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8 Top Games like Wytchwood You Can Play! [2024]

8 Top Games like Wytchwood You Can Play! [2024]

Games like Wytchwood: When you’re not exactly in the mood for fighting or continuously going on a quest to kill enemies, you opt for some peaceful adventure games where you can freely explore the world and level up at your own pace. 

Now, are there any such games? Of course! We have some good adventure games like Wytchwood!

Wytchwood is a famous action-adventure game. It’s an open-world single-player video game that takes place in a beautiful land of gothic fables and fairytales. It’s an open-world game where you can explore freely and level up at your own pace.

Wytchwood sounds like a good game. But, what will you do after you are done with it? If you don’t know the answer to this question, then we have some really good options, some promising games like Wytchwood mentioned in the article below!

List of Games like Wytchwood:

1. Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove Games like Wytchwood
  • Platforms:  Play station 5 and 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, series X and series S, tvOS, macOS, iOS, and Microsoft Windows
  • Mode: Single Player

Cozy Grove is an adventure arcade game about camping on an isolated and haunted island. You are given the role of a spirit carer and you’ll have to wander around the island's forest every day finding hidden secrets while helping the local ghosts.

The most interesting thing about this game is its graphics and plot. The graphics are exceptionally beautiful with an interesting plotline.

Key Highlights

  • Strategy: this game requires strategies to find all the hidden objects in places and level up.
  • Sync and connect: Cozy Grove has required settings to sync the gamepad remote on tablets, TV, and phone.
  • Languages: Cozy Grove is available in 14 worldwide famous languages with subtitles like German, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.
  • Gameplay: Cozy Grove has easy gameplay with over 40 hours of campaign containing side quests, specially designed to cover months of playtime.

2. Stardew Valley 

Stardew Valley Game
  • Platforms: Play station 4 & Vita, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox cloud gaming, Linux, Android, macOS, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and macOS
  • Mode: Multiplayer and Single Player

Stardew Valley is an RPG video game where you will be given the role of someone who inherits their late grandfather's dilapidated farm at Stardew Valley.

At Stardew Valley, you get to build a farm of your own, where you can turn your ruined fields into bountiful farms. You can do all sorts of farming and use farm equipment and animals to your heart's content.

Key Highlights

  • Customize: Stardew Valley can be entirely customized with hundreds of options for farms, farmers, and homes.
  • Marry and settle down: Stardew Valley allows you to have your own family to settle down. You get to choose from over 10 marriage candidates available in option.
  • Community: Stardew Valley has a huge community that can be connected to you through seasonal festivals or multiple villager quests.
  • Beautiful Graphics: Stardew Valley doesn’t have some extremely powerful 3D graphics, but has mysterious caves, valuable treasures, and many such things to explore on its lands.

3. The Wild at Heart 

The Wild at Heart Game
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, series X and series S, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Mac operating system
  • Mode: Single Player

The Wild at Heart is a well-known open-world exploration game, following 2 runway kids as they unfold multiple mysteries and secrets of an abandoned realm.

The Wild at Heart has ever-growing strange creatures building broken paths for you. You’ll have to fight multiple beasts and solve various puzzles in an interconnected world.

Key Highlights

  • Explore and collect: The Wild at Heart has tens of places to explore and hundreds of items to connect so that the upcoming levels get a little bit easier for you. 
  • Graphics: graphics is one of the best things about this game. They are beautiful and merely breathtaking. 
  • Fighting: The Wild at Heart has you fighting against wildlife and supernatural creatures with your unique abilities and a trustworthy vacuum – the Gustbuster.

4. Spiritfarer 

Spiritfarer Game
  • Platforms: PlayStation four, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Google Stadia, Android, iOS, and macOS
  • Mode: Multiplayer

Spiritfarer, unlike other lively games mentioned above, is quite gloomy and is about dying. You’re given the role of the ferreymaster who’ll build a boat and explore the world while taking their spirit friends and releasing them one by one to the afterlife.

Spiritfarer, although a bit gloomy, is still a lively game where you can create bonds with multiple characters, befriend them, create memories, and bid goodbyes when they’re moving to the afterlife.

Key Highlights

  • Collections: Spiritfarer has multiple levels offering different types of collectibles like Glims and Comet rock, which can be helpful in easing harder levels in the future.
  • Hand-drawn art: Spiritfarer has a beautiful animation inspired by hands-drawn art where you’ll be exploring a fantastic imaginative world.
  • Forge relationships: Spiritfarer has you meeting spirits, taking them on board, looking after them, and overall creating meaningful relationships. 

