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Fix: Molton Brown Website Not Working [2024]

Fix: Molton Brown Website Not Working [2024]

Molton Brown Website Not Working: Molton Brown is a luxury bath and beauty store, helping you create memories with its collection of luxurious gifts since 1971. Also, it deals in fragrances and exquisite gifts for the home, and the best part is – you receive a free sample with all orders.

Molton Brown majorly deals through its digital platform – website, which has been doing a good job serving all its customers, except for the past few weeks, when we have detected some issues with the website.

Many users are facing problems in various parts of its site. Now, if you're one among them facing the same Molton Brown website not working issue, then you must continue reading this article containing a list of troubleshooting methods to solve the problem.

Why is the Molton Brown Website Not Working?

Is Molton Brown Down?

The main reason behind the Molton Brown website not working issue can be that there is an issue with the Molton Brown server's backend — creating problems for not only you but for other users too.

To check if this is the actual cause, you should try visiting some trusted websites like Updownradar and check the server status of Molton Brown. If it says that the servers are up and running, then the cause is something else.

Check Twitter

If you didn’t find anything in the above-mentioned website, then try checking Twitter since users might be discussing and complaining to Molton Brown about similar issues.

How to Fix: Molton Brown Website Not Working

Wait for a While

If you found a reports stating that other users are also facing similar issues, or got an announcement from Molton Brown itself about some service outages – then all you can do is wait for a while till the problem is solved.

Use Another Browser 

In case you are using the same browser for a good while, then try using some other Browser instead of your go-to browser, since the previous browser may have temporary bugs and glitches which will go away if not used for some time.

Clear Cache & Cookies

Clearing the browser cache and cookies will not only help to load and use the molten browser website but also other platforms.

To clear the browser cache and cookies, follow the simple instructions below,

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Select the three dots icon available at the top header. 
  3. Go to the History page. 
  4. Choose the Clear Browsing Data option.
  5. Put a tick on all the presented boxes to clear all data. 
  6. Select the Clear option.

The above-mentioned instructions are only for Chrome, but other browsers like Safari, Firefox etc, will have similar easy step-by-step guides to clear cache and cookies.

Use a VPN

Using a VPN is not always helpful since the network is rarely protected. But, at times like these, when you need to enter a site but it isn’t allowing you to, even when you have a protected network connection, you can try using a VPN for some time.

Update your Browser 

If you are using a Browser whose software needs an update, then the browser will show problems in performing well with certain websites including Molton Brown. To solve the issue, all you have to do is update your browser.

Contact Molton Brown Customer Care

If the methods mentioned didn’t work for you, then resorting to contacting Molton Brown customer service is your only option.

To contact Molton Brown, you can either call +44 (0)808 178 1188 or send that service team an email at

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a problem with the Molton Brown website?

If you are facing issues while using the Molton Brown website, then you should try changing your browser, updating it if required, using a VPN, clearing cache and cookies, or simply contacting Molton Brown customer service.

Is Molton Brown website down?

According to Updownradar, the Molton Brown website is up and running for all as of 12 April 2024.