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8 Best Games like People Playground You Can Try! [2024]

8 Best Games like People Playground You Can Try! [2024]

Are you bored playing games with objectives and goals? Do you wish to play games that do not have objectives and goals to complete or their goals do not matter as long as you’re having fun? 

If it is the correct situation, then you surely need to play more games like People Playground.

About People Playground 

People Playground is a computer game that involves the player in mining, attacking, or tossing around a ragdoll. It is one of those games which will involve brutality along with fun physics in the name of calling points to new players.

Does it sound like an interesting task to you? Fortunately, we have curated a list of the 8 best games like People Playground, which we would love to recommend to you, in the article below.

Garry’s Mod

Games like People Playground

Garry’s Mod is a sandbox game like People Playground that is created by Facepunch Studios and established by Valve. It contains several characters left for dead like Charger, Smoker, Boomer, Nick, Zoey, Bill, Louis, Ellis, Jockey, Witch, Tank, Hunter, etc.

The game is available to download on Steam for $3.99 and direct software from digital trends. It has received excellent reviews from players across the world with 10/10 ratings at the Steam store. Sandbox is the only main genre of this game.

How to Play

  1. Switch on the game and adjust the settings according to your preferences.
  2. As there are no specific objectives, you cannot die or lose.
  3. You will be given the power to spawn non-player roles like props and rag dolls along with interacting with them through various means.
  4. You will have to use the physics gun tool to pick, rotate, and freeze rag dolls and crops in place.

Key Highlights

  • The game can be played in single-player mode as well as multiplayer mode.
  • It does not have any objectives, which means you will have the freedom to do whatever you want with the tools provided.

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Year: 2006 Games like People Playground is a vehicle simulator video game created and released by BeamNG GmbH. It includes some unique features like soft body physics which involves stimulation of realistic handling and damage to vehicles.

The main genres of this game are Racing video games, vehicle simulation games, racing, early access, simulation, and open world.

It is available to install from Steam for $19.99 and direct software for windows from digital trends. Furthermore, it has received excellent feedback from players in Google Play Store and Apple Store. It received 10 on 10 rating on Steam and 8 out of 10 rating on digital trends.

How to Play

  1. Install the game on your device and switch it on.
  2. Adjust the default settings according to your will.
  3. Choose the car you wish to use in the race or for whatever reason you are playing the game.
  4. Start the game and do whatever you wish to do. You can drive around, do scenarios, download mods, race, and do many more things.

Key Highlights

  • You need at least AMD FX 6300 3.5Ghz processor and 35GB available space along with 8 GB Ram to run the game.
  • It can be played in single-player mode as well as multi-seat. The game is also available on the Google Play Store and App Store, but the reviews and ratings are not quite pleasing.

Platform: Microsoft Windows.

Year: 2013


Forts Games like People Playground

Forts is a 2D and real-time strategy video game like People Playground that is developed and released by an Australian studio called EarthWork Games.

It is based on early Bridge building games and is a physical base RTS where force design and dead customized bases are armed to the teeth for blasting their opponents' creations to the core.

Real-time strategy is the only mean genre of this game. Forts is only available at the Steam store for $7.49, as of now. And it has received thousands of positive reviews and Steam with 9 out of 10 ratings.

How to Play

  1. Switch on the game and take a hold of any four players mentioned in the options.
  2. Learn the keys at least till you reach the average level.
  3. Focus on your opponent's actions and strengths and then act accordingly.
  4. Move ahead when you think it is the right time to crash them and do it.

Key Highlights

  • You will need a pen TM 12 four2.7 GHz processor along with 3 GB available space in your device to run this game.
  • You can only play it in multiplayer mode.

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Year: 2017

Blade and Sorcery

Blade and Sorcery game

Blade and Sorcery is a medieval fantasy sandbox, a built-for-VR video game that includes full physics-driven melee, Magic combat, and ranged combat.

It allows you to become a strong warrior, sorcerer, or ranger to devastate your enemies. And the main genres of this game include fighting games and shooter video games.

The game is only available on Steam for $19.99 and has received over 30,000 reviews and an excellent rating of 10/10.

How to Play

  1. Switch on the game and alter the settings.
  2. Go to the guide page and learn the keys until you at least memorize more than half of them.
  3. Start the game and create your character according to your preferences. You get the privilege to choose the attire and outlook for your character.
  4. Then the character is sent to a house where he or she can spawn around to test weapons and select an arena.
  5. The player also has to select who he or she has to fight against, they get to choose from different difficulty levels and special modes.
  6. Start the game and as you have learned the keys, experiment with hits and attacks to see which one will help you win.

