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Does Kinder Bueno Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Kinder Bueno Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Kinder Bueno is a famous chocolate biscuit and way for confection by an Italian confectionary maker, Ferrero. Founded in 1990, it comes with hazelnut and cream filling, covered in milk chocolate along with dark chocolate drizzle. 

Now, why are we suddenly talking about chocolate? Along with many similar brands, Kinder Bueno is also accused of supporting the oppressor and the ongoing Israel and Palestine war, with many questions arising – does Kinder Bueno support Israel or Palestine?

Keeping that apart, does Kinder Bueno support Israel? Or does Kinder Bueno support Palestine? What do you think? If you’re not sure but still want to know, then continue reading because the article below contains all the answers you’re searching for.

Does Kinder Bueno Support Israel or Palestine?

As of December 2024, the rumors suggest that Kinder Bueno’s parent company is involved in supporting the Israeli occupation, but there is no proof to support this claim.

Therefore, there is still no proper answer to this question since Kinder Bueno itself has not voiced support towards any country involved in the war. 

Kinder Bueno Official Statement on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

As of December 2024, Kinder Bueno has not released any kind of official statement on the ongoing Israel and Palestine conflict.

Boycott Movement Against Kinder Bueno

Although many individuals and groups have already started to boycott Kinder Bueno, Kinder Bueno is yet to receive the official call to boycott from the boycotting movement.

Kinder Bueno & Israel

There are only indirect connections between Kinder, Joy and Israel.

Kinder Bueno has no official or franchised presence in Israel yet, but you can still find Kinder Bueno products readily available in Israel through independent vendors and distributors.

However, Kinder Bueno has chosen to keep quiet about the war involving Israel. 

Kinder Bueno & Palestine

Similar to Israel, relations between Kinder Bueno and Palestine are only through indirect connections.

Although Kinder Bueno doesn’t have any official or franchised existence in Palestinian regions, you can still find some of its products available in local stores and online stores, but with limitations.

Apart from that, Kinder Bueno has chosen to keep quiet about the conflict including Palestine.

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Final Words 

In the end, the decision is yours, if you want to continue to buy from Kinder Bueno thinking it is just doing business or boycott it with a thousand others. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Kinder Bueno Pro Israel?

Although there are indirect connections between Kinder Bueno and Israel, we are not sure if Kinder Bueno is pro-Israel because it has not openly supported Israel against Palestine in the war.

Is Kinder Bueno Pro Palestine?

We are not sure if Kinder Bueno is pro-Palestine because while it only has indirect connections with Palestine, it has also chosen not to speak in favor of Palestine against Israel in the war.