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Does Rihanna Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Rihanna Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Amid the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine, a lot of celebrities have taken sides and supported the respective country.

Similarly, Rihanna is a popular person, and people are wondering if Rihanna supports Israel or Palestine. Well, to be precise, there is no evidentiary fact that she is supporting either of the countries.

However, there are rumors that she has posted an Instagram story stating to put an end to the suffering. So, to know more about Rihanna’s stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict, keep on reading this article.

Does Rihanna Support Israel or Palestine?

Rihanna’s stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict is not completely clear. Though she has expressed sympathy for both sides, especially the innocent civilians, she has not clearly offered support for one side over the other.

We assume that to avoid conflicts, she is aiming to maintain neutrality and avoid taking sides in a highly politicized issue. This approach can be a desire to avoid alienating fans or potentially harming her own career.

Rihanna’s Old Post on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

In May 2021, amid a particularly intense period of violence between Israel and Hamas, Rihanna posted on Instagram expressing her heartbreak over the violence and calling for peace.

She has primarily acknowledged the suffering of both Israelis and Palestinians, highlighting innocent children caught in the crossfire and hiding in bomb shelters.

So, she explicitly condemned notions perpetuated by the government and extremists and called for the cycle of violence to be broken. Although these statements were entirely neutral, she faced a lot of criticism from various factions.

However, there have been rumors that she posted something supporting Palestine a long back ago and then quickly deleted it.

Public Response and Criticism

One of the users’ on Twitter stated that even after BDS asked her not to perform in Israel, she has still performed and promoted her Fenty x Puma line, while Puma is on the boycott list.

Although a lot of people have criticized Rihanna for passing statements on the Israel-Palestine conflict in 2021, some have appreciated it and said that she has at least posted something in the past.

In the end, we can say that she has shown concern for the humanitarian impact of the conflict on both sides, and she has not clearly taken any supported political solution or sided with either Palestine or Israel.

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Is Rihanna Pro Israel?

It is impossible to explicitly say whether Rihanna is pro-Israel. However, she has expressed sympathy for Israel in May 2021 through her Instagram post,

Is Rihanna Pro Palestine?

Rihanna has not clearly mentioned her stance in the Israel-Palestine war. But in 2021, she condemned the actions causing them harm, thus making her overall position on the conflict nuanced and complex.