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7 Best Games like Pico Park You Can Play in 2024!

7 Best Games like Pico Park You Can Play in 2024!

Games like Pico Park: Have you always been interested in playing multiplayer games? If so, then have you heard about some impressive cooperative games like Pico Park with interesting gameplay and plot? 

Pico Park is a popular cooperative multiplayer video game. It’s an action-puzzle online game where your main mission is to get all the keys and run toward the goal to clear the level.

Pico Park sounds like a simple one but offers a promising multiplayer experience where you’ll be cooperating with your online friends, or a professional team to clear all 48 levels. 

However, what will you do after completing 48 levels? To answer that question, we have presented a list of the best 7 games like Pico Park in the article below.

List of Games like Pico Park:

1. Pico Park: Classic Edition

Pico Park Classic Edition Games like Pico Park
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows
  • Mode: Multiplayer

Pico Park: Classic Edition is a cooperative local multiplayer action game where 2 to 10 players can cooperate to play. Similar to Pico Park, the main mission of this game is to collect all the keys to unlock the doors and clear the level.

Pico Park: Classic Edition is easy to play but every level needs cooperation from all the players equally. For instance, players can get on top of each other to reach keys at height, or they might as well combine their force to push and get the keys hidden behind large blocks. 

Key Highlights

  • Challenge & cooperate: Since every level comes with new challenges, you’ll have to work your brain, cooperate, and reach keys even if they are on the topmost shelf of the map. 
  • Interesting Maps: The game has interesting maps. A few levels have a plain screen and a very simple map, while others have a very complicated map to solve with barely any free space. 
  • Connect and control: Pico Park: Classic Edition can be easily controlled with your iPad, Android, or iPhone. Meaning, you don’t necessarily require a gamepad or a joystick to play the game.

2. Plunder Squad 

Plunder Squad Game
  • Platforms: Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS
  • Mode: Multiplayer and Single Player

Plunder Squad is an intriguing action game where you will have to move the tanks through various rooms with the main task to destroy all the enemies, increasing in number with every new level.

Plunder Squad has easy mechanics where you don’t have to use any complicated keys to win. The game barely needs you to handle 3 keys, so just cooperate with your partner, if any, and finish all the enemies to clear the level.

Key Highlights

  • All can play: Plunder Squad doesn’t necessarily need 2 or more players to play since it also has a single-player mode, although you’ll have to work your brain more and work harder.
  • Discover and collect: Plunder Squad has interesting items hidden in selective levels. You’ll suddenly receive these hidden items, which can be extremely useful, in upcoming levels.
  • Variety in Maps: Plunder Squad has a good collection of maps where once you’ll get a spooky map, and at the next level you’ll have a snow field. 

3. Pico Park 3D 

Pico Park 3D Game
  • Platforms: Android
  • Mode: Multiplayer

Pico Park 3D is another good cooperative offline multiplayer game from the Pico Park game series. The rule is also similar – you have to reach and get all the keys to get to the end and clear the level. But, don’t forget – you have to cooperate with other players to do so.

Pico Park 3D has 35 stages/levels along with an endless Pico Park 3D model where you can opt for high scores with your friends. 

Key Highlights

  • Convenient handling: Pico Park 3D has easy mechanics with convenient handling where you can have the control buttons visible on the screen for better management, or you can always make it invisible through Settings.
  • New Gameplay: although the goal is the same, the gameplay of Pico Park 3D has been enhanced with new maps added accordingly.
  • Improvements: Pico Park 3D has improved 3 things, the characters in the game have been transformed into cats, and the graphics of the game have been leveled up along with improved stability. 

4. Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party Game
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch
  • Mode: Multiplayer and Single Player

Super Mario Party comes with a party for everyone. It’s a multiplayer video game, which can also be played in single-player mode, where you can set up a private room, and go wild playing your favorite Mario mini-games from over 80 options.

Super Mario Party is about racing across the board, collecting the most stars and collectibles, and completing the level before your foe.

