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7 Top Games like Royal Match to Play Right Now [2024]

7 Top Games like Royal Match to Play Right Now [2024]

Games like Royal Match: Royal Match is a game with 1000s of levels and areas where the main character — King Robert, needs your help to revive the royal castle’s glory. Each level comes with wonderful rewards, and the variety of events and bonus levels bring in unique treasures.

Originally, Royal Match can be played as a single-player game, but you can also join other teams. You can have your time solving the quests, while with the team that would only double the fun. It’s certainly a good game, but what after you have had your good time with it?

If you have played Royal Match to your heart’s content and are currently searching for more games similar to Royal Match, then we are pleased to inform you that the article mentioned below contains a list of the 7 best games like Royal Match out there!

List of Games like Royal Match:

1. Mayor Match 

Mayor Match Games like Royal Match

Mayor Match is another good puzzle and adventure game where you are welcomed to a beautiful town. In this game, you have to help the MC – the mayor of the town, by breaking all the barriers, and completing levels, and difficult tasks with the help of strong boosters.

Mayor Match comes with detailed graphics and every level comes with achievements. Every level has a certain goal to be reached, and you can always select the power-ups beforehand in case you think the level is complicated.

Moreover, Mayor Match also has this winning streak highlight which tells you how many matches you have won without failing once – and as the streak number goes up, so does the number of rewards.

Key Highlights

  • Power-ups and combos – the game has interesting power-ups to help you in difficult levels and powerful combos to solve certain difficulties in the game.
  • Mini-games – the game has a good variety of mini-games that each comes with different mechanics and gameplay.
  • Compete with others – if you succeed in completing all the special levels, then you’ll get to fight against other skilled players.
  • Renovate your home – while you take care of the town, you’ll also get chances to renovate your home whenever you want.

2. Toon Blast 

Toon Blast Game

Toon Blast is another popular game like Royal Match where you’ll be solving ultimate puzzle games with interesting gameplay. This game welcomes you to a cartoon world where the group of MCs – Wally Wolf, Bruno Bear, and Cooper Cat needs your help to survive.

Toon Blast will give you a wild adventure experience overall where you can have fun completing a load of challenging levels. You’ll unlock new episodes often and play with over a dozen unique objects.

Apart from all that, the most interesting part about Toon Blast is that every level comes with a thrilling time limit where you’ll have to save the MC from getting drowned in the dangerous green liquid by completing the level fast.

Key Highlights

  • Renovate the town – as you complete more levels, you’ll get to change the vibe and look of the town by renovating it skillfully.
  • Over 1000 levels – Toon Blast has over 5000 levels to complete, each coming with different graphics and variations in gameplay.
  • Play with the team – Toon Blast is better when you create a team and compete with others to lead the world. Also, you can ask for lives from your teammates to play more.

3. Match Cruise 

Match Cruise Game

Match Cruise is another underrated puzzle and adventure, casual game where the MC of the game — Captain Roger, allows you to help him complete fun puzzle levels and win multiple prizes. 

Match Cruise takes place on a cruise ship where the gameplay is the same – you have to match three or more than three same-coloured chips to win all levels, and the task just gets easier with power-ups.

Match Cruise is a free-to-play fun game where you’ll be experiencing amazing events and a unique puzzle game experience. Also, you should always look forward to earning coins, joining events, and playing mini-games to reach higher levels faster.

Key Highlights

  • Unlock new areas – as you reach higher levels, you’ll get to unlock new areas in the game and also receive powerful gifts, including power-ups, game bonuses, free coins, etc.
  • Graphics and exploring – Match Cruise has dynamic graphics and sound effects and you’ll get to explore new places on your voyage trip.
  • Bet to win more – Match Cruise has this great feature where you get to bet your winning with utmost confidence, and double and triple your winning prize.

4. Royal Blast 

Royal Blast Game

Royal Blast is another interesting puzzle game – actually, a bubble shooter game with different gameplay from all the games mentioned in this article.

Royal Blast is a marble shooting game where the theme of the game is based on a royal integrated rich surface. It’s where you have to pass multiple levels to earn stars and create your kingdom.

