19 Top Brands like Skims Shapewear That’s Actually Stylish [2023]

Brands like Skims

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Brands like Skims: As much as you love to buy expensive and high-end products from popular celebrity brands, if you’re a middle-class citizen or simply like to stay within the budget lines, then you’ll eventually have to cut short on buying everything from pricey brands, like Skims. 

Skims is a Kim Kardashian-owned fashion brand, offering some really comfortable outfits along with their signature shapewear and loungewear clothes – fitting just everyone in the perfect way. However, the prices are the issue here.

Along with the prices, these products, especially the cheaper ones are always sold out and rarely available and in stock. 

But, if you have always been interested in such clothing, but are facing the aforementioned issues, then worry not because – we have brought you some of the top Skims Dupes from trusted brands like Skims in the article below, with Amazon links included.

List of Brands like Skims:

1. Capezio — Women’s Ultra Soft Transition Tight

Capezio — Women's Ultra Soft Transition Tight

Capezio’s Women’s Ultra Soft Transition Tight is a famous product on Amazon – coming in a good list of shades, sizing starting from small to 2XL.

These tights offer transition for a footed as well as footless tights options, with a semi-opaque, moisture-wicking, seamless, and pill-resistant fabric.

Along with that, it has a 1-inch elasticized waistband which is dyed to match the product, using a soft combination of fabrics, including 86% Tactel nylon and 14% spandex.

2. Fixmatti — Women’s Fuzzy 3-Piece Sweatsuit

Fixmatti — Women's Fuzzy 3-Piece Sweatsuit

Fixmatti’s Women’s Fuzzy 3-Piece Sweatsuit comes with an open-front cardigan, crop tank top, and wide-leg pants, a full lounge set that gives off rich vibes.

It comes in over 25 shades, bright hues mostly, and is super comfy, made up of soft fabric combinations. It offers pull-on closure and is good for dancing, casual wear, certain outdoor activities, etc.

3. PRETTYWELL — Women’s Padded Bra

PRETTYWELL — Women’s Padded Bra

PRETTYWELL’s Women’s Padded Bra is a comfortable seamless bra with cross-back adjustable straps for regular use and can be used for A to C cups. 

This bra comes in about 8 different shades, sizing starting from Medium to XL, with a soft fabric combination of 68% nylon and 32% spandex. 

It provides a pull-on closure and upgrades comfort with upgraded good-quality material. Although padded, the fabric and pad material makes it so that you feel light, with no burden of pads.

4. vyolu —  Casual Workout Set

vyolu —  Casual Workout Set

vyolu’s Casual Workout Set is a good choice of cheap work shorts and top — a slim-fit sleeveless crew neck design that makes you look stylish while giving the most comfort with a soft fabric blend of Polyester and Spandex.

This item comes in over 20 shades, an assortment of tops with pants and shorts accordingly. The sizing starts from XS to 2XL and it also acts as a good activewear, going well for the distinctive chorus of the day.

5. FeelinGirl — Women’s Butt Lifter Shapewear

FeelinGirl — Women's Butt Lifter Shapewear

FeelinGirl’s Women’s Butt Lifter and Tummy Control shapewear is a full-bust body shapewear/bodysuit that is also thigh-slimmer. It comes in a good mixture of shades – over 10 shades, with sizing starting from XS to 5XL.

The product offers 360° seamless coverage which is best to flatten your tummy and show off your curves from all over. It also enhances the shape of your bottom and acts as an ideal gift for women – fitting all types of figures and body shapes.

As for the fabric, it is elastic, stretchable, and skin-friendly – incredibly smooth and soft, made up of 77% of nylon and 23% of elastane. 

6. Fessceruna — Women’s Pajamas Set

Fessceruna — Women’s Pajamas Set

Fessceruna — Women’s Pajamas Set is rated positively with 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. It has over 20 color options and is a 3-piece set, including a crop top, cardigan, and loose pants.

This set has the usual pull-on closure and is 100% comfortable, made of some of the softest fabrics combinations. It gives off chic style vibes and can do well as daily wear in winter, casual home clothes, for sleeping, etc.

