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9 Best Games like Toy Blast to Play Right Now [2024]

9 Best Games like Toy Blast to Play Right Now [2024]

Games like Toy Blast: Toy Blast claims to be the ultimate matching puzzle game with a community of over 50 million users globally. It requires your skills in solving puzzles, where you only have to break the same colour cubes and with the help of boosters – win the hardest level with ease.

Toy Blast brings you the supreme puzzle adventure and fun at your fingertips. With unique treasures and elements on the way – you will always be motivated to play more. In conclusion – everything is good, but what after you complete Toy Blast?

If you don’t know which game to go for after you are done with Toy Blast, then our list of the best 9 games like Toy Blast mentioned in this article is just what you need right now.

List of Games like Toon Blast

1. Toon Blast 

Toon Blast Games like Toy Blast

Toon Blast is another widespread puzzle game with unique gameplay and unlimited fun. With this game, you will enter a crazy cartoon universe and help the main characters – Bruno Bear, Wally Wolf, and Cooper Cat survive.

Toon Blast has a lot of wacky challenges to solve. With the help of blasting cubes and boosters, you can create a strong combination of power-ups. and use it to make a big blast and win the level in one go.

Key Highlights

  • Thrilling gameplay – Toon Blast makes you walk on eggshells by putting the MC in danger, and to help him survive, you have to complete the level as soon as possible.
  • Create a team – Toon Blast lets you make your own team and battle against other skilled users to rule the world.
  • Unlock episodes – Toon Blast has a good variety of locked episodes, which will automatically unlock as you reach higher levels.

2. Toy Bomb 

Toy Bomb Game

Toy Bomb is another promising match blast puzzle game where you have to match three or more cubes to break the line and win the stage.

Toy Bomb has challenging levels, where every level comes with unique items to collect, which turn into powerful boosters and power-ups in the upcoming hard levels.

Key Highlights

  • Thousands of levels – Toy Bomb has over 2000 challenging levels for you to master and have fun solving puzzles.
  • Create combinations – Toy Bomb lets you create a strong combination of two or more powerful boosters, to win tougher levels.
  • Mini-games – Toy Bomb have multiple mini-games to offer, to keep you entertained in different ways.

3. Toy Tap Fever 

Toy Tap Fever has the cute rabbit MC welcoming you to a fascinating matching puzzle game filled with fun challenges. Like other games in this article, Toy Tap Fever asks you to match a set of the same colour cubes to win levels and collect stars along with a ton of prizes.

Moreover, Toy Tap Fever only asks you to match two cubes for starters, and with the help of powerful bombs, you can win over harder levels easily.

Key Highlights

  • Take a break – Toy Tap Fever doesn’t come with a time limit, nor does it limit the number of moves. It’s a game where you can easily take a break from your hectic life and relax your brain with its fun puzzles.
  • Cute characters and graphics – the game has cute characters and dolls escorting you in your interesting puzzle adventure — all while you see exciting graphics all the way.

4. Cute Toy Crush 

Cute Toy Crush game

Cute Toy Crush is actually an underrated casual puzzle game — with the same pair-matching gameplay. As usual, you have to match and smash a pair of the same colour cubes and unlock more characters to accompany you on further levels.

Cute Toy Crush has the colour of cubes changing to keep you entertained and with multiple different types of boosters you get as rewards or winning levels, you can win the hardest levels with ease.

Key Highlights

  • Play with a thrill – Cute Toy Crush has your puzzle-solving skills challenged since it offers a limited number of moves to solve levels.
  • Play over 1000 levels – Cute Toy Crush has more than 2500 levels  — all free to play without needing to pay a single penny for future levels.
  • Unusual graphics and cute characters – Cute Toy Crush has interesting graphics to keep you entertained, and cute characters pop up to motivate you to play skillfully. 

5. Pet Rescue Saga 

Pet Rescue Saga Game

Pet Rescue Saga is one of the most famous casual puzzle games in this article. In this game, you have to save some innocent puppies and kittens who are trapped between the puzzle cubes in your Pet Rescue Saga adventure.

Pet Rescue Saga has a specific storyline that includes you participating in this rescue mission. By solving increasingly challenging puzzles, you have to save the harmless baby animals from the evil pet snatchers and earn personal rewards.