Key Highlights

  • You at least need an Intel Core i5 processor and Windows seven above software to run this game.
  • The game can only be played in a single-player mode.

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Year: 2018

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program game

Kerbal Space Program is a series of two games, Kerbal space programme and Kerbal space program 2. Both games contain space flight simulation programs from private divisions. As the player, you are expected to build a space program.

It is only available on Steam for $9.99 and has received good feedback from players on Steam with over 80,000 reviews and 10 out of 10 ratings.

How to Play

  1. Launch the game on your device.
  2. Switch it on and you will see a main menu at the start.
  3. Tap on the start game option then start new.
  4. You will be further asked what type of game you would like to play.
  5. Do adjustments according to your preferences.
  6. Learn the keys to moving around.
  7. Focus on winning the game.

Key Highlights

  • You can only play it in a single-player mode.

Platform: Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac

Year: 2011


Boneworks game

Boneworks is the first-person shooter VR game created and released by stress level zero and is designed entirely physics-based. 

In the game, the player has a complete virtual body that will respond not just to the player's real-world input, but also to the obstructions caused in the game world.

Virtual reality, action-adventure game, simulation game, fighting game, and first-person shooter RD mean genres on this game. It has received over 25,000 reviews at the Steam store for $23.99 with a good 9 out of 10 ratings.

How to Play

  1. To start the game, attach oculus quest 2 to your device.
  2. Through the enable oculus link option, select enable and you will be taken to the home screen of the oculus PC.
  3. From your library, choose bone works and start playing.
  4. The first thing you will see after switching on the game will be the main menu.
  5. Adjust the settings according to your well and start the game.
  6. Make sure you have learned all the important keys.
  7. Make a winning strategy and go for it.

Key Highlights

  1. You at least need 8 GB Ram available on your device to run this game.
  2. It can only be played in single-player mode.

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Year: 2019

Viscera Cleanup Detail

Viscera Cleanup Detail game

Viscera cleanup detail is a science fiction simulation game like People Playground that allows players to receive tasks to clean up the bloody aftermath of a successful alien invasion on the island. A South African indie developer originally created and released the game.

As the main character, you will step into a space janitor wearing boots with the task of cleaning up all the residues of various horrific events. Indie game and simulation are the only main genres of this game

Additionally, it has received good love on Steam and excellent feedback at instant And has received 9 out of 10 ratings with thousands of reviews on Steam. You can buy it for $5.84 from the Steam Store.

How to Play

  1. Switch on the game.
  2. Tap on the start game option and make adjustments to start the game.
  3. Go to the guide and learn all the important keys.
  4. After the level starts, as the cleaner, you are required to clean all the blood, viscera, trash, and bullet holes in the area to complete a level.
  5. To complete the level, you will be given a mob, sniffer device, and gloved hands, all these will accompany you to pinpoint the nearest object to you which must be cleaned.

Key Highlights

  • The game can be played in single-player and multiplayer modes as well. The maximum number of players is 32.

Platform: Microsoft Windows and macOS.

Year: 2015

Scrap Mechanic

Scrap Mechanic game

Scrap mechanic is a sandbox game created by Swedish game studio and released by Axolot games. In this game, players can build vehicles, buildings, and mechanics and share their experiences and creations online with other players.

The main genres of this game are survival games, simulation video games, adventure, simulation, early access, and indie game.

On Steam, you can buy it for $13.99 where it got excellent feedback from customers. And more than 70,000 reviews show the game is incredible and worth a try. It has received a good 9 out of 10 rating on Steam.  

How to Play

  1. Switch on the game and adjust the settings.
  2. Start the game and learn all the required keys.
  3. After the game starts, you will be thrown into an all-new creative multiplayer sandbox game with all the required Elements given.
  4. You will get over a hundred building parts options to choose from and create whatever you want.
  5. There is no specific aim. Once you are done making something, you can see the share option on the same screen to share your creation with other players.

Key Highlights

  • It can be an amazing and amusing experience for engineers.
  • The game can be played in both single-player and multiplayer modes.
  • You at least need a 2.6 GHz dual-core processor and Microsoft’s Windows seven and above to run this game on your device.

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Year: 2016


We hope by reading our list of games like People Playground, now you have a good set of games that you can try where you will not need to focus on completing certain tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will People Playground ever be available on mac?

No, the game won’t be ever fully supported by Mac due to certain policies and conditions.

Which is the best People Playground alternative?

Forts can be the best People Playground alternative.