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Does Lego Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Lego Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Lego is a popular construction toy brand, mostly including interlocking plastic bricks. Founded in 1932, it has built a number of amusement parks across the world, known as Legoland, and has been operating multiple retail stores too. 

Keeping that apart, why do you think we are suddenly talking about Lego? Exactly, because it is in rumors related to the ongoing Israel and Palestine war, where people want to know – does Lego support Israel? Or, does Lego support Palestine?

So, does Lego support Israel or Palestine? What are your thoughts? If you are unsure but interested to know the truth, then continue reading because this article includes the exact answer you’re looking for.

Does Lego Support Israel or Palestine?

The Lego City is one of the popular products by Lego, and it not only recognises Israel but also Palestine with more Arab countries.

This was enough to spark rumors and concerns that Lego is on the Israeli side, but since there is a lack of proof, we are still not sure who Lego is supporting in the ongoing Israel and Palestine war, or if it wants to maintain a balanced position. 

Lego Official Statement on Israel-Palestine Conflict

Lego has not declared its views on the Israel and Palestine war, as of December 2024.

Boycott Movement Against Lego

Since Lego is not only recognizing Palestine but also Israel, it was prone to be accused of supporting the Israeli side, with many individual groups already boycotting it.

However, the official boycott movement has not been mentioned in the list of boycotts.

Lego & Israel

Although Lego doesn’t have any official or franchised presence in the Israeli market, its products are widely available across is right through authorized vendors.

Yet, Lego has chosen not to speak about anything about the conflict involving Israel, neither openly supporting Israel nor accusing Palestine. 

Lego & Palestine

Similar to Israel, there are only direct connections between Lego and Palestine with no official or franchised stores in the market.

Yet, you can find some of its products reaching the Palestinian borders, but with limitations.

As for its views on the war involving Palestine, it has not sided with any country yet.

Final Words 

In conclusion, the ending decision is yours if you wish to continue to buy from Lego or boycott it with a thousand others.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Lego Pro Israel?

We are not sure if Lego is pro-Israel because while it has only indirect connections in the country, it has chosen not to speak in favor of Israel against Palestine in the war.

Is Lego Pro Palestine?

We are not sure if Lego is pro-Palestine because, while it only has indirect connections in the Palestinian regions, it has also chosen not to speak about the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel.