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Movies Anywhere vs Vudu: Best for Redeeming? [2024]

Movies Anywhere vs Vudu: Best for Redeeming? [2024]

Movies Anywhere vs Vudu: When we talk about redeeming digital codes of movies – Movies Anywhere and Vudu are the only streaming websites that enter the mind.

A few years back, we did not know what digital codes and copies were – but by the recent trends; it is quite interesting to redeem digital copies of the movies you like.

However, as the term is still unfamiliar to most of the world, it is quite hard to find the redeeming feature and digital copy feature on every streaming website.

While getting to stream the latest releases in various genres, do you also wish to redeem digital copies of the movies you like? In that case, how about you choose one streaming site from – Vudu and Movies anywhere?

Also, do you wish to know the difference between Vudu and Movies Anywhere? Then, continue reading the article where we have presented you with the accurate Movies Anywhere vs Vudu comparison.

Difference between Movies Anywhere and Vudu


Movies Anywhere: Digit movies anywhere is an over-the-top streaming service provider that allows you to download purchased films and stream them. You can also redeem digital copy codes for several movies from participating services.

movies anywhere vs vudu

Movies Anywhere is a well-known cloud-based service provider with Digital Rights Locker features. The website was founded in 2014 on 25th February. By the recent records, it has a total of 6 million active users. The website is a subsidiary company working under Disney media and Entertainment Distribution.

Vudu: Vudu is an American-based streaming service provider, which is a digital video store and streaming site. Fandango Media is the founding company of it, which is a joint venture between Warner media and NBCUniversal with NBC Universal having 75% of the ownership rights of the firm.

vadu vs movies anywhere

Walmart and Fandango Media are the parent organizations of Vudu. It was founded in 2004 and its headquarters are in Beverly Hills, California, United States.


Movies Anywhere: Movies Anywhere is free to sign up for usage of its features. However, you'll only need to pay for the movies you wish to watch. And there is no subscription fee, extra charges, or commitments required at Movies Anywhere and you will be buying the movie from the legal digital retailers of the movies.

Vudu: At Vudu, you only pay for the movies and TV shows you wish to watch. There is no subscription fee or extra charges allotted from Vudu itself. You buy from digital retailers who have legal rights to sell or rent the movie. The rental pricing starts from $0.99 to $5.99 based on the content you wish to watch and for purchasing and the range starts from $4.99 and ends at $24.99.

Redeeming: Movies Anywhere and Vudu

Movies Anywhere: To redeem an eligible copy of the digital code from studio on Movies Anywhere, follow the steps given below:

  • Make an account on Movies Anywhere or log in to your account. And make sure the account you are using is the same one you want to add the movies into.
  • You will notice the section name Redeem. Tap on it and enter the digital code. For the mobile app – you can click on the Redeem option and then scan the code. The scanning will be done with the help of your device's camera or you can enter the code directly.
  • After the validation process is completed, the movie will be added to your Movies collection. You can sync the Movies Anywhere with any connected retailers which have compatibility with movies and where.

After scanning, the movie must appear in your collection immediately. If it did not, it might be the glitch acting up. Still, you will see the movie appearing within 24 hours.

If it still did not show up after 24 hours, make sure the device you are using is compatible – then only you will be able to save the movies offline through Movies Anywhere.

Vudu: digital codes for Movies and other content is already available on the Vudu website. You can have a look at the digital codes list and tap on the header link to redeem the movie. Make sure you choose the Digital Copy option before moving ahead. Your movie will be redeemed within a bunch of minutes.

Vudu vs Movies Anywhere Quality

Vudu: The quality you will be streaming through at Vudu will depend on your network connection. It can rise to 1080p or the lowest depending on the speed.

Although there is much content you can stream in 4K resolution, HDR, or Dolby ATMOS, if your network connection is poor, you will not be able to stream in Hd quality because you at least need 11 Mbps internet speed for 4K streaming.

Movies Anywhere: Movies Anywhere supports HDR and 4K UHD playback for selected supported devices and titles. But, if your network connection is poor, you will find problems streaming in HD on Movies Anywhere.

Movies Anywhere vs Vudu: Which is Better?

In the battle of Vudu vs Movies Anywhere, you can clearly see both of them are quite competitive and none of them seems to step down in any case. Both of them can stream in 4K HD quality for selected titles, as long as you have a good network connection. Both are well-known and from famous organizations. Their services are of high quality and the customer support services are open 24/7 for both.

When we look at the pricing and plan section – both of them allow you to purchase the movies you wish to watch. There is no subscription or extra fees opposed by them, meaning you can take full advantage of their services for free.

Conclusion: Movies Anywhere vs Vudu

Did you decide which one is the best streaming website for you? Movies Anywhere or Vudu? Based on the Movies anywhere vs Vudu comparison mentioned above, we would recommend you go for each one at least once and then choose the best for you.

Frequently asked Questions

Does Movies Anywhere work with Vudu?

Yes, you can connect your Vudu account to your Movies Anywhere account and enjoy a bigger library of content.

Does Vudu work with Movies Anywhere?

You can connect your Vudu account with your Movies Anywhere account and enjoy the big library of movies and TV shows. But, you are required to make sure the device you are using is comfortable for both of them.

Which is better Vudu or Movies Anywhere?

Based on the Overview, Reputation, Pricing, Video Qualities, Service Quality, and other important things, we have come to the point where we can say both of them are best in their own ways. None of them seems to step down nor Step up against another. We would recommend you to try out both the streaming websites and look for yourself – which one you had the best experience with.

Are Movies Anywhere and Vudu the same?

No. Although both of them provide similar services and are the same in more than one way, they are not the same. They are both different from different Production companies and do not work alike.