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13 Similar Games like Connections NYT You’ll Love! [2024]

13 Similar Games like Connections NYT You’ll Love! [2024]

Games like Connections NYT: Have you always been interested in word games? The same games that can help you improve in some ways and are also exciting to level up? If yes, then you might have come across the latest word-related game by the New York Times — Connections.

Connections is a group word game where you have to find groups, including 4 items sharing something in common – even if it is something silly. You have to select 4 items and then submit the answer to check if the guess was correct or not.

Indeed, the game sounds like an easy quest and is updated with different puzzles regularly. Yet, you are not to get fooled by its easy gameplay because, at times, the puzzles and words can get a bit tricky and confusing.

But, if you are still interested in more games like Connections NYT, then grab on your seatbelt because we will be taking you on a long ride – including the top 7 games like Connections NYT you’ll love to try out!

List of Games like Connections NYT:

1. PuzzGrid 

PuzzGrid game

PuzzleGrid is filled with exciting grid puzzles, a well-known game inspired by the connecting walls from Only Connect. It’s a gaming platform where you can either play platform-generated grids or choose from thousands of user-generated grid options.

Moreover, the gameplay of PuzzleGrid is not hard and every user-generated grid puzzle can be customized by the maker for timing, the number of groups you are supposed to find and connect words in, and as soon as you start, the timing will go off and you’ll mostly have 3 minutes to solve the puzzle – for easy stages.

Key Highlights

  • The robust filter space at the top of the page allows you to alter results through levels, regions, and quality.
  • As of July 2024, the game has over 4000 pages, each filled with over 10 different level puzzles.
  • The website comes with special sections on the main menu to tell you the best grids of the day, best grid of the week, etc. 

2. Wordle 

Wordle game

Wordle is one of the most popular word games in this article — a web-based word game where you will get only 6 chances to guess a 5-letter word. 

At Wordle, one can challenge word puzzles, and it is a great way to hone your brain and improve alongside. You also get to expand your vocabulary and get points based on how many chances you used.

Key Highlights

  • You don’t have to worry about wasting chances, because as soon as you guess an alphabet right or wrong, the tile will change colors accordingly.
  • The library of puzzles is updated and refreshed regularly.
  • You can start off with the easiest game modes because the game has several distinctive game modes.

3. Red Herring 

Red Herring

Red Herring is another popular word game where you have to group words into certain categories. The game challenges you to put words into correct groups without getting a single one wrong.

Additionally, the main highlight of the game is that while you are grouping words, some bothersome words will come across – only to trick and mislead you — so you have to be aware of them.

Key Highlights

  • Every puzzle has one correct answer, and there are no time limitations.
  • The game includes 25 puzzles along with a regularly updated puzzle for free.
  • You will face 3 difficulty levels while playing.

4. Spelling Bee  

Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee from The New York Times seeks to offer free puzzles for all skill levels so that everyone interested in word-related puzzles can enjoy playing different puzzle quests every day. 

Also, the main goal of the Spelling Bee game is to challenge you to see how many words you can make with 7 letters. Along with that, after submitting your answer, you can check the answers in the ‘Answers’ tab right away.

Key Highlights

  • You are allowed to refresh the locations of letters which circling the main letter in the middle.
  • You can check your stats from the ‘Stats’ option available at the top bar.
  • There’s a ‘Hints’ section in the ‘More’ main menu.

5. Dordle 

Dordle game

Dordle is another famous word game, featuring similar gameplay as Wordle, but with a twist, that instead of guessing one word before moving ahead, you will have to guess 2 words at once to level up. 

At Dordle, you’ll be facing different difficulty-level puzzles, and they are  refreshed every day. On top of that, it’s completely free and you are allowed to play as much as you want.

Key Highlights

  • This game is quite more challenging than Wordle because you are supposed to guess 2 words at the exact moment with no second delay.
  • The game’s word rundown system will check 2 everyday answers for every puzzle so that you don't risk losing your winning streak. 

6. Slither Link 

Slither Link

Slither Link, also called Fences and Loop the Loop, is another interesting logic-based puzzle game with easy rules but tough solutions. Unlike many other similar games, this one is rather detailed and a bit more confusing.

Furthermore, while playing the game, your main goal is to create a single loop on the field using the numerical hints given. The loop will create different shapes such as pentagons, hexagons, and even mixed grids.

Key Highlights

  • The game comes with the automatic coloring of clues, which is best for beginner’s level.
  • To increase the difficulty level, you can turn off the automatic coloring of clues for a more tougher and classic challenge. 

7. Sudoku 

Sudoku game

Ok, who doesn’t know Sudoku? In case you have doubts, then let us introduce you to probably the top game in this list, one of the oldest grid games – that doesn’t involve words, but numbers. 

Sudoku is a worldwide famous game that includes a set of puzzles where your main goal is to fill a grid of numbers, making sure the number doesn't repeat itself in the same line – both vertically and horizontally.

In addition to all that, the internet has a couple of mobile apps, web-based apps, and sites offering the game, with some of them having expert-level Sudoku challenges available.

Key Highlights

  • The game comes in many different difficulty levels – where the number of grids goes on increasing, like 3×3, 4×4, 6×6, 7×7, and so on.
  • The game doesn’t include numbers over 9, only 1 to 9, and the grid can only be extended from 3×3 to 9×9.