Royal Blast needs your cool combination of skills and talents to beat all the obstacles in the levels. You'll have an amazing puzzle game experience winning the levels with powerful boosters.

Key Highlights

  • Combine and use — Royal Blast lets you combine the classic construction elements like a color ball, mine, etc to make a bigger blast.
  • Different goals for different levels — Royal Blast has different goals for every level, like collecting wood, collecting shells, and flowers, saving birds, etc.
  • Unlock more areas — as you complete higher levels, you’ll get to unlock different areas on the surface to expand your kingdom.

5. Farm Heroes Saga 

Farm Heroes Saga Game

Farm Heroes Saga is the second-most famous game in this article, offering a compelling puzzle experience similar to Royal Match except that you’ll be matching fruits and other farm items instead of royal stuff. 

Farm Heroes Saga shows you a new and ‘farmtastic’ way of farming by collecting cute crops from the farm and solving puzzles. However, you have to beware of the farm enemy — a Racoon named Rancid, who will do everything to ruin your farming.

Key Highlights

  • Play 1000s of levels – Farm Heroes Saga lets you explore over 1000 levels where you will be cultivating acres of delicious fruit farms.
  • Fight against Rancid – whenever Rancid shows up, you’ll have to defend your farm by solving hard matching puzzles, and with the help of other farm animals, keep the enemy away from your fruits and plants.

6. Royal Breaker 

Royal Breaker Game

Royal Breaker is another interesting royal-themed puzzle adventure game. It’s a 3D ball blast game, where you have to explore multiple obstructions and with the help of powerful boosters, win against robust brick levels.

The most interesting part about Royal Breaker is that unlike other games mentioned in this article, it doesn’t have fruits, sweets, candies, etc to match and break, instead, it has bricks with numbers on them to challenge you. 

Furthermore, Royal Breaker has multiple power-ups and many interesting things like decorating a room, unlocking areas, collecting coins and rewards, getting help, etc, like things to keep you entertained.

Key Highlights

  • Face different goals and targets at each level – Royal Breaker has a unique and different target for you with every new level, and you are required to win many entertaining obstacles along the way.
  • Magic boosters – Magic boosters are extremely helpful in hard levels, where you can blast the entire line and complete the level with just one magic booster.

7. Homescapes 

Homescapes Game

Homescapes is the No. 1 game in this article when it comes to popularity, with over 75 million gamers. This game has multiple puzzles to offer, where you have to match and break everyday items like bowls, cups, books, kettles, buttons, etc.

Additionally, Homescapes has a series of mini-games with each having interesting and unique gameplay. Overall, it is based on a specific storyline where you’ll have to restore a huge mansion and further revive it, in an abandoned lane.

Furthermore, Homescapes comes with a good variety of amusing things like unlocking more chapters in the family story, decorating rooms in the mansion, renovating the areas of the mansion as you like, etc.

Key Highlights

  • Help Austin — although Homescapes is about a family that includes multiple characters, your main goal is to help Austin the MC, to refurbish the mansion by solving puzzles and playing mini-games.
  • Unfold secrets — since we are talking about an abandoned mansion, it’s set to have multiple secrets and you have to unfold each one of them.
  • In-game social Network — Homescapes lets you watch all the characters of the game living their life, and you can also interact with them through the special in-built social network section. 

Final Words 

Royal Match is filled with excitement and fun, but if you are invested in finding more types of interesting and unique treasures in the same kind of casual puzzle games, then our list of games like Royal Match mentioned above is exactly what you need.

With this, we have successfully presented the best games like Royal Match and you now know which casual puzzle game you should go for next.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are games similar to Royal Match?

Royal Breaker, Mayor Match, Toon Blast, Royal Blast, and Match Cruise are a few of the best games similar to Royal Match. 

What kind of game is Royal Match?

Royal Match is a casual puzzle game where you’ll be going on an adventure of solving multiple puzzles. You’ll earn prizes and achievements at each level while helping King Robert to win the royal castle’s glory back.

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