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9 Top Games like Phase 10 & Alternatives [2024] 

9 Top Games like Phase 10 & Alternatives [2024] 

Games like Phase 10: Phase 10 is a worldwide famous card game created in 1982 by Kenneth Johnson, and sold by Mattel. The game is inspired by a variant of Rummy, called Contract Rummy, consisting of a special deck equal to 2 regular decks of cards, which can be played by 2 to 6 players. 

Talking about its play style, it is somewhat similar to Rummy, where every player is dealt 10 cards and tries to complete 10 designated phases. The card game is available physically in almost all local stores globally, and you can also try it on websites and apps.

Overall, if we were you, we would definitely give it a shot. However, if you have already tried the game and are searching for more similar family-friendly card games, then you are on the correct page because the article below contains some of the best games like Phase 10 out there. 

List of Games like Phase 10:

1. Uno 

Uno Games like Phase 10

Whether you like card games or not, or genuinely are interested in indoor games or not, it certainly doesn’t matter because Uno is that popular globally.

It is one of the leading card games worldwide, and globally known as the most beloved card game with a new experience. As you might have guessed, it has an addictive play style — developed by Merle Robbins in 1971, in Ohio, the US. 

How to Play

Every player will be given 7 Uno cards to start with, and you are allowed to customize the starting card number as per your preferences. 

You have to match one of your parts with the card displayed on the drop pile, and the first one to get rid of all their cards will win the game. 

2. Skin-Bo 


Skip-Bo is a commercial version of the original card game Spite and Malice, a derivative of a Russian bank. It is a strategy card game played by 2 to 6 players, including 162 cards, 12 guards from 1 to 2, and 18 Skip-Bo wild cards, which can be used and played as any number. 

Moreover, the game was founded in 1967 in Texas, the US, by Minnie Hazel Skip Bowman. The real card versions of the game can be found in many local stores globally, while you can try it online on websites and apps. 

How to Play

The game will be started by the person sitting to the left of the dealer, and everyone will draw 5 cards from the top of the drop pile. After arranging the cards, everyone will wait for the first player to take their turn before drawing his or her own cards

You are allowed to play either Skip Bo wildcard or 1 to start the discard pile file, and every player will be given 30 cards at the start, while the recommended number is 10 to 15 if you want to complete the game faster. 

3. Rummikub 


Rummikub is not exactly a card game, instead, it is a tile-based game for 2 to 4 players. It combines elements of popular card games named Rummy and Mahjong, inclusive of 106 tiles, where 104 numbered tiles and 2 are jokers.

Moreover, the game was invented in the 1940s by Ephraim Hertzano, a Romanian-born Jew, who immigrated to the British mandate of Palestine. The game was first handmade by the inventor with his family in the backyard of his home, and later in the 1970s, was brought to the US. 

How to Play

To start the game, every player has to pick a tile, and the one who picks the highest number will go first, and the game will go in a clockwise direction.

Now, return the tile to each pouch and mix them thoroughly before every player takes 14 tiles and places them on his rack, same numbers, but in different colors. 

Next, you have to play a set or sets in different versions, with a value of a minimum of 30 points, and the tile value is equivalent to its face value unless we are talking about Joker. 

4. Five Crowns

Five Crowns

Five Crowns is another popular card game inspired by the popular Rummy. It is for ages 8 to adult and can be played by 2 to 7 players. 

Its set collection is similar to that of Rummy’s, with groups of 3 cards in runs or denominations, making an appropriate meld. The highlight is, every person will have the number of cards increasing from 3 cards to 13 in the end.

How to Play

You have to start by shuffling both the decks together and every player will get 3 cards in the first round. In every round, the number of cards given to players will increase by 1.

For example, in the second round, everyone will get 4 cards, in the third round, everyone will get 5 cards, and the game will go on until the last round where every player will have 13 cards. 

5. Spite and Malice 

Spite and Malice

Spite and Malice, with an alternate name Cat and Mouse, is a modern American card game, mostly played by 2 players, but the number can increase according to likes. At first look, it looks similar to the usual card game of spades, hearts, etc, but it has a different play style.

The main goal of the game is to compete to play cards in numerical sequence to foundation piles, and you must have management skills to win. Furthermore, you can find the card game in many local stores, or you always have the option of trying it online. 

How to Play

Since the original number of players includes 2, we will guide you for 2 players using 2 standard decks of cards.

To start with, every player has to pile with 20 cards, 4 discard piles named ‘sides stacks’, and a hand of 5 cards. 

You have to play cards in ascending order on ‘center stacks’, and you will win when you play the last card from your goal pile.

6. Rack-O


Rack-O is another interesting card game, a Milton Bradley sequential matching where your goal is to gain 10 numbers, in numerical order, in one hand. The game is for ages 8 and above, 2 to 4 players, and one round usually takes about 45 minutes. 

In this game, you need to have better counting and sequence skills. As for where you can find it, the retro package game is available on Amazon, and many more local stores in the US, like Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Etsy, etc, while it’s also available online. 

How to Play

The game will start as the dealer will shuffle the cards and give each player 10 cards. 

As a player, you are required to place every card as you receive it into the highest available slot in your rack, starting from the 10th slot, and you are not allowed to rearrange them.

Your main goal is to create a sequence of numbers in ascending order, starting from 1st slot till the last. 

7. Catan 


Catan is not exactly a game revolving around cards, but it is a board game, including cards. Previously known as The Settlers of Catan or Settlers, it is a multiplayer board game invented by Klaus Teubrer and first published in 1995 in Germany. 

The game has 3 player modes where the standard mode includes 3 to 4 players, the expansions include 3 to 6 players, and the movie edition includes 5 to 12 players, and every round is about 60 minutes. 

How to Play

The game is easy to understand and it is about a settlement, where you have to create your own settlement by getting resources, trading with other players, etc. 

To win, you need to build 3 cities, earn 4 victory points, and grow the largest army. The best way to win 10 victory points is by leveling up your settlements constantly, and you need to spend 3 ore and 2 wheats to turn every settlement into a city.

8. Ticket to Ride 

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is our personal favorite board game, a strategy game invented by Alan R. Moon in German style and developed by Next Level Games.

The main highlight of the game is that it is available with multiple maps globally, including Europe, London, India, Russia, and more. It can be played by 2 to 5 players all aging above 6 years, and every game needs about 45 to 60 minutes to play.

How to Play

To start the game everyone will receive their pawns and the same-colored trains. 

As a player, you will also receive 2 small destinations and one big destination, which you have to complete by taking a train from the first location to the other without getting interrupted or leaving it incomplete in the middle. 

As soon as one of the players completes all the destinations given, the game will end. 

After counting the points for different factors like the value of the destination, the one with the biggest unbreakable train gets 10 points so that will also count, etc, — the one with the highest points will be the winner. 

Final Words 

This article not only has a well-curated list of some of the most popular card games of all time, but it also has some popular board games inclusive of cards – interesting and fun to play with your loved ones.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you might find more famous and recently launched games on Amazon and similar stores, but, if you want to play something classic, then the aforementioned list has everything you need.

With that, we have reached the conclusion of the article, and hope you now know some of the best games like Phase 10. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which are fun card games like Phase 10?

Uno, Skip-Bo, Rummikub, Five Crowns, Spite and Malice, Rack-O, and Ticket to Ride are some of the most fun card games like Phase 10.

Are there any more card games like Phase 10?

Ticket to Ride, Spite and Malice, Rack-O, Uno, Rummikub, Five Crowns, and Skip-Bo are some more card games like Phase 100 to play with your family, colleagues, and friends.