8. Only Connect 

Only Connect game
Play Only Connect

Only Connect is a popular game taken from the Connecting Wall round of a game show ‘Only Connect’ in the US, where competitors have to find connections between clues that seem totally unrelated.

Additionally, they give you a wall filled with 16 clues, and you have to get a perfect solution containing four groups of four connected things. Also, for every group you make, you get one point and one additional point for every connection.

Key Highlights

  • You can get 2 bonus points if you get everything correct, totaling up to 10 points.
  • Since the game is about fast thinking and solving, every game will have a time limit of only 3 minutes, and one second above – game over.
  • You can start from the easy mode – level 1, and go up to the last and most difficult mode – level 4, with medium and a bit difficult levels in between. 

9. Quordle 

Quordle game

If you liked Wordle and wanted to try the hardest version of it, then welcome to Quordle. Unlike Wordle, in this game, you have to guess four words in nine chances – all at once. Although it has the similar basic rules as Wordle, its complexity is no joke. 

Moreover, this game is a good catch for those who are looking to try hard games, which can also be a bit extra pressurizing, to enhance vocabulary. Also, if you play it regularly, then you will have a sharper and stronger brain.

Key Highlights

  • To check your progress. It offers detailed starts from your previous games.
  • The next update of the game will bring in the multiplayer mode, where you can challenge and play with your friends.
  • To get a clue, you can just watch a small ad.
  • It’s a popular web browser game, but you can also download it on your device through the Google Play Store.

10. Semantle


Semantle is another unique game we have in this article, where you don’t have to play with spellings. Instead, do your best to find the secret word at every level. Moreover, it slowly allows you to sharpen the thinking process of your brain, while also improving vocabulary. 

In simple words, it is a puzzle game where every level will have a secret word and with the help of clues, you have to find the secret word, and the fewer chances you use to guess, the more points you get. 

Key Highlights

  • After every guess, the system will give you a rating that will say how close you are to guessing the target word.
  • Although it is a famous browser game, you can also download it on your iOS and Android devices for free.
  • You can play solo, but for more fun — you can invite your friends, and also check communities for clues. 

11. Wordsmith 


Wordsmith is a popular turn-based puzzle game, including 2 to 4 players and using the crossword game style. The best part about it can be that it blends well with those who have busy schedules as well as for those who have enough time.

Now, it includes easy gameplay where you will see a 15 x 15 board along with bonus squares for – Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter, and lastly, Triple Word scores. Here, all you have to do is play words with titles in up-and-down or side directions to earn points.

Moreover, the one who has the highest score will win the game. Along with that, it also has a score preview indicator that will help you understand your score before making the next move.

Key Highlights

  • You can communicate with your opponents through the in-app chat feature — when playing on the app.
  • It won’t waste your time when the opponent is taking too long, because it has turn time limitations.
  • The famous web browser game is also available to download on iOS devices through the App Store. 

12. Crossword Puzzles

Crossword Puzzles

Well, if you are ever interested in Word puzzles, there is absolutely no way you have not heard about the old and probably the most popular word game – Crossword. 

Yet, for those who aren’t aware, or can’t remember, it is a puzzle game, usually in the form of a square or a rectangular grid, filled with black and white shades of squares. Here, your main goal is to fill all the white squares with letters. 

Moreover, you have to make sure you are forming proper phrases or words, crossing each other with the help of clues that are leading you to the answers. 

Key Highlights

  • The official crossword puzzles can be found in plenty of newspapers and for those who wish to play it online, you can try it on the web browser or through apps from both the app stores.
  • The official crossword puzzle game gets updated with 5 new and unique puzzles daily.
  • For a refresh, you can try changing themes, mainly changing colors from black to blue, pink, etc.

13. Boggle 

Buy Boggle

Boggle is an interesting word streak game, adapted from the original classic board game from Hasbro, and loaded with additional modes, puzzling twists, and daily challenges.

You can play solo against the coach, or challenge your friends – all to test word skills in a match including three rounds. Also, the best and most interesting part about this game is that you only have two minutes to say the maximum number of words — or you lose. 

Moreover, you can start as a solo, then jump on the multiplayer mode, and if you are more confident with your competitive streak, then you can also opt for live tournaments and rapid single-round tournaments to test your puzzle-solving skills – while also earning rewards.

Key Highlights

  • It includes a simple gameplay where you challenge your opponent and see who is able to find the most words and score more points.
  • You can try it on a bunch of platforms including iOS, Android, and a web browser, while you can also order its physical form from Amazon.
  • It is updated with new puzzles regularly and weekly. 

Final Words 

Looking at the variety of word games on the internet, there are all sorts of games you can think of – some even going beyond your logic and thinking. 

For instance, the Connections NYT game is rather on the simpler side — if compared with many tougher games from the above-mentioned list of the best games like Connections NYT, such as Slither Link and Dordle.

Nevertheless, our list of games like Connections, NYT mentioned above only has the best and most popular word games that will surely do a good job in keeping you entertained with words. 

With this, we have reached the end, and hope you now know which word game to try next. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there any good games like Connections New York Times?

Sudoku, Red Herring, Slither Link, Wordle, PuzzGrid, Spelling Bee, and Dordle are some of the good games like Connections New York Times.

Which are good games like Connections nytimes?

Wordle, PuzzGrid, Spelling Bee, Dordle, Sudoku, Red Herring, and Slither Link are some of the good games like Connections nytimes.

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