7. MANGOPOP — Women’s Mock Turtle Neck 

MANGOPOP — Women’s Mock Turtle Neck

MANGOPOP’s Women’s Turtleneck is a long sleeve bodysuit/jumpsuit rated over 4 stars by thousands on Amazon. The main highlight of this product can be that it comes in a big list of shades and a variety of patterns.

Additionally, the product is made to offer comfort through 95% stretchy fabric modal and 5% spandex. It comes with a tanga bottom and has 2 snap buttons for butt closure near the crotch area.

8. URSEXYLY — Women’s Bodysuit

URSEXYLY — Women’s Bodysuit

URSEXYLY’s Women’s Bodysuit is a mock turtleneck jumpsuit, sleeveless, and fits true to size with over 4.5/5 ratings on Amazon. Additionally, it acts as a perfect gift for women who love sleeveless bodysuits and is a versatile piece of clothing.

Additionally, it’s made of 92.8% of jersey and 7.2% of spandex – an imported piece that offers the most comfort and is made of high-quality fabrics, made to last. 

9. LICOBOD — Loungewear 

LICOBOD — Loungewear

LICOBOD’s Loungewear, a ribbed casual item of 2 piece summer shorts and short sleeve top is a good choice for summer days. In addition to that, it also has an extra set of leggings that goes well when it gets chilly in the evenings.

This item comes in a big list of colors, all vibrant and dark. The sizing starts from XS to 2XL and the fabric combination is made up of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. 

Also, it has a pull-on closure and goes well for numerous occasions like dancing, gym, jogging, cycling, running, and any type of workout, or simple daily use.

10. CulaGyfa — Tummy Control Shapewear

CulaGyfa — Tummy Control Shapewear

CulaGyfa’s Tummy Control Shapewear is another promising body shoot for women – a 2-pack 1-piece with sizing from small to 3XL. 

Moreover, the product is made up of soft material combined, inclusive of 85% polyamide and 50% spandex – is lightweight, soft, skin-friendly, and breathable. 

Along with that, the stylish shapewear comes with adjustable straps with no contraction bra design — made to fit all cups, and it also has 3 adjustable hooks near the crotch area for convenience. 

11. TOPONSKY — Women’s 2-Piece Workout Outfit

TOPONSKY — Women’s 2-Piece Workout Outfit

TOPONSKY’s Women’s 2-Piece Workout Outfit is here with over 10 shades and different pattern options. The sizing starts from small to 2XL and the product is rated over 4/5 on Amazon – mainly for comfort and being true to the size.

It can also act as a 2-piece tracksuit or sweatsuit, is short-sleeved, and can be used on many occasions, such as sleeping, daily wear, working out, etc. 

12. SheIn — 2 Piece Lounge Set

SheIn — 2 Piece Lounge Set

SheIn’s 2 Piece Lounge Set is a comfy set of a crop top and loose shorts — although loose but fits perfectly with different body shapes and curves. 

The set comes in over 25 shades, with sizing starting from Small to 4XL. Additionally, this set comes with a button and tie closure, and is made of soft fabric combinations — made for beach, vacation, daily use, etc.

13. AYWA — Women’s Long Sleeve Square Neck Maxi Dress

AYWA — Women's Long Sleeve Square Neck Maxi Dress

AYWA — Women’s Long Sleeve Square Neck Maxi Dress is a beautiful knitted soft loungewear, ribbed maxi dress that comes in about 7 vibrant shades, mostly pink hues. 

This dress provides a pull-on closure and is made up of soft fabrics, blending 91% rayon and 9% spandex together. Also, it is made to embrace your body effortlessly, and the sharp square neck gives off chic vibes.

14. SHAPERMINT — High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts

SHAPERMINT — High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts

SHAPERMINT’s High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts comes with tummy control and thigh slimming technology, effortlessly slimming your tummy, thighs, and back — available in a good bunch of warm shades. 

The product offers pull-on closure and is made up of 90% nylon and 10% spandex – coming in sizes from small to 4XL. Additionally, the product is made to stay in place and comes with an anti-slip silicon strip around the waist.

