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HBO Max Character Icons Not Showing [Fix 2024]

HBO Max Character Icons Not Showing [Fix 2024]

HBO Max Character Icons Not Showing: HBO Max is one of the leading subscription-based video-on-demand streaming service providers. It’s a standalone streaming site where you can access all the HBO content along with some third-party TV favorites, movies, etc. 

Using the HBO Max app is more fun since it comes with some interesting features, like – you can change the character on your profile only through the HBO Max app.

This feature has been fun until just recently when users started facing issues. For many, they are facing ‘HBO Max Character Icons Not Showing’ error where the icons in the options list aren’t loading. 

Likewise, are you also facing the same problem? If yes, then dive right into the article below because it contains a big list of solutions to solve the ‘HBO Max Character Icons Not Showing’ problem.

Why are HBO Max Character Icons Not Showing?

The ‘HBO Max Character Icons Not Showing issue’ is still unknown — with no evidence of it being caused by the HBO Max backend, or from the user's side.

However, since the issue seems to be a minor bug or a glitch in the system – it might have been caused by one of the usual reasons as mentioned below:

  • Your Internet connection speed is low, or it might not be working at all.
  • There is a minor issue with the HBO Max app.
  • There is a load of cache in your HBO Max app.
  • There is an issue with your device.
  • The HBO Max app is not updated to its new version.
  • There is a technical problem with the HBO Max backend.

How to Fix: HBO Max Character Icons Not Showing

Check Internet Connection 

Since the issue is about content not loading – it’s safe to assume that there might be an issue with your Internet connection, either it’s too slow or there’s no network at all.

In any case – you can restart your device, switch off and on the data connection or Wi-Fi a couple of times, or choose to swap with another Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot. 

Restart the HBO Max App

For starters, assuming that the issue has been caused by a small bug, you can try restarting the HBO Max app – switching it off and on after a couple of minutes. You can also repeat the same process twice or thrice for better results.

Reinstall the HBO App

If you have been using the HBO Max app for a long time – then the overload of HBO Max app data might be the cause of the temporary bugs.

Therefore, we suggest you delete the HBO Max app, wait for a couple of minutes, and reinstall the HBO Max app.

Clear HBO Max App Cache

If you are using the HBO Max while it’s loaded with cache — then it’s fated to show a couple of bugs and glitches here and there. Therefore, we propose you follow a few simple steps mentioned below and clear the HBO Max app cache,


  1. Open Settings and navigate to the page of all downloaded apps.
  2. Find HBO Max and tap on it once found. 
  3. You can find the Clear Cache text at the bottom – tap on it. 
  4. If you have two options, then choose the relevant one and confirm. 


  1. Open Settings and find the General option on the left main menu.
  2. Select the iPhone Storage option and find HBO Max.
  3. You’ll notice the Offload App option at the very bottom – tap on it.
  4. Lastly, reinstall HBO Max from the App Store.

Update the HBO Max App and Device

If the HBO Max app is pending updates, then it’s bound to show bugs and glitches. Therefore, check if the app needs to be updated, and to become carefree next time – enable the auto-update setting in the settings app or Google Play Store / App Store.

The same goes with the device — if your device is not updated to its new version, then you should either update the software or else the issue will carry on.

Restart the Device or Swap it With Another

If your device has been already showing issues – then you can’t expect the installed applications to work properly, including the HBO Max app.

But, before making it a big deal, you should try restarting your device and repeating the same a couple of times instead of just once.

On the contrary, if your device isn’t entirely compatible with the HBO Max app, or the above-mentioned solution didn't solve the problem – then you try using the HBO Max app on some other device.

Reach out to HBO Max 

The last solution in this article will ask you to contact HBO Max customer support services and explain to them clearly the issue you are facing. To contact the HBO Max support team – you should visit the Help Center of HBO Max here.

However, if you want to contact them in other ways, then you can reach out to them through different social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Reddit. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why can’t I save a profile picture or character to my HBO Max profile?

If you can’t save a profile picture or character to your HBO Max profile, then that might be because your Internet connection is poor, there’s a glitch or bug in the HBO Max app, or maybe the HBO Max app is not updated to its latest version. 

Why is the HBO Max character icons list not showing?

If the HBO Max character icons list is not showing for you, then that may be because there is an issue with your Internet, the HBO Max app needs an update, there is a minor bug in the HBO Max app, or there’s an issue with your device.