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How to Uninstall Optifine? [Complete Guide 2024]

How to Uninstall Optifine? [Complete Guide 2024]

How to Uninstall Optifine?: Optifine is a Minecraft optimization mod that allows Minecraft to run swiftly and faster. It also lets the game look better with complete support for HD textures, along with several configuration choices.

However, installing it, using it, and even deleting it is a bit hard since you need to follow an unusual guide to do so, which can create confusion. Likewise, we have many users who have successfully downloaded Optifine, but don’t know how to uninstall Optifine.

So, are you also one of them? Do you know how to uninstall Optifine? If not, then you are on the right page because the article mentioned below contains the perfect guides to uninstall Optifine.

How to Uninstall Optifine?

The easiest way to manually uninstall Optifine is below:

  1. Navigate to your Minecraft folder.
  2. Delete Optifine.jar from the .Minecraft/mods/. folder.
  3. Then,delete Optifabric. jar from the .minecraft/libraries/me/deftware/EMC-F-V2/latest-(mc version)/ option.
  4. Start the game and you will no longer find Optifine installed. 

If the above-mentioned method doesn’t work for you, then that certainly means that there are many more versions of the file. In simple words, when you install Optifine, a new version is automatically created and saved in your Minecraft versions folder.

If you totally want to remove Optifine, then you will have to search for all these specific versions and delete the associated folder from the Minecraft version folder. You have to continue to do so until you have deleted all the versions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to delete Optifine on Mac?

To delete Optifine on Mac, you need to make sure all your Optifine versions, which are automatically created after installing Minecraft and saved in the Microsoft versions folder, are deleted. 

How do I uninstall Optifine?

To uninstall Optifine, you will have to delete all the Optifine versions. Whenever you install Minecraft, a new Optifine version will be saved in the Minecraft version folder, and you need to find all and delete them if you want to entirely remove Optifine from your device.