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Dave App Not Working? Easy Steps to Fix! [2024]

Dave App Not Working? Easy Steps to Fix! [2024]

Is Dave not working for you too? Maybe your network connection is poor or are there any major bug problems with the app?

At the times – when apps suddenly crash down or go blank, it is kind of irritating, especially when you were excited to open the app.

The common issue can be that the application is not compatible with your device's model.

Most of the time, even network connection and malware inside the device you are using, can be a problem too. But, if all the things are in place and the app is still crashing down, maybe it is the app's system that is corrupted.

Should you still be using the application knowing it can corrupt your device? Or maybe, taking no further action by yourself, how about you understand what is the major issue of the app not working?

So, to help you understand the problem and give the solutions along with it, we have presented the following article on ‘Dave not working' and its causes along with the solutions.

What is the Dave app?

Dave app is a famous mobile banking application where you can manage your Budget, Bank, Build credit and find Gigs. Jason Wilk is the current CEO of the company.

Financial technology and financial services are the Industries under which the Dave application falls under. You are required to register yourself and follow a few steps to become a member of the application.

The digital application highlights a specific service – approach to overdraft fees. The service follows the customers to pay $1 a month for the overdraft fee protection of $100. You can install the application on both iPhone and Android.

Why is Dave not working?

Since the middle of May, customers of the Dave app have been complaining about certain issues including the app glitching while transferring funds deposits, errors popping up while checking the ATMs, blank screens, and more.

Someone from Quora, who used the application also stated that she started getting notifications of various debited amounts from her account suddenly. They couldn't be ATM withdrawals as she uses Apple Pay or free ATMs most of the time where they don't charge a fee. She says that maybe the application has been updated but the update has not reached all its users. Thus, others are facing major issues.

Is the Dave app down?

Dave App’s server can sometimes be down because a lot of people might be using the app at the same time. You can check the status here.

If there are any temporary service outages, you’ll need to wait for some time till the issue gets fixed on the Dave App’s end. If it is not, then check out the solutions below.

Common Methods to refresh the performance of Apps

  1. Reinstall the App – most of the time, reinstalling the application can help just fine. All you have to do is uninstall the application and go back to the Google Play Store or App Store to install the application again.
  2. Restarting your device – restarting your smartphone can help too. In this method, you are not supposed to do anything to the application but the device by restarting it.
  3. Recheck your Internet Connection – check whether your internet connection is working fine. If it is not – you can switch it off and then on again.
  4. Update the app – you can face common bugs like screens going blank or application glitching a lot. The cause of these issues can be the update of the app. You can check for updates and update the app to its latest version.
  5. Clean the Cache – Cache is the unwanted data of the application on your device. It can do a good job of slowing down both – your device and app. So, clear or clean the app's cache and check if this fixes the issue.

Blank Screen

The issue of the blank screen is faced usually when you try to login into your account. If you are facing the same issue, here's the solution for it.

Reinstall the application. If you have mistakenly deleted it from your mobile – all you have to do is head back to the Google Play Store or Apple Store to install the application. Once you successfully install the app, you will be able to use it like new.

Malfunctioning Accounts on App

Is your card working just fine when you are using it in the stores? But when you open the app to see the data, your account is crashing down.

The cause of this issue can be the issues with the servers of the Dave app. If your card works but cannot see the updates and records of the same in your account on the app, then here is what you are required to do – change the settings of your camera permissions.

This is not the issue with your device but it could have been a glitch if you made the correct settings when you first opened the app:

  1. Navigate to the settings part of your mobile.
  2. Scroll down till you see the option of privacy.
  3. Choose the camera option.
  4. Allow all the permissions required to run the app smoothly.

Cards not working in the Stores

If you visited a store with your Dave card filled with money but still couldn't use it because of some issues – the issue is not by yours but on the applications side. To resolve the issue – the first step you need to follow is to call Dave customer service.

The number is – 706 280 2548. They will ask you to visit the nearest Dave support location with your card. Note that you don't have to add more money to your account if you already have enough.

No connection to Bank

The reason why Dave has been famous in the market is that it is easy to use and operate compared to the actual banking apps. But, from the latest news, it has been observed that even when users are putting every part of the information required; the app is still not connecting them to their banks. The problem in this issue can be from the bank's side or the app's side.

To resolve this issue, all you can do is contact the Dave customer service team. You can either contact them with the help of a phone number or write them an email including your issues clearly. They will most likely reply to you as soon as they see your help message. If you wish to receive quick responses, you can go with the live chat option or call back option.

Log in issue

Are you not able to login into your Dave app account? We can say that either you have attempted to log in with the wrong password or details many times or there are not enough funds in your account.

To resolve this issue – try to recall the correct information to log in and use it after the cooldown of the app. Or, try transferring a few bucks in your wallet.

In case, if you think the company froze your account because of suspicious activities, you are not required to worry. Your account will be unfrozen within a bunch of days.

Is the card stolen? Lost? Yet not activated?

If you have lost your Dave card or it is stolen, you should immediately contact Dave customer service. The number is – 1 888 880 DAVE(3283).

If you have purchased the card recently and it is not yet activated, you can call on the same number mentioned above and mention your problem. Otherwise, you can as well wait for one day i.e., 24 hours after the purchase before trying to use the card. The company requires a few hours to activate the card.


If you are facing a problem in using the Dave app, you can first try out the common methods to refresh the performance of the app. Otherwise, according to the situation, you can try the solutions or call the Dave support team.

Frequently asked Questions

Why is the Dave app not working?

First, you must check if your device is compatible with the app and your network connection and settings are right. If everything feels good from your side but you are still facing the issues, you can contact the Dave support team for help.

Why is Dave app not connecting to bank?

First of all, you are required to check the details you put, in the app. If everything is correct and you are still facing the same issue, you should contact the Dave customer service team for help.

Why is my Dave app not working?

Dave app can stop working when there is something wrong with your device. If your device is alright, you just contact the Dave support team.