Key Highlights

  • Enter Petopia – Pet Rescue Saga is about a whole new town filled with pets, and you have to save these innocent animals and not leave them out cold.
  • Time limits – Pet Rescue Saga has time limits on all levels to make the levels harder yet more exciting to solve.
  • Grow your pet – Pet Rescue Saga allows you to adopt a pet and by collecting red cubes from the levels, every two weeks, you’ll earn treats and help your pet grow.

6. Toy Brick Crush 

Toy Brick Crush Game

Toy Brick Crush is another good puzzle game where you have to simply match two or more cubes of the same colour and create boosters to win all levels.

Toy Brick Crush has addicting puzzle gameplay with every level unlocking more unique elements and rewards, which will turn into vital boosters to help you win hard levels in future. 

Key Highlights

  • Match however you want – Toy Brick Crush doesn’t require you to necessarily match cubes horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and you can match them in a square too.
  • Special puzzles – Toy Brick Crush has this special puzzle level that comes with variations in the usual gameplay when the fun is only doubled. 
  • Thousands of levels to play – Toy Brick Crush has over 1000 levels to play, where you’ll have enough time to develop  new puzzle-solving skills and master them.

7. Toon Crush 

Toon Crush game

Toon Crush is one of the interesting free games like Toy Blast, where, with the same gameplay, you have to search for two or more cubes of the same colour, match them, and win the level to earn rewards.

Toon Crush is here to challenge your puzzle-solving skills since it has limited moves to offload for every level. Additionally, it has multiple unique boosters to help you blast your way out of the level with victory in hand.

Key Highlights

  • Play over 1000 levels — Toon Crush comes with over 1000 interesting levels – with ever-increasing challenges and adventure.
  • Spectacular boosters and power-ups — Toon Crush has a variety of powerful power-ups and boosters to help you complete harder levels with ease.
  • Collect unique gifts — as you reach higher levels, the variety of unique gifts in specific levels will increase too, and these special rewards help a lot in future hard levels.

8. Toy Cubes Pop 

Toy Cubes Pop Game

Toy Cubes Pop is another good game like Toy Blast where you have to blast cubes with strong boosters and complete thousands of levels with the specific stages having unique gifts and achievements for you. 

Toy Cubes Pop offers a similar puzzle adventure experience where you have to find two or more adjoining cubes of the same colour to match. Every level will give you a certain amount of stars, and these can be used to buy types of special bombs.

Key Highlights

  • Play with friends – Toy Cubes Pop can be played with your friends in multiplayer mode. 
  • Lead the leaderboard – since the game allows you to play with others, you can compete with your friends, colleagues, and others from worldwide on the leaderboard.
  • Play without connection – Toy Cubes Pop can be played without an Internet connection or the Wi-Fi — anytime and anywhere.

9. Toy Party 

Toy Party Game

Toy Party is another casual puzzle game where you have to pop and blast the same colour cubes. This game comes with a cute theme with exciting graphics where you will be experiencing a toy story with over a dozen rewards and gifts.

Toy Party follows a storyline, including a stubborn toddler named Joyce, who is currently on an adventure in the toy world. As the gamer, you have to help Joyce complete all levels and keep her happy with gifts from winning levels.

Key Highlights

  • Immersive graphics – Toy Party has vibrant colours along with 3D graphics to keep you motivated to play. 
  • Rewards every day – Toy Party has exciting rewards and prizes for you every day, as soon as you enter the game, without winning levels.
  • Participate in leagues – Toy Party comes with ranks for newbies and sapphire tiers, where you have to participate in leagues to level up and earn more points, which will get you more rewards.

Final Words

Toy Blast, indeed, has addictive gameplay and graphics, which keep you entertained and motivated to play and complete all levels. 

That’s true, but if you need a change, or, surprisingly, if you’ve completed all the thousands of levels of Toy Blast, then trying one of the games from our list is a must to check your puzzle-solving skills.

With this, we have presented all the best games like Toy Blast we found in our research, and if you wish to try something uncommon – then the above-mentioned list has everything you need.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Toy Blast a free game?

Yes, Toy Blast is a free game that contains ads with in-app purchases — only if you wish to upgrade your experience and want to get rid of the ads.

Are there more games like Toy Blast?

Yes, Toy Brick Crush, Toon Blast, Toy Tap Fever, Cute Toy Crush, Pet Rescue Saga, Toy Bomb, and Toy Party are a few more games like Toy Blast with the same gameplay but different ways of offering fun.

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