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9 Top Games like Oceanhorn to Play Right Now! [2024]

9 Top Games like Oceanhorn to Play Right Now! [2024]

Games like Oceanhorn: Oceanhorn is a popular dungeon game series – a dungeon-crawler focused on local multiplayer. In this video game, you will be exploring islands of unknown seas – a universe that is filled with multiple puzzles, secrets, and dangers.

Oceanhorn is one of the leading adventure games when it comes to dungeons and related points. It has exciting graphics and enough hours of gameplay to keep you entertained for a long time.

On the contrary, for those who have already given Oceanhorn a shot and loved its concept, we are here with a list of the best 9 games like Oceanhorm you should try next if you’re still into dungeons and RPG adventure.

List of Games like Oceanhorn:

1. The Legend of Zelda 

The Legend of Zelda Games like Oceanhorn

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most popular action-adventure games mainly developed for Nintendo. It follows an epic adventure across the skies and lands of Hyrule — where you set your own world of imagination.

In The Legend of Zelda, you will be deciding your road through mysterious lands and skies throughout the journey. Also, your main goal is to acquire the power of Link's new skills to fight against vicious forces that are currently terrorizing your kingdom.

Key Highlights

  • Link’s abilities: The Legend of Zelda has updated Link’s abilities and skills with 4 new skills named fuse, recall, ultrahand, and ascend.
  • Sky lands: The Legend of Zelda is famous for its development in sky lands, where you will experience fighting over the clouds, and on cloud grounds.
  • Weapons: The Legend of Zelda will allow you to take items like rocks, branches, and trees to fuse these elements with the shields, arrows, and existing weapons to increase their durability and damage.

2. Hyper Light Drifter 

Hyper Light Drifter Game

Hyper Light Drifter is a well-known action RPG video game with modernized mechanics and designs on a higher scale. In this game, you will be roaming around a vast and beautiful yet ruined world stuck with lost and dangerous technology.

Hyper Light Drifter further includes collectors of forgotten knowledge, and broken histories where Drifters are haunted by an insatiable illness. These people will be traveling further in the lands, hoping to find a way to win over this vicious disease.

Key Highlights

  • Hand-animated: Hyper Light Drifter is a hand-animated game including every character and background element, giving it a more realistic and powerful touch.
  • Weapons and skills: Hyper Light Drifter allows you to easily upgrade your weapons and learn new skills. You also get to discover new equipment and traverse a detailed world that contains radiating paths and secrets.

3. Ōkami 

Ōkami Game

Ōkami is another exciting action-adventure video game where you will be taking the position of Amaterasu – the Japanese sun goddess. This Goddess inhibits the shape of a legendary wide world and is on a journey to fight against Orochi – a demon with 8 hands.

Furthermore, Ōkami has a strong villain – a tyrannical monster who is responsible for transferring the peaceful world of Nippon into a ruined wasteland. 

Key Highlights

  • New art style: Ōkami uses the renowned sumi-e ink art style giving it the perfect look and touch of traditional Japanese vibes. 
  • Interactive gameplay: Ōkami, like most of the games mentioned in this article, contains battles, but it also has unique and interactive gameplay, including multiple supernatural creatures and immense action scenes. 

4. Jade Empire 

Jade Empire Game

Jade Empire is another exciting, award-winning action-adventure RPG video game. Through this game, you will be pulled into the body of an inspiring martial-art master and follow a path of either open form or closed fist.

The main highlight of Jade Empire is that your choices and actions in the game will solely determine the fate of the entire Jade Empire. This means it depends on you if you will be preventing the destruction of the kingdom or crushing it to the bits.

Key Highlights

  • Beautiful graphics: Jade Empire is filled with beautiful Japanese traditional graphics that includes mysterious and beautiful lands to discover, save, explore – or conquer.
  • Interesting moves and monsters: Jade Empire is filled with a good variety of new monsters and enemies coming your way throughout the game, and sharp moves to show off the real martial arts. 

5. Tunic 

Tunic Game

Tunic is one of the most popular action-adventure video games in this article. With Tunic you will go on an adventure of exploring a land containing ancient powers, dangerous monsters, and lost legends — with a cute and small fox as the main character. 