5. Graveyard Keeper 

Graveyard Keeper Game
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Mac operating system, Android, and iOS
  • Mode: Single Player

Graveyard Keeper contains an inaccurate Medieval Cemetery management where you’re required to build and handle your graveyard. Additionally, you’ll also need to expand into multiple ventures – all while finding shortcuts to stay on budget.

The Graveyard Keeper game has multiple resources helping you in hard levels. It's about the spirit of capitalism where you are to do whatever it takes to raise a successful business.

Key Highlights

  • Crafting: Graveyard Keeper has a good variety of valuable materials which can be used to craft new items and expand your business.
  • Use useless corpses: since dead bodies usually come with organs working fine, you can pick the perfectly working organs and sell them to local butchers to make money.
  • Quests: Graveyard Keeper has multiple quests waiting for you, where you’ll be role-playing and earning money in more than just one way.

6. Knights And Bikes 

Knights And Bikes Game
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac operating system
  • Mode: MultMultiplayeriplayer

Knights And Bikes is all about frisbee-throwing, friendship-building, treasure-hunting, bike-riding, and goose-petting – all included in a story-driven adventure for 1 or 2 players.

Knights And Bikes is mainly to be played with your friends where you can create a memorable bond and go exploring. You get to ride different styles of bikes and you can always customize them. Also, you can hunt and level up together.

Key Highlights

  • Hunt together: Knights And Bikes have given both the characters different talents and skills, which you’ll be experimenting to combine and succeed in varied hunts and quests.
  • Wander around: Knights And Bikes have multiple breathtaking tourist attractions along with ancient ruins which can be worth visiting, whether you are on foot or on your personalized bike, with your partner.
  • Pet Goose: under the pet goose title, we have Captain Honkers who’ll help you find anything and everything you are looking for with his sharp nose, as long as you keep him happy and well-fed.

7. Slime Rancher 

Slime Rancher Game
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, n Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac operating system
  • Mode: Single Player

Slime Rancher here is a beautiful tale of Beatrix LeBeau, a young rancher who's on his way to life about a thousand light-years away from our planet, on ‘Far, Far Range’. 

Slime Rancher shows our protagonist making money out of wrangling a variety of slimes. It isn’t exactly like other games mentioned here, but it’s still an open-world game where you can level up at your own pace.

Key Highlights

  • Contents: Slime Rancher has 5 contents, like 5 chapters in the game where you’ll get two chapters – Galactic Bundle and VR playground for free. 
  • Daily work: you have been gifted with a ranch by a renowned rancher, and now it’s up to you to complete daily tasks and requests by other ranchers to get the ranch running smoothly. 
  • Invent and Discover: Slime Rancher has slime science through which you can invent and discover rare resources, create multiple gadgets, and craft decorations to help you in further adventures.

8. The Flame in the Flood 

  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and classic macOS
  • Mode: Single Player

The Flame in the Flood is a survival roguelike adventure video game where you’ll have to go wild and save yourself along with your dog while traveling and surviving on foot, or by a raft. 

It’s basically a river journey through which you’ll discover some forgotten post-societal American parts. Also, you’ll do 3 main things to survive – craft, forage, and escape predators.

Key Highlights

  • Languages: The Flame in the Flood supports 8 worldwide famous languages like Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, French, Spanish, Polish, etc so that you can play the game in your mother tongue.
  • Survive at all costs: when we say survive at all costs, it means you’ll have to come up with a remedy for afflictions, avoid brutal wildlife, craft helpful tools, search for resources, and mainly – be prepared for rainy storms.
  • Attractive graphics: The Flame in the Flood has attractive graphics with breathtaking views and scenery – totally worth wandering around and discovering nature, even if it’s in an animated form.

Final Words

Our list of best games like Wytchwood mentioned in the above article contains some real gems. Although all of them have an open-world concept with adventure, the gameplay is not the same and every game has a unique plotline. 

Therefore, we highly recommend you try the games mentioned above before you go for some other game. That is all from our side, and we hope you now have a good bunch of adventure games selected to try out.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of game is Wytchwood?

Wytchwood is a famous crafting adventure game, showing you the lands of gothic fables and fairytales.

Is Wytchwood like Stardew valley?

No, Wytchwood is not entirely the same as Stardew Valley, but it does have some similarities like its chilly vibes. 

Does Wytchwood have an end?

Yes, Wytchwood does have an end since it has 14 chapters – a beginning chapter, an ending chapter, and 12 soul chapters containing the main plot.

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