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Does Rockstar Games Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Rockstar Games Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

If you have been into the gaming industry for quite a while now, then you must have also heard about Rockstar Games, the studio behind one of the most popular games – Grand Theft Auto, GTA. 

With the game’s 6th part releasing soon, the hype is real. Alongside that, we also have some rumors about the game being banned, and some speculations inquiring if Rockstar Games supports Israel or Palestine. 

So, does Rockstar Games support Israel or Palestine? Are you also searching for the answer to this question?

If yes, then we are glad you stopped by because the article below contains the correct answer for the same – along with some more information you might be interested in.

Does Rockstar Games Support Israel or Palestine?

Unfortunately, Rockstar Games has not expressed any kind of support towards either of the countries.

It has also not reacted to any rumors and speculations regarding it being a supporter for either of the countries. 

GTA6 Controversy

To start with, it is not the first time that we have seen Rockstar Games in controversies

This time, we have influencers raising issues regarding its content – directly calling the sexual content in the game bad for young kids.

To be exact, the first tweet was from an American influencer Jackson Hinkle, who called the members of Rockstar Games Studios zionists and asked why they are releasing a type of content that can harm American children. 

(For those who don’t know who a Zionist is — someone who supports Zionism, and believes in the development and safety of a Jewish nation. Currently, we use this term to decide Israelis)

He further asked his followers to ban the game and support the relevant hashtag, which was followed by Rev Laskaris. 

Now, the thing is, Rockstar Games has already mentioned warnings in the game, but people who support the idea of banning and the influencers’ propaganda continue to support the hashtag, while others supporting Rockstar Games actively fight back.

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Final Words 

Does Rockstar Games support Israel? Does Rockstar Games support Palestine?

As you might have already read, no one can answer these questions correctly, so, all we can do for now is stay updated for any reactions from Rockstar Games regarding the issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Rockstar Games Pro Israel?

As of December 2024, Rockstar Games has not taken sides in the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine, so we are not sure if Rockstar Games is Pro Israel or not.

Is Rockstar Games Pro Palestine?

Unfortunately, as of December 2024, there is no clear evidence to support the fact that Rockstar Games is Pro Palestine because Rockstar Games has not shown support towards Palestine in any way yet.