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HBO Go Error Code 03-37-215 [Fix 2024]

HBO Go Error Code 03-37-215 [Fix 2024]

HBO Go Error Code 03-37-215: HBO Go is a paid television service – an authenticated video-on-demand website by HBO. It allows users to view HBO content from its site, app, and digital media player on a variety of devices.

HBO Go has millions of subscribers – and is one of the most popular streaming service providers in the US. Yet, it has enough issues and problems with its servers to put one in a worse mood while streaming — one of them being the oldies: HBO Go Error Code 03-37-215.

HBO Go Error Code 03-37-215 seems to be related to PS3 and appears whenever you try to boot the HBO Go app on a PS3 device. 

So, how to solve the HBO Go Error Code 03-37-215 issue? Do you have any ideas? If not, then don’t worry because we have got you covered with the article mentioned below containing a good list of troubleshooting methods to solve the error code, once and all. 

What is the HBO Go Error Code 03-37-215?

The HBO Go Error Code 03-37-215 error, as already mentioned above, seems to be appearing whenever one tries to boot the HBO Go application on a PS3. It appears on the screen, and there on – doesn’t seem to waver, not allowing you to move ahead with your business. 

It gives you two options, and if you choose to ignore instead of going back – then the page will continue to load, and literally – nothing happens.

As for the cause of this issue, it might be because there is an issue with your internet speed, maybe it’s too slow, you haven’t accepted authentication for the network you are using, or you might need to change your DNS.

In any case, the list of troubleshooting methods mentioned below is what you need to solve the issue. 

How to Fix: HBO Go Error Code 03-37-215

Check the Internet Speed or Run a Test

Firstly, if your internet connection speed is too slow, then there’s no way the content on the HBO Go website will load. That’s why, we suggest you check the internet connection speed, and if it’s slow, then swap with a Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot with a good connection.

Secondly, running an internet test seems to be working for quite a few. For this solution, you don’t need to visit any third-party website or download any app, but you can test the connection through your console by following a few steps, as mentioned below,

  1. Go to the Console Settings.
  2. Select the Internet Connection Settings option.
  3. Choose the Run Internet Connection Test option.
  4. Restart the console along with the HBO Go app. 

Accept Network Authentication 

In case your account is not authenticated with the network you are currently using, then the very first and last thing you should do is accept the authentication through your browser.

Again, this troubleshooting method seemed helpful for many, and all you have to do is open your browser and accept the authentication whenever the pop-up message appears, or you can always directly accept it through any other way. 

Restart the PS Console

If there is an issue with your PS console, maybe a small glitch, then to resolve it, all you need to do is restart your PS console in safe mode. This will easily get rid of all the small bugs and glitches in your console.

Note: Once you restart the PS console, it’s likely you won’t be able to find the file system and database. Therefore, after successfully restarting the PS console in safe mode, you are required to restore and rebuild your file system along with the database.

Check for Updates

If restarting the console and restoring files doesn’t seem enough, then it’s time to focus on the HBO Go app and your device.

For this, the very first thing you should do is to check for updates for both the HBO Go app and your device, and if any of the two is outdated, then do not hesitate to update it right away. 

Re-launch the HBO Go App

Relaunching the HBO Go app, more like deleting it and reinstalling it back, will do a good job of getting rid of all the issues in the HBO Go application.

For this solution, you have to follow the usual deleting and reinstalling process, nothing new and unusual.

Altern DNS Settings

In case you are using the default DNS, then that might be the cause of this error. So, swapping with a different DNS might help to resolve the problem – and it is a general troubleshooting solution that helps to solve more network-related problems.

Contact HBO Customer Care

After trying all the troubleshooting methods mentioned above, if you are still facing the issue, then the only option left is to contact HBO customer care services.

To contact HBO customer care, you should first visit the HBO help page, follow some general troubleshooting methods on the website if you want, or directly opt for contacting them – the ‘contact us’ option will appear when you scroll down all the way till the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HBO Go region locked?

Yes, unfortunately, HBO Go offers services in only selective regions and countries, and even if you have the top-tier subscription plan but are traveling in some other region, then you won’t be able to use HBO Go services till you return.