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Does Pringles Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Pringles Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Pringles is a snack brand of stackable potato chips. Founded in 1968, this American brand was sold again in 2012, and before that it was available in over 140 countries globally, offering a variety of flavors.

Now keeping that apart, have you heard the rumors involving Pringles regarding the current Israel and Palestine war? We did, people want to know – does Pringles support Israel? Or, does Pringles support Palestine?

The Internet is filled with 100 different and personal opinions, but if you could just have a look below, then you will find the exact answer to the question – does Pringles support Israel or Palestine?

Does Pringles Support Israel or Palestine?

To be honest with you, there is no correct answer to this question because Pringles has chosen to keep quiet about the war between Israel and Palestine, not showing support for either side.

Pringles Official Statement on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

There is no official statement by Pringles on the ongoing Israel and Palestine war, as of December 2024.

Boycott Movement Against Pringles

Although there are some individual groups suggesting that Pringles is only supporting Israel and must be boycotted, Pringles has still not received the official call for boycott and seems to be maintaining a neutral stance in the war. 

Pringles & Israel

There are only indirect connections between Pringles and Israel, with Pringles having no official or franchised presence in the country.

However, you can find all its products across the country through individual vendors and distributors, but they are not affiliated with Pringles.

As far as position in the war involving Israel, Pringles doesn’t seem to be showing support to either of the countries. 

Pringles & Palestine

Similar to Israel, there are no direct direct connections between Pringles and Palestine, with Pringles having no official or franchised store in Palestinian regions.

Yet, you can find some of its products, reaching the Palestinian borders, but with restrictions.

Talking about its position in the war including Palestine, Pringles seems to have chosen a neutral stance, not supporting either side specifically.

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Final Words 

In the end, it is your decision if you want to continue to support Pringles considering it is just doing business, or boycott it for a thousand others.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Pringles Pro Israel?

All the Pringles are readily available in Israel, but since it has not shown support towards Israel openly against Palestine, we are not sure if it is pro-Israel or not.

Is Pringles Pro Palestine?

The Pringle have direct connections with Palestine, but since it has not openly supported Palestine against Israel, we are not sure if it is pro-Palestine or not.