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Barclays Error Code ba040 [How to Fix 2024]

Barclays Error Code ba040 [How to Fix 2024]

Barclays Error Code ba040: If you are a British who takes their banking affairs seriously, and would only choose the best bank, then we are quite sure you have heard about Barclays multinational universal bank from the UK.

Barclays UK and Barclays International are popular names in the banking field of the country, and to name some of their main and common services, the list includes consumer banking, investments, online banking, etc. 

Overall, Barclays does a good job in all its services, but for quite a while, at least for a couple of months, users are continuously complaining about a certain error code, the Barclays Error Code ba040.

Users facing this error code aren’t able to enter their account, but if you are here with the same problem, then you don’t need to stress anymore because this article includes the most helpful troubleshooting methods that can help you solve the problem. 

What is the Barclays Error Code ba040?

The Barclays Error Code ba040, according to the Barclays help centre assistant, appears only when the account you have used to register for mobile banking with the Barclays app is closed for some reason.

But, if you don’t recall closing any account in Barclays Bank, then there might be some other meaning to the error code. 

Barclays Error Code ba040

How to Fix: Barclays Error Code ba040

Wait for a While

We know waiting for a while might not sound like a pleasant and helpful option to many, but if there is an issue within the Barclays servers that can be resolved on its own in some time, then waiting for some time is the only and best option you have. 

Check for the Barclays App Updates

By chance, if your Barclays app is not updated to the latest version, then it’ll surely glitch and show issues like error codes and can start by preventing you from logging into your Barclays mobile banking app.

To solve the problem, the only chance is to update the Barclays app. Also, to make sure the Barclays app stays updated all the time, you can go to the Settings app and enable the auto-update option. 

Contact Barclays via Twitter DM

According to our research, the best way to solve the problem is to complain about it to the Barclays help centre on Twitter, through Twitter DMs. 

You can also start by tweeting about the problem and mentioning  the official page of Barclays Bank UK, or directly slide into their DMs and complain. 

Contact Barclays Customer Care

If complaining through Twitter didn’t work out, then there are many ways to contact Barclays customer care. 

For instance, you can visit its official Contact Us Page for online banking and have a look at the FAQ section. 

If you can't find the answer to your question, then you can also have a chat through the Apple business chat with the help of your iPhone or iPad, available 24/7.

Otherwise, you can contact them by phone at 0345 600 2323 for UK citizens, and if you are from abroad, then you use +44 247 684 2063. 

The hours of operation for the aforementioned numbers are from 9 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday, and they are closed on the weekends and public holidays. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Barclays not letting me log in?

If you aren’t able to log into the Barclays online banking app, then you can contact the Barclays Help Centre through their official Twitter page DM.

How to solve Barclays bank error code ba040?

To solve Barclays bank error code ba040, you can choose to wait for a while, make sure your Barclays app is updated, contact them through their official Twitter page, or go for Barclays customer service team to complain.