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8 Top Games like Dawn of Man to Play RN! [2024]

8 Top Games like Dawn of Man to Play RN! [2024]

Games like Dawn of Man: if you are interested in survival games with exciting graphics, filled with beautiful landscapes and nature, then you must have heard about one of the popular survival and city-building video games named Dawn of Man.

Dawn of Man is a city-building game by Madruga Works, taking place in the Stone Age era, and living up till the Iron Age. You’ll be playing MC and be responsible for commanding an entire settlement of ancient humans – guiding them through years of struggle and survival.

Certainly, Dawn of Man doesn’t necessarily consist of action, but with its exciting and beautiful storyline – one has to be invested. But, if you have already tried it and are searching for similar games, then our well-curated list of the best games like Dawn of Man below is exactly what you need.

List of Games like Dawn of Man:

1. Timberborn 

Timberborn Games like Dawn of Man

Timberborn is another city-building survival game, with beautiful graphics, taking place in the roots of nature. This game specifically focuses on vertical architecture, fatal droughts in the forest area, canny animals, and river control.

Moreover, Timberborn consists of unique beaver factions, and as the MC, you have to keep your people alive on a drought-stricken Earth. To survive, you have to hunt animals, build dams, and do many such life-threatening activities.

Key Highlights

  • Prepare for new seasons – Timberborn has both wet and dry seasons where you have to be prepared for recording rods and storms.
  • Build and grow – Timberborn needs your skills to build sophisticated machinery from timber, aluminium, wood, etc and grow your civilization.
  • Day and night – since the game has both day and night cycles, you’ve to create a multi-district town which performs efficiently to produce products at both day and night times.

2. Banished 

Banished Game

Banished is another interesting city-building strategy and survival video game, specifically focusing on resource management and survival. You, the gamer, have to turn a completely isolated island into a growing civilization.

Banished has its gameplay theme compared to sustainability and optimization from an economic view. Additionally, you will be in charge of controlling a group of exiled travellers, who have decided to start a new life on a new island.

Key Highlights

  • Start from scratch — Banished wants you to start your civilization from scratch because the people in the society only have clothes on their bodies with a cart including some items from their motherland.
  • Live the natural life cycle – your people and yourself will be living through the natural life cycle, where people will be born, grow, work, marry, have children, and die.
  • Over 20 occupations – the game consists of 20 different work positions that your town people can perform, including blacksmithing, mining, teaching, hunting, farming, healing, etc. 

3. Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars Game

As the name suggests, Surviving Mars is another city-building survival game, but taking place in the lands of Mars. It’s a sci-fi city builder helping you experience colonizing and surviving Mars and its ever-increasing challenges.

Surviving Mars will require you to implement your survival strategies to improve the colony's chances of surviving while unlocking mysteries of the unknown world. 

Key Highlights

  • Start from scratch – Surviving Mars will leave you on the red planet to build the first functioning human colony, and for that, you have to start by getting supplies, training, and experience with sandstorms, oxygen, etc.
  • Appoint colonists – as you are the head of all the colonies, you’ll need to appoint all the people with specific tasks and jobs to grow accordingly. 
  • Futuristic retro structures – your colony will be building retro buildings, and structures for people along with commercial buildings, and factories — with their neighbourhood personality.

4. Planetbase 

Planetbase Game

Planetbase is a space simulation strategy game, evolving around establishing a human colony on an isolated planet to create a chance of surviving on that planet.

Planetbase has a simple gameplay where you’ll guide a team of space settlers, who are trying to establish their base on an isolated land. Also, you all will collect energy, grow your own food, mine resources, and survive disasters together.

Key Highlights

  • RPG – it gives you the role of the colony architect and manager, where you’ll be guiding your colonists to build structures while ensuring all of them have a constant supply of water, food, and oxygen.
  • Different jobs – Planetbase has all types of colonists immigrating to your planet, including guards, engineers, workers, biologists, etc.
  • Types of Botz – since Planetbase is taking place in a futuristic generation, you’ll have bots like carrier bots, driller bots, and construction bots providing aid in your growth.

