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Does Target Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Target Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

As an American, Target must have been a go-to shop for you — an American retail company operating a variety of discount department stores and hypermarkets, also known as the 7th biggest retailer across the US.

Now, let’s talk about the main reason why we all are here — since Target is not only popular in the US, Canada, etc, but also in more countries like Israel, we have many wanting to know if it is also playing a part in the war.

So, does Target support Israel or Palestine? If you are here to know the correct answer to this question, then you are on the right page because we have mentioned it right below, in this article. 

Does Target Support Israel or Palestine?

Unfortunately, as of the first week of December 2024, there is no clear information stating that Target is either supporting Israel or Palestine.

Yes, there are some rumors and speculations suggesting that Target might be on Israel’s side, but we don't have any clear evidence, so we will choose not to offer a definite answer.

Some People Boycotting Target

There are many mixed topics and opinions in this matter, but to put it in simple words for you — people have been talking about boycotting Target because they think that Target is supporting Israel alongside the US government.

Of course, there are millions who don’t think that boycotting works, at least not for such huge organizations. But, since it has worked a couple of times, the citizens supporting Palestine have shown interest in boycotting Target.

Target and Israel

Marketing Campaigns

Target is seen offering promotions and free shipping to Israel, which might indicate that it wishes to enter the Israeli market – automatically funding Israeli interests. 

Supply Chain

Although this might be a common practice for many multinational companies, Target was seen sourcing products from Israeli companies — indirectly contributing to the country's economy. 


Target has been silent all along while Israel has broken human rights rules for Palestinian workers. It might mean that it doesn't want to criticize Israel, and also wants to avoid getting involved in any controversial problems. 

Target and Palestine

Hiring Palestinians

Target has been hiring Palestinian employees without any issues, which might not mean it supports the Palestinian community, but is also not entirely against it.

Community Involvement 

Target has been participating in promoting peace and understanding between Israel and Palestinians, also maintaining a neutral position in the war. 

Ethical Sourcing

Target supports ethical sourcing policies that also ensure fair labor practices along with human rights across its supply chain, potentially including Palestinian workers. 

Final Words 

Does Target support Israel? Target may be supporting Israel in some ways, but it has not shown direct interest in supporting the country.

Does Target support Palestine? Although it has been indirectly supporting Palestinians, it has not shown direct support towards Palestine. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Target Pro Israel?

We don’t think Target is Pro Israel because although it has been showing interest in supporting the Israeli economy, it has not clearly Palestine or been on Israel’s side. 

Is Target Pro Palestine?

We don’t think Target is Pro Palestine because it has not directly supported Palestine, and not criticizing Palestinian workers might simply mean it wants to stay away from controversies.