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Does Panera Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Panera Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Panera is a bakery and cake shop company with more than 2000 locations across the US and Canada. Founded in 1987, the label is well-known for its delicious dishes, from breakfast sandwiches to a good variety of pastries, coffee drinks, and more. 

Now, do you also think Panera is involved in the current war between Israel and Palestine? Because we have many joining dots and criticizing Panera for distinct reasons.

So, does Panera support Israel? Or, does Panera support Palestine? If you are interested to know, then you are on the right page because we have mentioned the correct answer to the question ‘Does Panera support Israel or Palestine?’ below.

Does Panera Support Israel or Palestine?

Unfortunately, Panera has not shown interest in supporting either of the countries involved in the war.

Although there are speculations that Panera is supporting Israel, there is still no prominent evidence to support this claim. 

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Panera Official Statement on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Although there are many criticizing Panera, it still hasn’t offered an official statement on the Israel and Palestine conflict or issues related to boycotting it. 

Boycott Movement Against Panera

There have been multiple movements to boycott Panera, not only because people suspect it is supporting Israel, but also for some other, totally different reasons.

Panera & Israel

Panera has never once entered the Israel market, but it still seems to be connected to it in some indirect ways, which has caused many to suspect that it is secretly supporting Israel. 

For instance, its parent company is involved with some popular companies in Israel, and it has also not criticized Israel, so it can be on the Israeli side.

Panera & Palestine

Panera is not related to Palestine in any way. While it doesn’t have a presence in Palestine, it has also not shown support for its struggle, and neither did it criticize Israel. 

Yes, all this might mean that it wants to stay away from controversies and being involved in the conflict, but it might also mean it is against Palestine. 

Final Words 

As of December 2024, since Panera has not supported any of the countries directly and chose to stay silent, it is hard to say if it is on either side and might want to stay away from issues. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Panera Pro Israel?

It is hard to say if Panera is pro-Israel because although it seems to be supporting Israel indirectly, it still hasn’t shown direct interest in supporting Israel. 

Is Panera Pro Palestine?

We don’t think that is the case because Panera has not involved itself with Palestine at all. Apart from that, it is connected to Israel indirectly, so it’s highly unlikely that it is Pro-Palestine.