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Looking for Games like Puckdoku? Here’s 3 Similar Games for You! [2024]

Looking for Games like Puckdoku? Here’s 3 Similar Games for You! [2024]

Games like Puckdoku: If you are a hard-core NHL fan, then you might have also shown interest in related programs and stuff, including some games like Puckdoku. 

Puckdoku is an interesting website game where you can have fun by guessing NHL players based on season, stats, and team. You have to make sure you make wise decisions because you’ll only be given 9 shots to fill the entire board – or the game is over and you lose.

Indeed, Puckdoku is an amazing game for NHL players. But, if you have already tried the game and wish to know if there are more games like Puckdoku, somewhat related to NHL, then we are glad to inform you that we have presented a list containing 3 good games like Puckdoku — all related to NHL, in the article below. 

List of Games like Puckdoku:

1. NHL by Crossover Grid 

NHL by Crossover Grid Games like Puckdoku

NHL by Crossover Grid is a promising game where you’ll be needing to use your sports knowledge to fill out an immaculate grid. This game offers 3 sports versions, including NBA, NFL, and NHL.

As for the gameplay, it’s quite simple, and your main goal is to get specific players for specific says in the grid, following specific rules for columns and rows accordingly. 

Key Highlights

  • Every chance will come with 9 guesses for 9 cells in a grid – where one wrong answer can lead to game over – and your automatic loss. 
  • There’s no option to alter the difficulty level – and the game will only raise the bar for difficulty.
  • You’ll have to be a professional in every sport since the grid will be updated regularly – with the new teams and players.  

2. NHLGrid

NHLGrid Game

NHLGrid here talks about hockey, an exciting game filled with multiple grid quizzes – updated regularly with new missions. For this game, you need to remember your favorite hockey players and fill the cells correctly.

For NHLGrid, one must be totally invested in playing challenging games, related to hockey – especially at the time of off-season. In this game, you have to choose the right combination of country as well as team for every player and test your knowledge. 

Key Highlights

  • Players get to compare their scores with others and check who is more knowledgeable when it comes to hockey.
  • The game is a good idea for getting more invested in hockey, favorite teams, and players in the off-season. 

3. Immaculate Grid 

Immaculate Grid Game

Immaculate Grid is another fair game in the list — best to test your baseball knowledge. This game is like a daily trivia game where grid puzzles are regularly refreshed and you can play a new grid every day.

Moreover, Immaculate Grid has easy gameplay, where you have to choose a player for a specific cell that perfectly matches the criteria for rows and columns of the grid accordingly. Along with that, you’ll have 9 guesses to fill out 9 cells in the grid – one wrong answer, and you lose. 

Key Highlights

  • ‘Remind me to play tomorrow’ is an option on the game website — here to notify you every day so that you don’t forget to play the new puzzle regularly. 
  • You can’t put one player twice in a grid.
  • Every guess is counted – irrespective of it being correct or incorrect. 

Final Words 

Sadly, there are only 3 games like Puckdoku as of July 2024, but all 3 games offer similar grid games for different sports. 

Indeed, the Internet is filled with many exciting games that can give you a fun time – just like you want, but for games like Puckdoku, the above-mentioned titles are the only good ones available for now.

However, rest assured – we take the responsibility of updating the article whenever we find new games like Puckdoku. 

With this, we have successfully mentioned all the fun games like Puckdoku available on the Internet, and hope that this article was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there an unlimited Puckdoku out there?

Unfortunately, as of July 2024, there’s no unlimited version for Puckdoku.