5. Ostriv 

Ostriv Game

Ostriv is another exciting survival video game, giving you the role of a governor in the 18th century. It’s here to challenge your management and creative skills — giving you an outstanding experience of building your town while facing multiple limitations and struggles.

Ostriv has taken place in the old era of Ukraine. It has the natural cycle of life where seasons and climates will change, and as the governor, you have to prepare for seasonal storms and hardships with your people.

Key Highlights

  • Under-development — Ostriv video game, as of April 2024, it’s still under development but open to buy and play if you wish to help the developers to create a wonderful survival game.
  • Organic down structures – Ostriv doesn’t limit you with angles and grid restraints on 3-dimensional lands, and you are allowed to create a truly organic layout.

6. RimWorld 

RimWorld Game

RimWorld is a management and construction simulation game with a unique graphic style. The most exciting thing about this game is that it’s a Sci-fi colony video game — based on a story by an intelligent AI storyteller.

RimWorld starts with 3 survivors from a ship accident. Furthermore, it will give you multiple experiences including interpersonal relationships, climate, Medicines, gunplay, ecology, psychology, and many such topics.

Key Highlights

  • Build and grow — RimWorld has you helping the colonists build deserts, jungles, forests, tundras, etc, to grow.
  • Develop in Science — RimWorld will help you develop in science, and you’ll be able to replace injured organs and limbs with bionics, biological parts, and prosthetics reaped by others.
  • Fight and conquer — RimWorld will give you an experience of fighting with crazy animals, huge insects, Pirates, ancient killing machines, etc to survive and win special objects and lands.

7. Farthest Frontier

Farthest Frontier Game

Farthest Frontier is a medieval city-builder video game with loads of surprises. In this game, you will be living a village survival life, and have to guide and protect your small team of settlers from the unlimited wilderness.

Farthest Frontier will involve you doing all the village-related chores like hunting, fishing, harvesting raw materials, and farming to survive. You’ll also be creating crafted items to equip, trade, consume, and fight against other communities.

Key Highlights

  • Construct and advance – you get to build 50 types of buildings while you grow your town from a deserted island into a busy city.
  • Detailed farming system – you’ve to use your strategies to select from 10 crops all with different growing skills to understand crop rotations, maintain soil fertility, etc.
  • Follow the three main rules – this game offers 14 raw materials like clay, metal, herbs, honey, etc, and you can grow 17 different types of food, get 10 crops, and can produce 32 crafted items. 

8. Manor Lords 

Manor Lords Game
Play Manor Lords

Manor Lords is again a medieval-based strategy survival video game that features large-scale battles, complicated economic, and social simulations, and in-depth city-building. As the gamer, you will be the ruler of these lands and have to help your people survive as seasons change.

Manor Lords has its graphics inspired by 14th-century art and architecture. It’s mainly focusing on historical accuracy and strategy-related fields like organic city-building, medieval warfare, resource management, and handicrafts.

Key Highlights

  • Organic city-building — as the ruler, you get to build a central market and other industrial districts. You also get to assign areas for housing and commercial use and guide your settlers to reach rich opportunities.
  • Resource management — since food and farming are extremely helpful, you’ll have to be careful in maintaining the resource balance and prioritizing farming of certain crops over others.
  • Medieval Warfare — this field will need your training and Warrior skills to expand your territory by battling against other territories and communities to conquer their land and resources. 

Final Words 

All the games mentioned in this article have received a positive and above-average response on Steam from thousands of players globally. Additionally, each one of them has a survival theme but is accompanied by a variety of unique gameplay.

In conclusion, the list of the best games like Dawn of Man mentioned in this article are literally the gems hand-picked for someone who’s invested in survival games filled with beautiful natural landscapes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long is Dawn of Man?

If you play Dawn of Man in the single-player mode, to complete the main story, you need 15 hours and 23 minutes, and to complete the main story + extras, you need 23 hours and 26 minutes.

Which are the best games like turn off man?

RimWorld, Planetbase, Timberborn, Banished, Surviving Mars, and Manor Lords are a few of the best games like Dawn of Man, each with a survival theme, but different and truly exciting gameplay.

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