Tunic further involves you becoming a legend by finding and exploring great treasures, hidden somewhere deep in the land. Along with this, you also have to unfold multiple lost scenes and fight against colossal creatures.

Key Highlights

  • Secrets: Tunic has multiple secret relics, puzzles, techniques – and a load of different types of secrets to be unraveled.
  • Interactive gameplay: Tunic will have you discovering hidden treasures along your way, and collecting missing manual pages which contain hints leading to the treasure. 
  • Explore many different places: Tunic has many different types of places to be explored – all intricately bound to labyrinths, shady forests, and sprawling ruins.

6. Moon Hunters

Moon Hunters Game

Moon Hunters is again a well-known co-op action RPG video game where you can go exploring alone or with your friends with a 4 personality test in an ancient and occult world.

Additionally, Moon Hunters is better with Steam because it includes eternal echoes, the seventh character and class, new constellation, meta-game system, free expansion, endless arena mode, and complete with the final boss. 

Key Highlights

  • Build a mythology: Moon Hunters allows you to build your own mythology because your actions and decisions in the game will add up to your reputation accordingly – automatically changing how the world sees and remembers you. 
  • Revive old heroes: Moon Hunters allow you to revive your old heroes – honor them, and also test their powers and strength against the new powerful final boss or in the endless arena. 

7. Evoland 2 

Evoland 2 Game

Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder, is an epic RPG adventure video game with an unusual graphics style and gameplay changing frequently as you level up through the game’s deep storyline, including time travel.

In Evoland 2, you will find 2D RPG, 3D fights, and many more exciting things — where there’s no specific gameplay and you’ll be experiencing different types of interactive tasks and challenges. 

Key Highlights

  • Evoland Legendary edition: Evoland legendary edition from Evoland 2 comes with a pack of 2 unique and interesting RPG video games on the Steam store.
  • Changing graphics: Evoland 2 is more interesting for its graphic highlight where different levels and adventures will bring in diverse graphics styles in the same game. 

8. World of the West

World of the West Game

World to the West is a popular action-adventure video game — one of the most popular indie hits with over 1.6 million copies sold worldwide. It pushes you into a world containing blue skies and dark caves – waiting to get you into 3D action and unravel secrets.

Moreover, World to the West comes off as a cartoony adventure game, inspired by European adventure comics and books. You will be taking control over 4 different characters – each of them possessing their own motivations, storylines, and skills.

Key Highlights

  • 4 characters: World to the West lets you play 4 different heroes – each coming from different individual nations with unique abilities and classes.
  • Fight or convince: World to the West will let you fight the enemies if you want to confront them with violence. But, if you want to try convincing them and solving the matter with peace – then that option is also present.

9. Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King 

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King comes with cute and exciting graphics and animation. Here, you will be exploring a vast open game world in a classical action-adventure style, and have to prove your value through fighting in dungeons with monsters and saving the Blossom Kingdom. 

In Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King, you will be taking the character of Lily – a knight of Rose and will be collecting unique spells, weapons, and many such elements throughout your journey to win over strong bosses and solve multiple puzzles.

Key Highlights

  • Types of dungeons: Blossom Tales will let you fight with various types of monsters and bosses in 5 unique and challenging dungeons.
  • Different gameplay and combat style: Blossom Tales allows you to choose the different combat styles and a different gameplay whenever you want.

Final Words

In the above list of games like Oceanhorn, we have focused not only on dungeons, different kinds of monsters, types of action, and adventure – but all of them also include a different variety of gameplay and mechanics.

In addition to that, each game has a different and deep story with tens of hours of gameplay. With multiple classes and elements to achieve – it’s unlikely you’ll have an unpleasant time trying them.

Therefore, if you were searching for more games like Oceanhorn and didn’t find any good ones on the internet – then we highly suggest you try at least a few from the list mentioned above — since all of them have received a positive response from gamers globally. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which are similar games like Oceanhorn?

Hyper Light Drifter, The Legend of Zelda, Ōkami, Jade Empire, Moon Hunters, Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King, and World to the West are a few of the most similar games like Oceanhorn to try out.

Are there games like Oceanhorn for Android?

Hyper Light Drifter and Evoland 2 are two of the highly suggested games like Oceanhorn for Android if you are interested in fighting monsters with through heroes and classes. 

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