Key Highlights

  • Local or online: Super Mario Party works both locally and online, whether you have a group of friends ready to play, or you wish to play online with others.
  • Exciting mini-games packed: Super Mario Party has over 80 mini-games available to play, with each having different gameplay and challenges. 
  • Buy and use: Super Mario Party has an in-game market/shop where you can buy multiple items like dash mushroom to help you in harder levels, with the points you collected in the past levels.

5. The Looper 

The Looper Game
  • Platforms: Android
  • Mode: Single Player

The Looper is different from other cooperative games mentioned in this article because it is a single-player game. Here, you don’t need to cooperate with others, but only have to use your brain and deal with the clones.

The Looper has very exciting gameplay where you’ll be meeting clones, some characters looking the same as you. They can be helpful at times, but can also intrude in your way while you're trying to reach the end of the map to win the level.

Key Highlights

  • Clones: dealing with clones depends on your strategy. They’ll do everything similar to you and enact your movements accurately. Therefore, you have to make sure they're useful for you and not a nuisance.
  • Easy Handling: The Looper has easy and convenient handling where you can make the handling buttons, left and right, and jump, visible on the screen through settings.
  • Character Development: for starters, the characters in the game have been designed adorably. Additionally, they’ll change their bottom color in selective levels, mostly in hard game modes.

6. Death Squared 

Death Squared Game
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Luna, AirConsole, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and macOS
  • Mode: Multiplayer and Single Player

Death Squared is another famous cooperative puzzle game where communication, cooperation along with robot explosions are the main things.

Unlike other games in this list, Death Squared contains rather complicated yet interesting gameplay and maps, where there are no hurdles, jumping to upper stages, etc in maps. Instead, you’ll be given a platform of boxes and you have to complete the level without falling into the infinity pit. 

Key Highlights

  • Harder Levels: in harder levels, you’ll have to prevent yourself from jumping in the infinity pit along with saving yourself from machine or electric guns on the blocks platform, which will be mercilessly charging at you. 
  • Split screen: The game has options of split screen or shared screen in both PVP and cooperative multiplayer mode.
  • Sync with phones: Death Squared supports connecting the game on a tablet or cell phone and playing through it, instead of a gamepad or joystick.

7. Regular Human Basketball 

Regular Human Basketball Game
  • Platforms: Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS
  • Mode: Multiplayer and Single Player

Regular Human Basketball is a basketball game where you’ll be playing the sport with your friends, but, instead of humans, you will be given funny robot characters.

In Regular Human Basketball, you’ll be playing basketball with your opponents but while winning over them by hitting goals nonstop, you can also damage their mech to disable the thrusters while they’re chasing you. 

Key Highlights

  • PvP mode: Regular Human Basketball supports PvP mode online, as well as for shared or split screens.
  • Control: The control of the character, when playing in a single-player mode, will be with you entirely. But, at the time of multiplayer, you can share the control of the same character with your partner.
  • Excitement at its max: Regular Human Basketball comes with 6 titanic exciting arenas to dunk in, along with a truly realistic commentary from actual human commentators.

Final Words

The above list of best games like Pico Park showed a good variety of games with different gameplays and new challenges. In addition to that, there are more similar games out there, but for better experience, we’ll highly suggest you try the ones from this list first.

With this, we have successfully concluded our list of best games like Pico Park, and hope you know now which games can give you a good experience.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What game is similar to Pico Park?

Regular Human Basketball, Death Squared, Pico Park 3D, Pico Park: Classic Edition, and Plunder Squad are a few of the intriguing games similar to Piko park.

Is Pico Park for free?

No, unfortunately, Pico Park is not a free game. It’s available on steam with pricing starting from only $4.99.

Is Pico Park endless?

No, Pico Park is not endless, it has a certain number of levels to be completed before the game ends. However, there’s this special endless mode made for those who wish for high scores, without worrying about leveling up.