15. Chunpin — Women’s Square Neck Short Sleeve Top 

Chunpin — Women's Square Neck Short Sleeve Top 

Chunpin’s Women’s Square Neck Short Sleeve Top is a double-lined thong bodysuit that can be bought in over 15 vibrant shades. It uses a buttery soft fabric combination of 75% nylon and 25% spandex – making it feel like a second skin.

Moreover, the product has a stylish square neck and is short-sleeved – a versatile piece of clothing that can go well with a variety of bottoms, like jeans, skirts, etc, and can be worn on a variety of occasions, like a cocktail party, sport, date night, dance show, etc.

16. Verdusa — Women’s Sleeveless Long Bodycon Maxi

Verdusa — Women's Sleeveless Long Bodycon Maxi

Verdusa’s Women’s Sleeveless Long Bodycon Maxi, also seen as a tan scoop neck casual pencil dress, comes in over 20 colors, all bright and helpful in standing out in the crowd.

This dress comes with a pull-on closure, made of a soft fabric combination of 94%, viscose and 6% elastane, can stretch a bit, and goes well with outdoor activities, parties, holidays, daily use, dates, etc. 

17. Maidenform — Pure Comfort T-Shirt Bralette

Maidenform — Pure Comfort T-Shirt Bralette

Maidenform’s Pure Comfort T-Shirt Bra is a wireless bra – no-roll lightweight bra for regular wear. It comes in over 10 variations, including bright colors and patterns, with sizing starting from small to 2XL.

This product is made to fit your top flawlessly and is made up of a fair combination of fabrics, inclusive of 61% nylon and 39% spandex, to give you a comfortable feel in whatever you do.

18. REORIA — Women’s Sexy One-Shoulder Cutout Tank Top

REORIA — Women’s Sexy One-Shoulder Cutout Tank Top

REORIA’s Women’s Sexy One-Shoulder Cutout Tank Top has received a 4.5/5 rating. It is a backless and sleeveless tank top – more like a bodysuit that comes with a pull-on closure.

It comes in over 20 different warm shades, a sexy tank top that gives a variety of stylish looks, best for party nights, vacations, regular use, club, etc.

In addition to that, it’s a piece of clothing that can go well with just about everything, including shorts, denim, joggers, skirts, etc.

19. Wealurre — Women Microfiber Thong Panty Set

Wealurre — Women Microfiber Thong Panty Set

Wealurre’s Microfiber Thong Panty Set is a pack of 6-tong panties with different colors and comes in over 10 options with different set pieces and shades. The sizing starts from Small to 2XL, and the item is quite popular with a 4.4/5 rating on Amazon.

Additionally, the material is soft and made up of tough yet elastic spandex and nylon fabric combinations. It is a low-rise set of thongs. Also, since there is no panty line – it can be worn with almost everything.

Final Words

The above-mentioned list of the best brands like Skims includes only the cheaper and most affordable labels – each offering a variety of styles and mainly focusing on warm colors and the softest quality of fabrics to give you the most comfort.

In addition to that, all the products have received over 4/5 ratings on Amazon, with many customers loving these dupes for fair prices and satisfactory performance. 

With this, we have successfully presented the list of the best brands like Skims and hope the article was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What brand is similar to Skims?

REORIA is a famous brand similar to Skims – offering a wide variety of clothing types, featuring warm shades and soft fabric combinations.

Are there any good brands like Skims but cheaper?

Fixmatti, URSEXYLY, Fessceruna, PRETTYWELL, MANGOPOP, REORIA, FeelinGirl, Maidenform, LICOBOD, Chunpin, Capezio, Wealurre, TOPONSKY, vyolu, and Verdusa are the promising and good brands like Skims but cheaper.

Which are more good shops like Skims?

Wealurre, vyolu, Verdusa, TOPONSKY, REORIA, LICOBOD, Chunpin, Capezio, FeelinGirl, Maidenform, Fixmatti, URSEXYLY, PRETTYWELL, MANGOPOP, and Fessceruna are some more good shops like Skims.

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