For some, the exercises and diet plans have shown clear results, and for others, the all-rounder exercise app offers good-quality content. 

But, as expected, the app also has some drawbacks and negative points, one of the major ones being the glitches and bugs. Also, the customer support doesn’t seem to be on point either.

So, after highlighting all the important points, we leave it up to you to decide if you want to give the Luvly Face Yoga and Exercise app a try or not.

With this, we have successfully presented the Luvly app review, and hope the article was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the Luvly app real?

Yes, the Luvly app for face yoga and exercises is a real and effective app that not only offers face yoga and exercises but also nutritional diet meal plans – all curated by professionals in the field.

Does the Luvly app cost money?

Yes, the Luvly app costs money. Although downloading it from the App Store is free, you will have to pay for its fitness program and other premium content, and the pricing starts from $5.99 for face yoga and skincare.