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Does Ferrero Rocher Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Ferrero Rocher Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

It doesn’t matter how many chocolates are updated yearly because even if you grow up from 5 years old to 15, you will still prefer Ferrero Rocher over many. 

As for its introduction, it is a chocolate and hazelnut confectionery. Invented in 1988 in Italy, every Ferrero Rocher comes with a pleasant experience.

Now, why are we suddenly talking about Ferrero Rocher? Because it is involved in multiple rumors about supporting one of the countries in the Israel and Palestine war.

So, does Ferrero Rocher support Israel? No? Then, does Ferrero Rocher support Palestine? If you’re not sure, then continue reading because below, we have mentioned the perfect answer to the question – does Ferrero Rocher support Israel or Palestine?

Does Ferrero Rocher Support Israel or Palestine?

According to the major sources, Ferrero Rocher is not directly supporting Palestine, but Kinder Bueno and Nutella, two of its brands, seem to be supporting Israel.

However, it has not sided with Israel openly, so there is no definite answer to the aforementioned question. 

Ferrero Rocher Official Statement on Israel-Palestine Conflict

As of December 2024, Ferrero Rocher has not presented any verified proof or statement to support rumors that it’s on the Israeli side. 

Boycott Movement Against Ferrero Rocher

Even though it is clear that Ferrero Rocher is indirectly supporting Israel in the war, its existence in the boycott list is extremely hard to find.

Yet, we have found a decent group of Palestinians wanting to boycott Ferrero Rocher, because it seems to have a wider presence in Israel than Palestine, which means — it is contributing to Israel more. 

Ferrero Rocher & Israel

Ferrero Rocher chocolates are found all across Israel, commonly in supermarkets and convenience stores. Along with that, its two subsidiaries are also supporting the country.

Yet, Ferrero Rocher has not openly commented anything about the war and has chosen to be silent since the start of the conflict. 

Ferrero Rocher & Palestine

Basically, there is no connection between Ferrero Rocher and Palestine, and even if there are some indirect relations, they are still weaker than Ferrero Rocher’s relations with Israel. 

Moreover, there are some Palestinians boycotting Ferrero Rocher products because it has continued to offer its services in Israel like usual, knowing well about the conflict, and that its contribution to Israel is also supporting its economy. 

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Final Words 

To sum up the article, we think there are chances that Ferrero Rocher is secretly supporting Israel because neither has it denied the fact that it is indirectly supporting Israel nor it has criticized Israel.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Ferrero Rocher Pro Israel?

Ferrero Rocher might be pro-Israel because although not directly, it is still supporting the countries through two of its subsidiaries. 

Is Ferrero Rocher Pro Palestine?

We don’t think that Ferrero Rocher is pro-Palestine because while it seems to be indirectly supporting Israel, it also didn’t voice its support towards Palestine.