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Does Epic Games Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Epic Games Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Epic Games is a popular American video game and software development company. Founded in 1991, it offers a big collection of all games from different genres and categories, starting from the most popular games like Fortnite to the least popular ones.

As for its involvement in the current war between Israel and Palestine – there have been multiple rumors and speculations about it supporting one of the countries, or at least having indirect involvement in the conflict.

So, does Epic Games support Israel? Does Epic Games support Palestine? If you want to know, then continue reading because the article below contains the exact answer to the question — Does Epic Games support Israel or Palestine?

Does Epic Games Support Israel or Palestine?

Considering information from official sources, Epic Games did receive a letter from a government-owned Israeli Company, but it was something related to Fortnite and one of the things mentioned in the game.

The letter didn’t exactly contain something related to the current conflict, which might indeed cause suspicion, but since there is no proper evidence for that, we can’t say that Epic Games supports Israel. 

The same goes for Palestine. Epic Games has not hinted towards supporting Palestine or criticized Israel in any way, so it might not be on either side.

Epic Games Official Statement on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Fortnite, a top game globally developed by Epic Games, has allowed some maps in the game that seem to be mocking the Israel and Palestine conflict.

However, even after receiving so much criticism and boycott attention, Epic Games has still not offered an official statement. 

Boycott Movement Against Epic Games

Epic Games has been on the list for boycotting for a while now. Why? Because a map in the game contained the Palestine VS Israel title, which led to multiple rumors, and gradual boycotting. 

Epic Games & Israel

Since Epic Games is widely used and supported by Israeli game developers and civilians, it raises concerns about its indirect support to the Israeli tech industry and economy.

However, some supporters of Epic Games have highlighted the fact that all its services are apolitical, and don't concern Israel's economy or military in any way.

Epic Games & Palestine

The majority says that although Epic Games has been a good help for Palestine game developers, it still doesn’t have a physical presence in Palestine compared to Israel, and all its services in Israel are contributing to the economy, which is supporting its terrors against Palestine. 

Final Words 

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Epic Games has chosen to be on the neutral side, even when highly accused of supporting Israel. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Epic Games Pro Israel?

We don’t think so because Epic Games, although popular in Israel, has not shown interest in supporting Israel directly. 

Is Epic Games Pro Palestine?

Epic Games offers more services in Israel than Palestine, and also because it has not criticized Israel, it doesn’t seem pro Palestine.